10 Tips to Apply the Best Way to Study for Exams

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2020)

Preparing for the exam and searching for the best way to study for exams? Give yourself the best chance with these top ten study tips and try not to let the pressure come to you! Remember: you’ve got it.

Best way to study for exams

Here we are going to give 10 tips for the best way to study for exams.

1. Give yourself enough time to study

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Although some students seem to have achieved last-minute cramming, it is widely recognized that (for most of us) this is not the best way to pass the exam, which can be the best way to study for exams.

Set up a schedule for your study to pick your time management. Write down how many exams you have and the days you need to sit them.

Then organize your study accordingly. You may want to give some tests more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with.

2. Organize your study space

Make sure you have enough room to spread your textbooks and notes. Have you got enough light? Is your chair comfortable? Is your computer games out of sight?

Try and get rid of all the distractions and make sure you feel as comfortable and focused as possible.

For some people, this can mean almost complete silence, for others, background music helps, which can be the best way to study for exams.

Some of us need perfectly organized and organized things to focus on, while others thrive in a more chaotic environment. Think about what works for you and take the time to get it right.

3. Use flow charts and diagrams

Visual aids can be really helpful when making corrections. At the beginning of a topic, challenge yourself to write down everything you already know about a topic – and then highlight where the gap is. Near the test, concentrate your revision notes into one-page diagrams.

Taking down your ideas in this short format can help you quickly recover what you need to know during the test.

4. Practice in the old test

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the test is to practice getting past versions, which can be the best way to study for exams.

It helps you get accustomed to the format of the questions and – if you take the time yourself – it can also be good practice to make sure you spend the right amount of time in each section.

5. Explain your answer to others

Parents and younger siblings should not have to bother around during the exam. Use these to your advantage.

Explain the answer to one of their questions. This will help you clear it in your head and highlight any places you need to work more.

6. Organize study groups with friends

Get together with friends for a study session. You may have questions that have answers and vice versa as long as you are sure that you have focused on the topic for an agreed amount of time, this may be the most effective way to challenge yourself.

7. Take regular breaks

You might think it’s good to study for longer hours, but it can be really protective. If you are training for a marathon, you do not try and run for 24 hours.

Likewise, studies have proven that to take long-term knowledge, taking regular breaks really helps.

Everyone is different, so develop a study routine that works for you. If you study better in the morning, start early before taking a break during lunch.

Or, if you are more productive at night, take a big break before then so you are ready to sit down in the evening.

Instead of spreading your textbooks, try not to feel guilty about enjoying the sun. Remember that vitamin D is important for a healthy brain.

8. Snacks in brain foods

You might think you deserve a treat, or you don’t have time to cook, but what you eat can really impact energy levels and focus, so stay away from junk food, which can be the best way to study for exams.

Keep your body and brain healthy by choosing nutritious foods that have been proven to help in the concentration and memory of fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt, and blueberries.

The same applies to the day of the test – eating a good meal before the test, based on the diet, will slowly release the energy throughout. Sugar may seem appealing, but your energy levels will crash after an hour.

9. Plan your exam day

Make sure you have everything prepared well in advance of the test – you do not know the way or do not skip it the day before you suddenly realize what to bring, which can be the best way to study for exams.

Check all the rules and requirements and plan your route and travel time. If possible, do an experimental run of the trip. If it doesn’t, write clear instructions.

Work out how long it will take to get there – then add some extra time. You really don’t want to reach out half way or feel uncomfortable losing your way.

You can also plan trips with friends or classmates, as long as you know they are likely to be timely.

10. Drink lots of water

As a final tip, keep in mind that having a good aquatic is essential for your brain to function optimally. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout your rehab and also on the day of the test.

best way to study for exams

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