Business telephone systems to improve communication

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

Talking properly over telephone is a great endeavor. Being able to communicate effectively over the pbx, or pabx phone is an extremely valuable skill. Use your business telephone systems to improve communication and bring optimum outcome.


It is a kind of effort to develop the manner. By this, you equip yourself on making telephone calls. It is in fact the first impression on you. Statistics have shown that, 80% of business is conducted over the phone. 71% of clients will end a business relationship because of poor phone etiquette. And, 69% of customers say they chose not to do business with a company because of their lack of phone skills.

Phone interactions should be appropriate whether greetings, or for business purposes. Most importantly, the conversation should be conducted just as you would be doing a face to face interaction. Business telephone systems make a business successful.

55% of the communication process involves body language. This means that we lose over 50% of our ability to communicate when on the telephone. Therefore, it is very important to cover this gap with other factors associated with tone, approach, time, voice, mood, and approach.


The opposite party cannot see you and converse with you over a phone call. It is important to make your language and tone as humble as you can. There are many words those can help you to bring best outcome.

Use handy words, such as:

Good morning
Good evening
Thank you
May I request
May I talk
Excuse me
I am sorry
I am glad
It is my honor
May I help you
May I ask you a favor


The receiver can’t see you on the phone. Face to face talk is far more different than talking over phone. So, we need to make best use of other factors like tone, voice and accents those reflect your personality, your identity.


Voice is, how we make sound. Active voice is well enough. Voice should be clean, bold and persuasive. Show your confidence. Make it direct. Use your business telephone systems to improve communication.


Tone is, the variation of voice based on voice and medium of our communication. Over phone, we will use a confident and professional tone that will reflect our welcome mentality.

The tone should be impulsive, straightforward and clear. Keep your tone upbeat and positive as much as you can. Make the tone ‘can do’ type. Focus on the person you are talking to. Age, gender, situation need to consider.


Speak less, listen more. It is a common etiquette. Please rethink, the listener may not like to listen you much. Because you have called to make him a solution, for her interest.

Show curiosity

So, hear her requirements. Let her speak out. Don’t interrupt. Listen actively. Show your interest and curiosity with words like, ok, then, I see, wow, etc.


Make your talk to the point. Telephone conversation should be short. Never digress. Repeat your reason for call several time, but too much. Use your business telephone systems to improve communication.


You have to keep in mind to be polite when making a phone call. It is a two way differentiation: as a receiver, and as a caller.

Relationship building

Think, you are a receiver, while taking a phone call, you may say- This is X, may I know whom I am talking to?
By this attitude, you can make a good impression on the other side. The caller will be able to find out a way to talk further.

Friend or acquaintance

It is sure, when someone reaches your personal phone number, she is likely to be a friend or acquaintance. Yet, it is important to deal them with respect.


You will keep in mind that dealing with the phone is in fact dealing with the network. If you are answering the phone at work, say, the company name, your name and offer to assist the caller. See the following example-

XYX company, this is A speaking. How may I help you?

First impression

Remember, your voice and attitude is the first impression of you, as well as your company. Maybe this is the first and last conversation between you.

Win the deal

Or, maybe you are talking to the would be most consistent client. So, your call is very vital. It has a lot of value. Finally, your success over phone may have the greatest impact. And you will not leave any opportunity in any situation.

Therefore, as we discussed, it is extremely important to be as polite and professional as you can. So, when you answer the phone with a positive tone, the caller will instantly feel more comfortable and the cheese. Be humble. And most importantly, close the deal successfully.


Telephone has a great stuff to deal with your target effectively. It saves time, effort and money. A successful conversation may reflect well on your company. A long term relationship is a great strength of ant organization

Call in the morning

Make the phone call in the morning. It is courteous. Not to call anyone before 9 am. You can say this the unwritten code of conduct. It is the practiced custom.

However, subject to your own personal judgement, many businesses are open much earlier than nine in the morning. So, it is usually okay to call such places whenever they have officially working hours.

Calling close friends and family can also be done at the first hour of the day. And when you are sure, the person you are calling, would not be offended.

Call in the noon

It is not wise to call during the lunch time. Also, avoid calling during the prayer time, usually.

Call in the evening

Like the 9 am rule, there is also a 9 PM rule unless, you know, for sure that it would not be a big deal. Do not make any phone call after 9 PM. The evening is the most personal and family time for people. It is more or less the same in every country.

Calling later than 9pm is disrespectful of people’s private time. It should cause negative impression unless the receiver has not permitted you to do so.

Calling just before the closing

Similarly if you are making an evening business call, try not to call, right before the end of the business day. For example, you know, a business ends their work day at 6PM don’t call that 550PM. Wait until the next morning to make your call for better outcome. You don’t want to close your opportunities before the closing of that office, do you?

Holding phone call

Before you put someone on hold, please ask them. If they mind being put on hold for a minute before you make a phone call, reconsider yourself at the purpose for your call and be prepared.


Leave to a concise but informative voicemail in case, your call is not answered. And you call anyone, whether it be a business acquaintance, or a personal friend be considerate.

Important calls only

While calling during other person’s time, try not to stray too much from the primary purpose for your call. Your receiver may not have that much time. And most importantly, telephone is for important called only.

Receiving a call

Try to pick phone by 3 rings
Give your identity
Ask the name of the other party. Address them by proper name.
Send voice mail option if you are away for long time.
Forward the call by your own responsibility in case of wrong number

Placing a call

  • Greet
  • Introduce yourself first
  • Seek permission to continue
  • Be sure you are talking to right person
  • Address with proper name and identity
  • Stay bold and confident
  • Rehearse well before you are going to talk
  • Understand other person’s situation
  • Clarify the purpose
  • Stay focus to your objective
  • Say sorry if any miscommunication takes place
  • Don’t keep the opposite person wait for a long
  • Follow up
  • Handle negative people
  • Show your can do mentality
  • Be positive
  • Show hope
  • Make solution
  • Resolve problem
  • Stay cool
  • Try to pacify
  • Converse in line of her talk
  • Understand
  • Be firm
  • Give time
  • Listen attentively
  • Have your patience
  • Don’t aggravate situation
  • Prioritize her problem
  • Make he feel that you are with her
  • Think from her point of view
  • Refer them to right channel

Take away

Telephone is a great platform for communication. 80% of business is conducted over the phone. So, you understand how important it is to handle with pure professionalism. There are lot of ingredients to improve its perfection. There is no limit of improvement.

It is also true that you can attain this skill easily. You just need to follow professional tricks to enhance your telephone etiquette skill with attention. And you also need a continuous practice. You may also make trial among your friends, team and network through mock demo. Best of luck for you!

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