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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

You are investing lot of effort, attention and interest in your blog. You are a thoughtful writer. As a blogger, you know about fundamental components of a blog.

People are going to get very good contents from you. These are life changer for some. You have gained huge popularity in the social media. Your comment box is full with appreciation.

Where do bloggers get their content

I am glad to see that you know how to create successful blogging. You know about fundamental components of a blog. And I am sure you are so credible because you have fulfilled the basic criteria for your blog domain. You know everything, including how to pick out a profitable Blog Niche

But some people don’t do the same. And eventually blame their fate not to get desired number of traffic.


There is a clear distinction between a post and a page. Posts are created to write blog contents.

Pages are used to create contents which are not part of usual blog post. Proper organization of these items make the blog decent.

Pages are usually used to add static content which is not required to change frequently. For example, an about us page.

A blog site should have-

Cover photo

It is the first impression of the reader on the blog. Appealing picture on it can be handy. Customize your cover photo.

Navigation menu

It helps to manage your pages easily. Also, it rearranges them and add them.

Page builders

It create custom layouts for each page. So you can customize pages as per requirement.

About us

It is a must have page for almost all websites on the web. It can be named as “About Us” or “About Me” considering whether it is a business blog or a personal blog.

‘About’ tells users about team behind the website, its objective, mission, values. It also tells users what they can expect to find on blog.

It is important in a sense  that builds trust among readers.

Search bar

A search bar usually placed on top at a visible location on the home page. It allows the knowledge seekers to find out the required contents.

Disclaimer page

It is a required page on the blog for those who in fact planning to (or already) earning money through blogging.

This page lets users to know about how you make money from your blog. Displaying banner ads or promoting affiliate items inform users the way how your content is being monetized.

Privacy Policy Page

This page basically informs users about the content you have gathered on your website.  Moreover it describes way how any third-party can use it.
Users of Google AdSense are required to add a privacy policy page.


It is the useful page where the followers get a bridge with the writers. It is essential because it helps to establish relationship. And relationship brings opportunities.


It depicts a entire map of all pages in the website. It assists users to easily have an  overall idea on the site. Moreover, it helps readers to pick write content they need.

Google analytics

It helps to monitor your page all through. Furthermore, you may know the number of traffic visited your site, impression, authority, statistics, etc.

url in the post

In a post, you should insert some (at least one) URL link of your other related posts. It is very good way to retain traffic in the site for longer time.

The URL of the other post must be interesting and related to current category. Knowing basic HTML can help you greatly.

Using URL from other’s posting is also useful to rank up your blog. You can do this bank linking with other person in other site in a win win deal.

Other bloggers will back link your site. It is a collaborative process to proceed together.

Social media button

Inserting social media buttons on the site is very useful for enhancing exposure of the blog.

Enough blog post

Your site should carry adequate and related contents. So that readers can pass longer time in your blog. Content is the king. Create best content.


Rightly tagging with keyword is essential for SEO. Tag can help searchers to find-out their desired contents. It is one of the fundamental components of a blog.

Comment box

In WordPress it’s set by default. This portion enables reader to share their feedback on the blog. It’s very essential to know about the taste and requirement of the readers.

Service and product page

This page is created to list all products and services offered in the site with details.

Terms of service page

it is required for those who markets online products. It legally allows you to minimize your liability in case any misuse of information and services takes place. Moreover, sensitive issues like copyright and trademark are clarified here.

Write for Us page

This page allows readers who are looking for blogging gigs to allow writing opportunity on blog. Many popular sites do this. It will enable your opportunities for some good contents from other. Now you know other reason where do bloggers get their content.

Invited writers need know how they will get benefit from writing on your blog. Add a contact form so that fervent writers can be in your loop.

Advertise page

The easiest way to monetize the content is to sign up for Google AdSense.

However, bloggers of other kind sell ad spots directly to the advertisers. Moreover some of them rely on affiliated monetization.

Information about available ad spots, average traffic, and audience demographics are hooked here. Add a contact form at the bottom notifies advertisers can quickly contact you.

WordPress ad management plugin displays and manages ads on your blog.

Using AdSanity allows you to manage ads with ease. Self-hosted or third-party ads like Google AdSense can be customized.

Start here page

The purpose of this page is to introduce fresh users to your most useful content. This page clarifies the  users about how they can get benefit from your content Moreover, readers may know what are the resources they should look into at the beginning.

Archives page

It is a simple page that you may create to exhibit your popular posts,  archives, top categories, tags, etc. This is one of the fundamental components of a blog.

Copyright issues

You  should be taking care of copyright matters of your blog site. Moreover, you also have to consider the same of other blogs. Keeping privacy for your readers should be your supreme. Because, the readers will trust you.

Take out

It seems a lot of basic contents to be developed for a blog. Now, you know about all the fundamental components of a blog. But, don’t worry, keep going to develop these parts gradually. There is no end of progress. Use your time precisely.  Gradually, your blog will be one of the best blogs, I wish.

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