how to deal with people you hate

How to Deal with People you Hate but Need to Work With

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

In a positive work environment, employees accept their differences and work for the common good, how to deal with people you hate but you have to work with? Because the workplace is filled with different personalities, you see someone who is rubbing you the wrong way.

How to deal with people you hate

This negative emotion can consume and drain you, and it can affect your work performance. It can also increase hostility and cause an unpleasant work environment.

By applying the right strategy, you can have a productive professional relationship with someone you don’t like.


Determine if there is a compelling reason to dislike the person. For example, chronic complainants, nitpickers, losers, tricks, moody or annoying people are often difficult to work with. It is the first step on how to deal with people you hate.

If you don’t have a valid reason to dislike the person, it’s probably you and not him. For example, you dislike him because he reminds you of an unpleasant person from your past.


Let the little things slide. For example, if he is proud and enjoys arrogance about his material possessions, ignore him whenever he does so.

His behavior may be tolerable but it probably won’t harm your physical, mental, or mental health.


Solve significant issues immediately. You don’t have to tolerate rude behavior from someone you don’t like.

Unacceptable behaviors in the workplace include harassment, overt or covert invasions, infamous or harmful gossip or rumors, intimidation, shouting or screaming, abusive, restraining important data, and other harmful tactics.

If you are a victim of such behavior, talk to your manager or human resources department. The consequences of this national action may include verbal and written warnings, suspension, and termination.


Control your response by focusing less on the person’s behavior and how you react to him. You can’t change him, but you can change the way he reacts to the work he does.

For example, if she’s arguing with you instead of arguing with you, politely remove yourself from her presence.


Improve your relationship by spending more time with the person. For example, your boss needs to work on a project for you and this person together.

You can get to know him better by spending more time with your colleague. You can also discover the underlying causes of his behavior, such as personal problems or job stress.

He can also learn how you are feeling about yourself. This time together can enable you to understand each other and work as a productive team.


Separate your feelings from this person so that his actions do not affect you when needed. Especially reduce the harm that a caregiver may have to him or her.

If you must work together, focus solely on the task at hand and contact the person in need if the job interacts.

Your performance and behavior in the workplace determine whether you are promoted or promoted or keep your job.

If your dislike for someone in the workplace hurts your physical, mental, or mental health, seek advice to help you deal with the situation.

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how to deal with people you hate

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