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10 Tips On How to Get Audience Attention In A Speech

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How to get audience attention in a speech? Anyone who has given a public speech understands how important it is to capture your audience’s attention in the first few seconds of your presentation. You have 60 seconds to do this, according to Darlene Price, author of Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results and president of Well Said, Inc. This article will give an overview of how to get audience attention in a speech. Keep reading.

An audience that is engrossed in your presentation is one that is learning something. Ask them questions, offer them to engage, make light-hearted jokes, sometimes insert humorous slides to make them laugh, or simply provide them with the knowledge that will be of some use to them.

To get your next speaking engagement off to a strong start, use one of these four easy strategies: pose a question, twist the anticipated, tell a tale, or involve the audience in some manner. Anecdotes, shocking comments, questions, quotes, allusions to the audience, current events, historical references, anecdotes, personal references, and references to the occasion are all examples of attention-getting techniques.

If a minute has gone and they aren’t enthralled by what you’ve said so far, odds are they won’t be paying attention for the duration of your presentation. That means you should never squander those crucial first few seconds on anything else than a compelling invitation to engage with your subject.

How to get audience attention in a speech

Let’s find below 10 tips on how to get audience attention in a speech:

1. Use image or video

Take a picture. One of the most direct paths to understanding and participation is through our eyes. The more photographs you can use to illustrate your argument, the more memorable and engaging your presentation will be to your audience.

2. Stick to what you’re familiar with

Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur, and the author is quick to brag about how brilliant a public speaker he is.

He argues that he sticks to what he knows, which is why some of his lectures are so brilliant.

The issue occurs when individuals attempt to fake their funk by talking about things or claiming to be experts before accomplishing anything. As a result, when they attempt to speak about their execution on stage, they become stuck.

3. Have feedback

Joining a public-speaking club like Toastmasters, where you can obtain feedback on your performance, is recommended by Ron TF Lum.

“Everyone there wants to better their speaking abilities,” he says. “As a result, everyone is in the same boat and will provide you with constructive comments.”

Even if you don’t join Toastmasters, you may practice speaking with friends, relatives, and coworkers and have them tell you exactly what you’re doing correctly and poorly.

4. Fun Games

Incorporate minor games or relaxing exercises within your presentation if possible. These elements help to calm the audience and keep them engaged in your presentation.

5. Make engagement

Engage your audience with a thought-provoking inquiry. Rhetorical questions, as well as others that get your audience thinking about the difficulties surrounding your topic, will aid in getting their minds in the correct place.

If you ask the correct question, it may also help you develop related questions that your audience wants to be addressed, keeping them engaged with what you’re saying.

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6. Be interesting

An important factor in creating an engaging presentation is the manner you talk. Your speech is critical in capturing the attention of your audience. Your listeners may get distracted as a result of your bland voice tone. To hold your audience’s attention, keep your tone distinct and lively.

7. Ask questions

If you want your audience to like what you’re saying, include them in the conversation by asking them questions. People will forget half of your remarks, but they will never forget the questions you posed to them. Your questions will make them think, and their interest in your presentation will grow as a result.

8. Take a walk

Everyone has a unique way of communicating. The best presentations, according to John Calvo, come from presenters who are physically active: “Take a stroll if you have the room. Avoid using podiums, tables, or anything else that will shield your body. Your audience will be more engaged if you walk about.”

9. Explain

Whenever possible, use a personal experience to illustrate your points. You may simply persuade your audience this way. This will not only increase your listeners’ faith in you, but it will also demonstrate your expertise on the subject.

10. Tell stories

Telling anecdotes that are relevant to the issue might pique an audience’s curiosity. People tend to recall such things more easily than regular lectures, which may become tedious and monotonous after a while.

The tale may be about you, and it can convey to the audience why you’re involved in and enthusiastic about the subject. You might also narrate a narrative about someone else from whom the audience can learn. Another alternative is to recount a fable, a proverb, a true story, a historical event, or an anecdote.

Take away

Allow your natural sense of humor to be present at the moment, and allow your comedy to emerge when anything comes to mind. Disclosing personal detail about yourself might also help the audience feel more connected to you.

Techniques for Getting Your Audience’s Attention:

  • Pause. A pause has tremendous power, and the beginning of your presentation is the only time you will have the full attention of your audience.
  • Share a Story. We are all predisposed to enjoy stories.
  • Make Use of an Inspiring Statistic or Quote. There are many pertinent quotations.
  • Perform an Activity. People like taking part.

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