How to Handle a Tattletale Coworker

How to Handle a Tattletale Coworker

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

In the workplace around the world, toxins of all kinds have made the lives of their coworkers miserable, how to handle a tattletale coworker in the workplace?

How to Handle a Tattletale Coworker

In this article, we love to share some steps on how to handle a tattletale coworker.


In case you’re new to an office or have not but recognized somebody who’s a tattletale, train warning when speaking with co-workers, it is the first step you can do to find how to handle a tattletale coworker.

Keep away from divulging particulars about your private life or issues regarding your job, as somebody who chooses to unfold these particulars across the office can hurt your fame and trigger your vital upset.

In a 2011 “Chicago Tribune” article, columnist Daneen Skube affords a reminder that something you say at work can finally get unfold around.

In a 2012 article in “Bloomberg Businessweek,” etiquette professional Diane Gottsman stresses that simply since you work intently together with your co-workers, do not believe them implicitly.


On his website, office therapist Brandon Smith recommends retaining your distance from troublesome co-workers.

In case you suspect a colleague of being a tattletale, keep away from conversations totally or give mundane solutions when exchanging pleasantries.

Do not forget that the tattletale would possibly report something you say, so if you cannot keep away from coping with the particular person, watch out to not say something incriminating.

Even when you have not blatantly completed something unsuitable, a seemingly harmless admission that you just ran an errand after a gross sales name might immediately the tattletale to report you.


You’ve gotten the fitting to confront a co-worker who’s a tattletale, though doing it tactfully is necessary. Confrontation is a crucial thing when you go to find how to handle a tattletale coworker.

Therapist Brandon Smith suggests confronting the colleague in non-public, somewhat than in the entrance of associates.

Clarify your observances, why you do not respect the tattletale’s actions, and state clearly that you just anticipate the tattletale to cease inflicting issues within the office.

Doing so will not essentially have an effect on, however, tattletales are sometimes bullies who will again down upon being confronted.

How to handle a tattletale coworker

One of the worst types is Office Tattletale, who forever monitors the inappropriate acts of his colleagues and reports them to the boss.

This national behavior wastes time creates conflicts and destroys trust.

Still for sale

As a first step and as a general rule of professional conduct, do not say or do anything that anyone may use against you.

Do not engage in petty dishonesty, do not gossip, and break your self-confidence.

This will not only make the significance of it impossible to ruin your reputation, but it is time to make the decision to take action to solve the problem and it will put you in a much stronger position.


People behave badly for no reason. If you want to deal with a problem colleague, it is worth trying to understand what is motivating her.

Just like in kindergarten, an adult tattletale has the potential to do their job because he or she feels left out of a team or group or has been treated unfairly. The effect is confidence in team members.

To change

The way to deal with a raid is to strengthen its ties with the rest of the team. Make sure he or she is invited to lunch with everyone else.

Talk about your work so it becomes clear that all members of the team are lifting their weight. To praise and thank Tattletale so that she knows that her contribution is recognized and valued.

Involves management

As a last resort, speak directly to your manager. This should be done with great care so that you do not come as a toilet yourself.

The best approach is not to complain but to say something like, “I think Mr. X has a problem with me. Would it be possible to sit down and talk about it?”

Subsequent Steps

HR World suggests a number of steps to take when coping with a tattletale. A smart strategy is to focus on your work and keep away from giving the tattletale something to report.

A supervisor who sees your worth would possibly overlook a criticism from the tattletale due to your exemplary work.

The website additionally recommends avoiding stooping to the tattletale’s degree. In a “Chicago Tribune” article, social employee Mark Gorkin suggests explaining the problem to a supervisor and asking to have a dialogue with the supervisor and the tattletale to air any grievances.

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how to handle a tattle tale coworker

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