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I Hate my Coworkers – How to Handle Them?

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

I hate my coworkers, how to handle them? It is at the same time emotional as well as professional. Although you can usually choose your friends, you usually cannot pick your peers. It is almost inevitable that at any given time you will have to work with someone you hate. This article will give a solution based on some easy tricks on finding your answer, I hate my coworkers, how to handle them?

I hate my coworkers, how to handle them?

Although the old proverb “Bear Green and Eat” is often good advice in these uncomfortable situations, sometimes a better way is to handle your hatred for your colleague.

Get in touch

You might think that not only can you stand out, it’s a good idea to avoid it, but it’s more rewarding when you can openly and honestly interact with each other instead.

Openly talk about the problem you have with a colleague. Be firm, but not rude.

Allow a colleague to respond with his or her things. When you open everything up, you realize that he really wants to solve the problem as well.

Consider the reasons

It is often helpful to consider the reasons why you hate the other person. In some cases, you may discover that you do not like your coworker because you see the coworker’s disgusting behavior within yourself.

In an article in the “Harvard Business Review”, Peter Greigman says that if you hate the test of the qualities you dislike, you will often find those same qualities.

Begin by recognizing these qualities and showing compassion for yourself. It allows you to show compassion to the colleague you hate and you may even start liking him.

Call your colleague

Occasionally having conversations with your coworker and the reasons for your own hatred can sometimes lead to instances where the only way to overcome your hatred toward your coworker is to see to the other that the person’s bad behavior is a problem.

For example, ask a manager who does not respond to his emails if you need to leave a note at his desk to let him know that you have sent his urgent email.

When the person realizes that he or she is no longer able to escape with what he is doing now, it will likely reduce your hatred for him.

Separate emotionally

If you have little or no control over the situation and despite your best efforts, you still haven’t found a common ground that you can build on, instead try to emotionally separate yourself from your hatred for your colleague. Ignoring your feelings or choosing to “rethink” you can distance yourself from the situation.

This allows you to keep working with a colleague, but since you choose to avoid responding to his actions, he won’t let you go crazy.

I hope, this article on I hate my coworkers, how to handle them was handy to you.

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I Hate my Coworkers

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