Letter of Promotion Templates – Best Sample for Employees

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

When an employee gets a promotion, it is usually declared a letter of job promotion. It is a formal communication to the company and employees to accept this new role for a short time and to outline its position within the reporting framework. This article will be going the discuss about useful letter of promotion templates in its simplest form to be fit for any organization.

To congratulate the employee raised with the organization, it is an opportunity for the employer through their representative in human resources.

Find what’s for a job Description

Your manager thinks that you have been transformed into your new role this week, you do not want to discover this week, but you were paid to start your new salary in the first month of the month.

The promotion of a promotional message will be effective, including the role reporting structure, job title and salary details.

The opportunity to clarify the reporting structure involved in the introduction of the job promotion letter to the new role. Even if they know what organizational charts and shots are saying, very creative people make it easy to get stuff done. Think of the famous scene in the office space: You do not want to sit eight, especially if it does not involve any formal structure.

Hopefully, you have made this clear before sending the letter to your inbox or sent it to a conference table, but if you do not have it, then after having everything in black and white, you give the last chance to verify your new account. Introduction, before you get yourself paid orders from multiple managers or paying your old salary to a challenging new role.

Letter of promotion sample

Letter of promotion sample

Do not Write

Internal promotions look great in your resume and give you the opportunity to learn new skills and work on exciting new projects, adapt to a whole new way of working around all or working towards another employer.

That said, being promoted is not without danger.

In this case, the amount of money you are going to run internally, may not be more effective than the pay you pay if you rent it from the contestant. For this reason, intelligent negotiators sometimes ask for consideration for offsetting this low salary – for example, instead of the annual review period, a larger bonus in review, or better performance recognition, within six months.

If you discuss such things – or any benefits or benefits such as additional benefits, stock options, paying parking etc. – make sure that you have received it in writing. Your job promotion letter can not include details of non-ratios, but there should be some signed, formal documents.

Your employer will not deceive you intentionally, but employees do not want to count anyone other than yourself, in other departments such as human resources and visiting and remembering your promotional statements. In addition, writing in writing makes it difficult to get confused about the conditions that you agree to in a future issue.

Finally, do not lose track of your characters and documents after the truth. Many companies pass these letters in old fashion, on paper and in hand. Although it looks more impressive and formal, it’s even easier to lose a paper document than a digital copy.

Compile a secure file for all your employment documentation and keep it in a safe place where it is easily accessible. As a backup, you can scan your promotional letters and other important employment papers on your computer and consider copying a google drive folder.

Examples of letter of promotions

Dear Julian,

1 May, 2020 Congratulations on your promotion as an Assistant Director for Effective Marketing Communications.

These positions will be paid $ 47,000 on weekly basis on annual salaries.

You will be directly reporting to Dylan Thomas, Director, Branding and Marketing Communications. She is looking forward to working with you as you convert your new role to our company.

Again, congratulations on the new location. If you have any questions regarding your compensation and benefits package please let me know.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Rose Taylor
Director, Human Resources

CC: Dylan Thomas


Date: ____________



Employee number

Dear _______,


Based on our assessment of your continuous performance and your responsibilities for taking higher responsibilities over the years, we are happy to announce you as _______________ and keep you in our company’s level ________.

In addition, your compensation has been revised w.e.f.______ and your package will now include ________ which includes: Rs. And Rs., And Rs. _______ As a variable component of the connection to your performance.

You will be paid money. ______ on the basis of this assessment and on the basis of company performance, as one time performance award.

We accept this opportunity to thank your family for helping you to provide your best at _______.


Head name




Date: __________


Mr. ________________

Title ___________

Subject: Promotion – Change in salary and promotion


For the sake of your performance, management will nominate you as ____________ (last name) and your current monthly salary is Rs. ________ / – i.e., Rs. Effective from _________ to _________ / – _________

With the change in terms and increase in your salary, you are advised to implement the bond for three years. We hope to have good performance from you in the coming years. Wish you good luck

Your faith,

For limited aaaa,

The president


Date: ___________

to do,

Dear _________
Subject: Newsletter


You report to Mr / Mrs. XXX From now on you have now been transferred to a new section.

The annual salary of your new post will be 00000000

Congratulations again for the new location. Please let me know if you have any questions about your new job position.



Director, Human Resources

Sample letter of promotion

Sample letter of promotion

Take away

The promo is written by the employee to provide the employee his / her performance.

The award includes superior terms and increase. This type of letter is inspired by the employee to perform better.

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