Roy O Disney Life Learning, Quote: Disney World Lost-Found

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Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us the Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader. Roy Oliver Disney (June 24, 1893 – December 20, 1971) was an American businessman, also, partner and co-founder who established Walt Disney Productions with Walt Disney. It is Roy, who renamed The Walt Disney Company in honor of his younger brother.

What we see now the magnanimous success of Walt Disney and his creations, was actually shaped up, guided and funded by Walt’s elder brother Roy O. Disney. This article intends to dig out the unseen and untold leadership stories of Roy O. Disney, that will be nice for learning and motivation for the readers.

A businessman and visionary leader, Roy O. Disney was born on June 24, 1893 in Chicago, Illinois with many of hidden qualities, life learning, leadership and quotes. He was an introvert and less famous personality compared to his younger brother Walt Disney, but was a man behind the scene to execute most of Walt’s ideas into realistic projects.

Let’s see the hidden qualities of Roy O. Disney that would be enhanced learning and motivation for the readers now.

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1. Fulfill brother’s dream

After the demise of Walt Disney in 1966, future of the ongoing Florida Projected turned to uncertainties. Walt’s elder brother Roy O. Disney shouldered to make sure the dream of his brother to grow up, thus the Disney World lost and found.

2. Respect to others

In honor of and love for Walt, his brother, Roy O. Disney replaced the name of Disney World to Walt Disney World. It was true, Walt Disney was much well known than his brother as well as trusted business partner, but it was Roy O. Disney who had respect to his brother. As we know, Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us the Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader. Respecting others was one of his life learning quotes, philosophies and leadership trait.

3. Poverty is not a burden

Roy O. Disney was brought up under a moderate family status of his father. In the childhood, he faced many challenges, hardship and cruel truth of life in a large family. It was really hard for him to handle the stress sometimes. Yet, he never gave up, and took all the life lessons as his learning for future.

4. Family values

He came out of a simple family status, where his parents had a strong family values. They transmitted their learning to Roy O. Disney throughout their lives. This strong family values, honesty, and truthfulness were valuable stuffs in his life.

5. Blue ocean strategy

All of us know or read about the creation of famous theme park Disneyland. One of the founders, Walt Disney dreamed of the idea for a theme park, a family park for parents and children was an innovative idea that time, and was a great source of fun together, thus the Disney World lost and found.. A blue ocean idea in the business leads to success.

6. Visualize the big picture

Walt Disney was the driving force, visionary and creative to accelerate Disney Company’s early success. Roy O. Disney was a man behind the scene to think bigger. Visualizing the big picture was one of his life learning quotes, philosophies and leadership trait. Very few people could know about Walt’s introvert elder brother, Roy O. Disney, who was just as inevitable in getting job done than Walt. It is not necessary to be the focused every time, anyone can do anything significant from the back seat. Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader.

7. Investment

Roy O. Disney was the person who used to arrange money from his different sources and references to execute new ideas from Walt Disney. Disneyland, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, and obviously Walt Disney World never would have been in current height unless positive interference of Walt’s less-famous sibling. It was one of his life learning quotes, philosophies and leadership trait.

8 Childhood learning

Childhood learning is very important for any person to shape up his future, unless some expectations. During childhood, Roy O. Disney and his younger brother Walt underwent many of hard work, ethics and dedication learned from their father, Elias Disney. In 1911, their father had a newspaper route in Kansas City, Missouri. They observed their father’s hard-working spirit.

9. Hard working

Elias used to occupy his sons to work every day. In the early morning, the sons were to deliver 700 plus newspapers before going to school. Moreover, they were to deliver more 600 in the evening. Their father was hard personality and rigid to his son’s. It was a common matter that the father would undergo physical punishment when his sons disobeyed orders or could not perform a job properly. This environment made Roy O. Disney and his other brothers hard working in future. Hard working was one of his life learning quotes, philosophies and leadership trait.

10. A fighter

The first job Roy O. Disney took is a bank teller in 1912, he didn’t stop and in 1917, joined later on in the Navy. It was a huge turning in his career that made Roy O. Disney a fighter with army training and development. After a few years in the Navy, in 1923, Roy O. Disney wound up in a Hospital fighting with tuberculosis. He experienced that hardship of battlefield as well a patent. These made Roy O. Disney an endurable true fighter.


Roy O. Disney, a man from behind

11. Start little

When you have a big vision in mind, start now and start little. It is an effective philosophy of life’s success.

Walt reached (with $40 in the pocket) Roy O. Disney with a moderate offer from cartoon Margaret J. Winkler, a cartoon producer.

Walt and Roy signed a agreement with Winkler that resulted six animation episodes, and live action named, The Alice Comedies. At this time of their career, the Disney Brothers Studio was born small.

Walt Disney, in 1930 reached his elder brother Roy with an ambitious new idea. Now famous Mickey Mouse turned a golden duck for two brothers and Disney Studio. Walt believed that the craze and popularity they earned through animation and Mickey Mouse, could be capitalized in producing a full-length animated feature film at this stage.

Initially not agreed, Roy O. Disney, however, eventually agreed to the confidence and enthusiasm of his visionary younger brother. Walt could convince Roy O. Disney that Walt could go for a production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that worth $250,000. With the consistent effort from Roy O. Disney was to chase financial sources and Bank of America in the New York City that financed them to complete the film soon, thus the Disney World lost and found.

12. Stick till the end

Trust of Roy O. Disney in his brother was found worthy when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs turned to be one of all time hit movie in the entire history.

It was the early 1950’s when Walt again reached Roy O. Disney with his ideas for Disneyland. Initially disagreed, Roy O Disney eventually supported his brother till the end in many a projects like this. Sticking till the end was one of his life learning quotes, philosophies and leadership trait.

13. Convince others

Roy O Disney had the convincing abilities as he again go to New York City to negotiate with investors “theme park” idea generated by Walt. ABC signed a contract with the brothers where the Disney organization would be able to produce a weekly television show named “Disneyland”. Moreover, ABC would also help finance the park, for proper negotiation by Roy O Disney.

14. Passion

Disneyland finally launched with great success while Roy O. Disney invited all of the other shareholders and financiers of the the park. With sincere effort from two brothers in 1960 the Disneyland was solely owned by Disney Company.

15. Dedicated and unstoppable

After the death of Walt Disney in 1966, Roy O Disney aimed to go with the Florida Project, that was being named “Disneyworld” that time. The death of his brother didn’t allow Roy O. Disney to retire from current role. Rather it was Roy’s challenge to take Walt’s unfinished dream to a reality.

16. Gratitude

Roy O Disney continued with more vigor after death of Walt, to the project and eventually decided to rename the Vacation Capital of the World to “Walt Disney World” in honor of the dream and vision of his demised brother, thus the Disney World lost and found.

Roy O. Disney delivered his historical dedication speech with Walt’s greatest creation, Mickey Mouse, by his side at the Magic Kingdom on October 25, 1971.

17. Man played from the back

Roy O. Disney will be remained as the lesser-known leader for his introvert characteristics as one of the founders of the then Disney Brothers Studio, as well as other initiatives. It is obvious that without Roy O Disney, Walt Disney would never have been able to fulfill all of dreams he visualized. It was one of his life learning quotes, philosophies and leadership trait.

Roy O. Disney will always be recognized for his contribution as a man behind such an influential personality like Walt until his death. It is also a matter of fact that people may not have had all of the enchanting lands of the Disney company that we see at present.

18. A builder of dreams

Actually, Walt Disney World was a contribution of two brothers. Walt visualized the castle, that was built by Roy O. Disney. He was about to retire from his position at his 70s, and longed to spend leisure time with grandchildren in travel and fun.

The death of Walt watered all personal plan of Roy O Disney. He pushed in the scene and started to build dream of his late younger brother. Roy O. Disney fought humidity and heat, scrub brush and swamp, financial burden and delay of construction– all he did for the sake of Roy O. Disney’s brother.

19. Leadership

Thousand of people was responsible for the creation of Walt Disney World, but, none but his brother Roy O. Disney played the crucial role as the leader. Commonly known as the behind-the-scenes financial genius, Roy O Disney was improvised himself into the leadership role immediately after the death of his brother Walt Disney in 1966.

Throughout the busy years of youth and early old age, Roy O. Disney dedicated almost all his time and vigor to enacting dream of Walt to shear realty. The dreams were though almost impossible, but it was Roy O. Disney who made these done.

20. Calm and serene

Roy O Disney was regarded as a unassuming and quite businessman to the people. He was firm, fair and spotlight avoiding personality. Whenever the camera used to turn toward Roy O. Disney, he would quickly and quietly moved out of frame. It was his common trait.

21. Credit giver

There are some people who always want to take credit of the team work. Roy O Disney was a real example of giving credit to others.

One of his significant decisions was to officially rename Disney World project as “Walt Disney World.”

It was because of giving credit of this project to Walt Disney, who was actually the dreamer of the project. So, it was a reason for Roy O Disney to remind people about the dreamer. Some of the company stakeholders didn’t agree with this renaming because of marketing perspectives.

In an immediate instance, during a meeting, an attendee referred this project as “Disneyworld” that Roy O Disney reiterated his decision with correcting the attendee: “I’m only going to say this one more time. I want it called ‘Walt Disney World.’ Not Disneyworld, not Disneyland East, not anything else. Walt Disney World.”

22. value of time

Roy O Disney was a man of action and didn’t like too many meetings. To him, meeting was a time waster. Roy O Disney started the financial people around him “I want to continue with Walt’s plan. So let’s quit wasting time on these meetings.”

23. Innovative

As Roy O. Disney was innovative as he used to plot his plan in a creative way. His innovation made boring work interesting. Whenever Roy O Disney was needed to stand on the marshy land of Walt Disney World, it was not an enjoyable experience.

All around was plenty of blackwater swamps which was often choked with erosion. The environment was overwhelmed with died tangled roots that was required to uprooted. There was a good number of tethered and colorful gas balloons that that he fixed to indicate the location, identity and height of matters to emerge like the gorgeous Cinderella Castle of its kind.

24. Good manager

Roy O Disney acknowledged that he was not as charismatic a leader as Walt Disney, neither he was creative like his brother. However, he used to surround himself with a talented folk of people so that Roy O Disney could make Walt’s dream a reality. Among the surroundings of Roy O Disney, Dick Irvine, Joe Fowler and Joe Potter we’re some dynamic leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

25. Devotion to own area

Roy O Disney grew his career since a long. He had respect, passion and devotion to his area of expertise, such as: finance, labor challenges, escalating costs. With his expertise in negotiation and finance, he generated the effective way to gather around $400 million for the largest private construction project in the world.

26. Decision maker

Roy O Disney was distinctively in the leading role despite of his delegation of authority to others.

It was Roy O Disney who made the final decisions in every possible big deals.

Jack Lindquist, s Marketing Director at that time uttered, “Without Roy, the Walt Disney World wouldn’t have happened”. He also said, “Everyone else was so in awe of Walt that they could not step forward and take his place. It took a Disney to do it and that was Roy O. Disney.”

27. Developed many leaders

A leader’s role is to develop many other leaders for disseminating his learning. Roy O Disney was quite successful in this regard. He proposed to the Board of Directors of Disney World to include Card Walker and Donn Tatum as the Executive Vice-Presidents.

His intention was to assume some of his managerial duties upon these two prudent leaders do that they can effect a smooth operations as soon as the Walt Disney World launched. Roy O Disney planned to retire and travel afterwards.

28. Humbleness

Roy O Disney was a humble fellow of his kind. He told reporters, “Walt had this idea for Walt Disney World. My job all along was to help Walt do the things he wanted to do. He did the dreaming. I did the building.” By this declaration, Roy O Disney demonstrated his humbleness and selflessness to others.

29. Respect to others

Roy O Disney was spending his leisure on the Seven Seas Lagoon in a boat that was anchored in front of the Magic Kingdom. When the Media requested Roy O Disney to talk about why he was on the boat and not in the park, he serenely addressed, “Today is my brother’s day. I want them to remember my brother today.”-  thus the Disney World lost and found.


Roy O. Disney filled in to finish and open Walt Disney World in 1971 after the death of his younger brother, Walt Disney

30. Seeing other’s dream

Charlie Wadsworth, a reporter in that time wrote an article in the Orlando Sentinel, that said “It was Roy Disney’s guidance and leadership that brought Walt Disney World to its opening. He was completely dedicated to building the dreams of his brother Walt.” Roy O Disney was the catalyst of the spirit and preserver of the flame that Walt Disney cherished. Roy sincerely owned the Disney entertainment empire in his blood.

31. A responsible doer

Roy O Disney was a modest man we had ever seen. People knew a little about his greatness and achievements at the time of his death. In comparison to his brother, Walt, Roy O. Disney was not in the focal point of everyone’s attention. This unnoticed great personality actually worked hard from the behind to build the famous Walt Disney World without a cent of debt at that time.

32. Helping others

Roy O Disney told media “I’ve been made the skinflint, but I really wasn’t… All I’ve been trying to do is help Walt do what he was trying to do.” It is found that, helping savvy was in his blood, that we usually find in the life sketch of many other great leaders.

33. A controlled risk taker

Risk taking is an ability of the leaders. If you want to forward in life, you have to take risks. On this point, Roy O Disney used to take well decided risks for the betterment of the organization.

It was his own risk to pay 15 times to ABC company its investment of $500,000 for the sake of Disneyland with a view to purchasing its 34% of interest. It was really a big challenge for Roy O Disney to yield such a big deal at his own decision.

As we know, Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us the Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader. His risks taking ability in turn rewarded Walt Disney Productions full control, freedom and command of the park. As well as “Mickey Mouse Club”, and “Zorro”.

34. Pick the right person

It was Roy O Disney’s credibility that he was a financial genius during that time. On the other hand, Walter Disney was the best film producer of his kind. However, Roy O Disney had the natural ability to read personality of human being and select distinct characterization for Seven Dwarfs, or pick right talents for the drawing. Roy’s natural perception was to assist the innovative aims of Walt , thus the Disney World lost and found.

35. Love & respect for others

Roy O Disney was a humble and decent fellow with love and respect for others. He was famous for his cool and humble behavior.

Roy O. Disney possessed a knack for clear language, modesty, and names for Walt Disney Productions.

One name came out of all significance, Roy O Disney boldly upheld the name of Walt Disney, “It is a name that is good—more than good—anywhere in the world.” —thus the Disney World lost and found.

36. Education

Roy O Disney was educated in his time. Graduated from the Manual Training High School of Kansas City in 1912, Roy O Disney was responsible to his education. He realized that education is a powerful ingredient that separates dark and light.

37. Carefulness

Since Walt Disney was a person with utmost creativity, Roy O Disney was a person who carefully made sure the company was financially stable and grow up with sustainability.

38. Career success

Roy O Disney was the first CEO of the company in 1929. He had all great qualities that a CEO should have. Roy O. Disney, for some times, also took the responsibility of Chairman of the Board with his brother, Walt since 1945. Roy turned to the President of Walt Disney Productions in 1966, thus the Disney World lost and found.

39. Not a publicity savvy

Roy O Disney was married to Edna Francis in 1925. They had a talented son named Roy Edward Disney who was born in 1930. Throughout his life, Roy O Disney rejected the publicity and fame that came along throughout his life. He was a passive personality, sheer camera shy and introvert that caused him to experience a very few public photos during his lifetime.

40. Life after death

As we discuss, Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us the Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader. In memory of his recognition and tribute, a statue of Roy O. Disney is enacted at Hollywood Walk of Fame. Another statute is created at the center of park bench beside Minnie Mouse, Florida, USA.

A similar statue is situated outside the Team Disney tower at the Disney’s corporate Headquarters in Burbank, California, USA. Another statue is setup at the Tokyo Disneyland theme park.

In memory of this great personality, a Roy O. Disney Suite is made on the topmost floor of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. In 2014, Roy O. Disney was portrayed in A feature film by Jon Heder on Roy O Disney was portrayed in 2014.

41. Trustworthy partnership

Roy O. Disney had the skills to create, mature and grow up trustworthy partnership and business deals with many parties. As we know, Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us the Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader. He was famous for his honest deals and right time pay back of the loans, thus the Disney World lost and found.

42. Love for children

Babies are for showing love and affection. A family park for parents and children was a great place of fun and amusement together. The idea and name of the theme park originated while sitting on a bench at Griffith Park in the Los Angeles, and observing little daughters who were riding the carousel around.

43. Trusted by others

As we know, Roy O Disney life learning & quotes reminds us the Disney World that was lost and eventually found for this tremendous leader. Just couple of months earlier than his death, in October 1966 Billy Dial, the Chairman of the First National Bank of Orlando as well as the power broker who helped the Disney Company implementing the the Florida Project, were having luncheon.

Billy asked Walt about the fate of the Florida project in case Walt would die by an accident after lunch? Walt trustfully answered, “Absolutely nothing. My brother Roy runs this company. I just piddle around.” This was the level of trust Roy O. Disney won from his brother, and many others, thus the Disney World lost and found.

44. Sharp emotional intelligence

Roy O Disney was a talented and emotionally enriched personality. He could read the emotion of the people around him and intelligently handle them for a successful business. In his lifetime, Roy O Disney supported many of Walt’s emotion with successful outcome.

45. A successful end

Roy O. Disney realized his and his brother’s work would go on to live forever successfully. Only after a couple of months of Walt Disney World’s successful launching, significant journey of Roy O. Disney was over.

This humble, selfless and great leader silently passed away on December 20, 1971 in Room number 421 at the St. Joseph’s Medical Center situated in Burbank, California at the seventy-eight years of age.

Roy O Disney is engraved on Forest Lawn, at Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

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