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15 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

I am sure you have pondered over many things the reason behind not growing up your business as much as you expect. Time management skills are required for everyone, entrepreneurs require to harness time management tips more because they handle people they come across.

Time management for entrepreneurs

Most of the entrepreneurs start businesses with great enthusiasm and hope. Whether an entrepreneur is struggling to survive with her running business, or, still thinking to enjoy the extensive growth of her venture. this blog should be useful to improve time management skills for entrepreneurs.

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You have invested (or going to invest) a lot of money, effort, resources, and time with the hope to be a successful entrepreneur one day. Still, something may not click in your favor unless you address some time wasters, which are undermining your much-desired success. Overcoming them is a good way to enhance time management tips for entrepreneurs who dream big.

Killing time wasters that come across the business operation for an entrepreneur is a good way to enhance time management tips for entrepreneurs. A little bit of attention to the following time killers, and allocating your time in other focused areas would revamp your business success in the long run.

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Time management tips for entrepreneurs: Avoid time wasters

Skip the following time-wasters as a part of developing time management tips as an entrepreneur:

1. Non-effective social media

Social media platforms are good for business growth. As a successful entrepreneur, you can not avoid the importance and influence of social media. And, surely, you should be regularly connected to them as for time management as an entrepreneur.

A good number of customers come from the same place media. We want to say, pick up the right medium only, and put your time and effort in there. Avoiding non-effective social usually, media boosts up time management tips for entrepreneurs.

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Stay focused, and don’t waste time on any unnecessary social media platform. There you will find many platforms, carefully look in, which are useful for you. When your niche is baby toys, LinkedIn is not the right place to invest your time, isn’t it?

2. Blaming

You can blame anything, anytime on your way. There is no end of excuse or reason if you really intend to. What will you say when you see a glass has half of water? Will you blame why it’s partially empty? Or, will you be happy with the glass has some water? Blame game naturally undermines time management tips for entrepreneurs.

The blame game is a strategy for losing minded people. It is a real time-waster as, in the end, it will pay you nothing but the break of relationship, waste of energy, and loss of some other opportunities.

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Be happy with what you get, at least, and shape this to a success. When the finishing is good, you will get much time in the future to settle who was liable. Visualize the big picture.

3. Dealing with $5/hour jobs

As an entrepreneur, you have to evaluate your time. Every step you put should be calculated. When you are busy with a deal, or, job, where your earning is say, 5$ per hour, you might be leaving a great opportunity to earn 500$ or more per hour.

Before having a job where the possibility of earning is scanty, and that might cost you a comparatively higher grade of resources, it’s just a time-waster. Dealing with small jobs erodes time management tips for entrepreneurs who aim big in the future.

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4. Constantly hiring new people

From the beginning, take your strategies to hire the cream from the market. A talent with a bit higher rate will return you more in the long run. Smart entrepreneurs retain their experienced human resources as a part of time management skills.

Constantly hiring new employees for new positions with low pay will be a time-waster. Every time you hire an amateur on cheap pay, and they get experienced and switch jobs, and you hire a fresher with lower pay, again!

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5.Taking calls from friends during business hours

Friends are an important part of life, no doubt. You should prioritize your good friends in your business activities as well. Many of your business leads may be sourced from your friends and networking.

Yet, give some specific time for your friends. It may be a limited span of your day. And obviously, the stipulated time should be separated from your office time. Call them back when any close one tries to reach you over the phone during any of your business meetings. It is a useful time management tips for entrepreneurs.

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6. Reading the wrong books

Focus on tour niche. Grab as much knowledge as you can to grow your expertise in your related field. Reading books is a good way to enrich thought and understanding from others’ opinions and experiences.

However, select your readable book very wisely. Decide first, are an intentional reader, or an accidental reader. Then Know your liking and need. Seek recommendations from others about books.

Take reviews and read book covers for your need analysis. The subject and author are also worthy to decision. You should read books for reasons like knowledge earning, know-how process, inspiration, and entertainment, etc. It is an effective time management tips for entrepreneurs who drive along.

7. Wasting time with office butterflies

The butterfly will come and go, don’t chase them, you may get them, or may not, it is a time killer. Office butterflies are the people who have enchanting ideas with no feasibility and an action plan.

They love to showdown themselves on every occasion and place them at a virtually dominating status. It can be anybody with the mentioned characteristics around you.

Don’t be convinced of their appearances. Don’t prioritize them. They are intentionally or unintentionally intended to slow down your success. It is an awful barrier to time management skills for entrepreneurs.

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8. Worrying about going out of business

In business, you would find many problems around you. There will also appear some unwanted, unpredictable, and unforeseen barriers. Don’t think much about these. Don’t worry about how your business is going out. The problem is a common part. Everyone faces it continuously.

Rather, address the barriers as it comes, make way out to get solutions. Don’t forget the negative issues, but think about the positive part of your business in order for time management for entrepreneurs.

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Worries about going out of your business will block your thinking abilities in a productive way. It is not a good indication of time management tips for entrepreneurs.

9. Thinking about people who left you

You will not get everyone with you. Some people will stay, some will leave. It is a natural philosophy of life, regardless of all segments. You can make some people happy, some can’t. Don’t think too much about the people who left you. Rather focus on people who are with you.

Yes, it’s true you will be required many people on your way. You will be accomplishing some of your jobs by others. But why do you care much who has left you? Why not you care for them only who are with you?

People who are with you are an asset to you. The best way is to develop your self-reliance and confidence so that you need not think about who comes and goes. Thinking over unnecessary issues is an obstacle to time management tips for entrepreneurs. When you will be thinking much about them, you will fall down in the maze of a time-waster.

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10. Constantly think about what competitors are doing

You should observe what your competitors are doing. It is important for business growth. Competitors analysis is a mandatory part of any business. But it is not like that you will constantly be thinking about what competitors are doing. This approach is not useful to enhance time management tips for entrepreneurs.

If you keep yourself continuously busy with what your competitors are doing, when will you be doing your own work? Moreover, watching up what others are doing will make you bias, and will not spur you to think out of the box. Your business ideas should be as innovative as a blue ocean strategy. Be unique from others.

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11. Too many meetings

Don’t waste your time with a series of meetings, which consume your stamina, attention, and valuable time. Put that effort into other places. Keep the meeting time a maximum of 30 minutes (or less), because, after this, participants start to drop off.

Research shows, participants can retain 91% attention level, up to 0-15 minutes; 84% attention level up to 15-30 minutes; 73% attention level up to 30-45 minutes; and 64% attention level up to 45+ minutes of a meeting.

So the shorter the meeting length is the more effective the meeting outcome. This approach is harmful to enhance time management tips for entrepreneurs.

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12. Too much partying

Partying and social gathering is good to keep networking. It allows you to have updated with the people’s requirements, tastes, and interests. You can generate many of your successful deals by continuously having connected with social gatherings. Nothing wrong with that.

Yet, you should be filtering out which partying is effective for you, and which is not. When you keep joining each and every social gathering, instead of paying much attention to your product innovation, you would lose future opportunities that your competitors are already leading to. This technique is not feasible to enhance time management tips for entrepreneurs who aim big.

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13. TV

Watching TV indiscriminately is good for nothing but to waste time, energy, and creativity. Don’t allow yourself to watch TV programs that go one after another. Be selective in watching your favorite and useful programs for a certain time.

Statistics shows, on average, every American wasted away 5.1 hrs every day watching TV. The scenario is not better than this around the world to enable time management for entrepreneurs.

Watch TV refresh yourself for a certain time, I think one hour a day is more than enough. I refer to an interesting quote from Groucho Marx who said, “I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room & read a good book.”

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What might be the reasons you should watching TV: it shows a false sense of productivity, slows down brain activities, wastes money, shows irrational ads, it lowers satisfaction of life, increases anxieties, lacks quality, lowers consciousness, etc. These are just the killer of time management tips for entrepreneurs. However, there are some good programs on TV as well. Just filter them out.

14. Chasing the big fish

Undoubtedly, you should dream big. I wish your business rises up one day. But, it should require some time. Starting your business today and anticipating it will bounce tomorrow, is a daydream. It is a wrong thought that chasing the big fish that will change your life overnight, instead of paying attention to small sales.

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Every business requires some time to get maturity. Move on step by step. Little deals you are ignoring now may bring you an accumulated success in the long run when properly addressed. It is not that you will not chase the big, but don’t ignore the importance of small deals. This philosophy enhances time management tips for entrepreneurs to a great extent.

15. Turn off notifications

Notification or alert has a good impact on your business. Regardless of email, social media, SMS, customer services, call centers, apps & software– put your notification on.

When you put them off, you may miss the pulse of your customers, the need of the clients, products update, and many other things. To get them manually, you may have required much time to invest. So why don’t you rely on technology? Technical hacks are useful to enhance time management tips for entrepreneurs.

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