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Website Design Process for Clients: 8 Steps for Beginners

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What are some of the steps of the website design process for clients, or others? In the digital landscape, websites serve as the cornerstone for businesses aiming to establish a formidable online presence. Yet, not all business proprietors possess the expertise or the luxury of time to construct one from scratch.

Enter the stage where web development companies and freelance developers play a pivotal role. Given the burgeoning demand in the market, this juncture is ripe for individuals to venture into the realm of freelance web development.

Should you possess proficiency in a programming language or web design, the opportunity is ripe to monetize your skills by crafting websites for others. Let’s delve into the comprehensive blueprint, spanning steps to craft client websites, and unveil the most effective strategies to launch your freelancing odyssey.

Website Design Process for Clients: 8 Steps for Beginners

This chapter undertakes a comprehensive journey through the eight essential phases that culminate in the creation of a triumphant client website. These phases traverse the spectrum of web development, from inception to deployment.

1. Comprehend Client and Website Aspirations

Before embarking on a project, it’s imperative to glean insights about the client and their website ambitions. This foundation is pivotal in aligning your services with the project’s overarching goals.

In the quest to unravel the project’s essence, pose an array of pertinent questions such as:

  • What are the business objectives?
  • What constitutes your brand essence, values, and tone?
  • How do you envision leveraging the website?
  • Are there any specific features on your wishlist?
  • Do any unique requisites beckon consideration?

Advisably, jot down these queries before engaging in discussions, and seek additional clarifications through subsequent interactions.

When the client’s direction remains nebulous, don the role of a guiding light to navigate their path.

It’s noteworthy that multiple dialogues may transpire before crystallizing a coherent picture. Only upon acquiring an unclouded comprehension of the project should you venture forth to propose your services.

2. Crave a Proposal, Set the Project’s Scope

Embark on crafting a web development proposal, harnessing the knowledge amassed in prior interactions. This document serves as a nexus encapsulating the project’s nuances and the concord between you and your prospective client.

A meticulously composed proposal wields the potential to sway potential clients, elucidating the value your services bring to their projects. While no fixed template exists, a successful proposal often encompasses the following facets:

  • Executive Summary – a succinct panorama of the project. This segment should elucidate the project’s quandaries and proffer solutions.
  • Scope of Work – an itemized portrayal of the services/products the clients are set to receive. This covenant safeguards the alignment of deliverables with agreements.
  • Timeline – a sequential dissection of project milestones and deadlines. It’s prudent to factor in potential hurdles that might elongate development duration.
  • Financial Landscape – granular elucidation of the project’s fiscal implications, encompassing payment terms and modes. Inclusive of your service fee, be sure to encompass ancillary expenditures like hosting subscriptions.
  • Contact Details– a repository of contact data facilitating seamless communication. It’s often augmented by stipulating your operational hours, precluding untimely contacts.

Supplement this proposal with your web developer portfolio, bolstered by credentials and certifications to fortify credibility.

3. Pick the Best Platform for Building the Website

Depending on the project’s idiosyncrasies, diverse platforms may come into play. Flexibility allows for accommodating the client’s familiarity with a specific platform, streamlining future maintenance.

Noteworthy platforms encompass content management systems (CMS) and site builders. Should you aspire for a fusion of attributes, scalability, and versatility, WordPress stands as an exemplary choice.

To streamline your decision-making, peruse comparative analyses between CMS and other renowned platforms:

  • Drupal vs. WordPress – Drupal boasts advanced content and user management, yet necessitates steeper learning curves and lacks third-party add-ons.
  • Joomla vs. WordPress – Joomla surges with functionality, albeit demanding heightened technical acumen. It, however, falters in the face of plugin options and community backing.
  • Wix vs. WordPress – When juxtaposed, WordPress triumphs with its expansive features and customization capacity. It’s more economical and resonates with a broader spectrum of extensions.

4. Navigating the Hosting Plan

The services of a hosting provider entail storing website data on servers, thereby conferring global accessibility. As certain platforms like WordPress don’t inherently encompass hosting provisions, procuring it externally becomes imperative.

On occasions, clients might shoulder the hosting responsibility. Yet, many freelancers assume this mantle, especially when clients harbor limited technical acumen.

Overseeing the hosting spectrum empowers you to wield comprehensive command over back-end development, expediting workflow. It also provides avenues for supplementary charges for upkeep and support.

Delve into selecting a reputable hosting provider, replete with robust hardware, bandwidth, and round-the-clock customer support, besides fortified security layers. Choosing a hosting plan unsuited to the website’s demands could have detrimental repercussions on performance and uptime.

Factor the client’s budget and requirements while steering through the array of hosting models available, ranging from shared hosting for lower traffic to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for high-performance requisites.

A realm of hosting services caters to diverse user prerequisites, comprising:

  • Shared Hosting: Multiple users co-inhabit the same server, collectively utilizing resources. This economical variant suits low-to-medium traffic websites, especially novices keen on honing web development skills. Hostinger provides awesome hosting services as you need.
  • WordPress Web Hosting: Tailored for WordPress websites, mirroring shared hosting. Ideal for those exclusively operating within the CMS realm.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: Each user enjoys exclusive access to a virtual partition within a dedicated server. Suited for high-traffic websites necessitating performance optimization and extensive customization.
  • Cloud Hosting: This paradigm assigns dedicated resources from a network of servers to each user. It combines high-performance attributes with user-friendly upkeep, unlike the intricacies associated with VPS hosting.

Once the optimal service is discerned, chart the website’s domain name. While less common top-level domains may be budget-friendly, popular ones such as .com may entail supplementary expenses.

5. Crafting a Simple Sitemap and Visual Blueprint

The quintessential essence of a website emerges through its sitemap and visual layout. A meticulously crafted sitemap, when synergized with an intuitive layout, paves the way for visitors to seamlessly navigate the digital landscape, bestowing upon them an experiential journey that’s nothing short of delightful.

Embarking on this journey mandates a deliberate approach toward orchestrating the virtual terrain. A strategic approach entails meticulously planning the pages that will constitute the digital realm. Let the journey commence from the core, the pivotal pages that encapsulate the essence of the enterprise. With a strategic nucleus in place, extend your web of influence outward.

To lend visual articulation to this intricate orchestration, embrace tools like FlowMapp, which immortalize the hierarchy and intricate relationships between these digital facets. This holistic visual sitemap nurtures a design process that’s both streamlined and user-centric.

Once the sitemap’s foundation is etched, delve into the articulation of each page’s visual schema. Enter the wireframe realm, a blueprint that governs the page’s structural narrative. To expedite this endeavor, consider the arsenal of tools at your disposal, such as the versatile Figma, which serves as a beacon of creative empowerment.

A kaleidoscope of visual considerations awaits your attention, each element crafting the symphony that defines the website’s aesthetic charisma:

  • Color Palette: Harness the power of contrasting hues, ensuring pivotal elements bask in prominence. Stray not into the labyrinth of overtly intricate palettes, for balance and harmony shall be your guiding stars.
  • Typography Elegance: The textual tapestry that envelops the website warrants legibility. Attend to fonts, sizes, spacing, alignment, and the symphony of consistency that binds them all.
  • Image Embrace: Wield high-fidelity images as your visual artillery, arresting visitors’ attention while deftly conveying information. Yet, heed the call to moderation, as a glut of images may decelerate the digital voyage.
  • Visual Hierarchy: The visual domain beckons the art of differentiation. Elevate the prominence of elements based on their hierarchical significance, ensuring visitors encounter the crux before venturing into the peripheries.
  • Harmonious Elements: Desist from inundating the virtual canvas with superfluous elements. A surplus of stimuli bears the risk of diluting visitors’ engagement and imperiling usability.

Do note, that for the conception of an intricate sitemap and the visualization of an enthralling layout, web design expertise is indispensable. Should your purview encompass development rather than design, propose enlisting the expertise of web designers to amplify the visual allure.

6. Create Pages Based on Client’s Needs

Guided by the strategic roadmap and visual framework, step into the shoes of a digital artisan, fashioning pages that mirror your client’s aspirations. In this intricate dance of creation, the limelight falls on the page’s very essence and the meticulous curation of its components and content.

Assemble an arsenal of requisite elements: Call-to-Action (CTA) triggers, evocative imagery, immersive videos, and connecting links. Channel your meticulous ethos through the aid of a checklist, judiciously cross-referencing each ingredient against your wireframe, ensuring no constituent escapes your meticulous gaze.

With content stepping into the limelight, your clients might craft it themselves or enlist third-party expertise. Ensuring synchronous progress necessitates a timeline alignment, safeguarding the project from derailing due to schedule discrepancies.

Scrutinize the content through the lens of alignment with the page’s purpose. When misalignment beckons, dare to propose modifications. Seize this juncture to infuse search engine optimization (SEO) principles, catapulting the content’s visibility to the pinnacle.

Strategize the semantic fabric of the content, with keen attention to keywords, structural coherence, and the magic potion of the meta description. To supercharge these efforts, leverage the arsenal of SEO tools, or unfurl the capabilities of plugins such as the illustrious Yoast SEO.

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7. Go Ahead with the Design of the Website

Upon the orchestration of the strategic composition and the harnessing of a content arsenal, the design odyssey unfurls its canvas. At this juncture, the aesthetic narrative unfolds, culminating in the website’s visual symphony.

The design symposium is a realm replete with nuanced considerations for each page:

  • Purpose Resonance: Inextricably interwoven with the page’s raison d’être, the design encapsulates its essence.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Envoys: The elements ushering visitors towards purposeful interaction beckon meticulous attention, crafting the call to action with a strategic finesse.
  • Dialogue with the Client: The communion with your client gains paramount significance, certifying the design’s alignment with their aspirations. Embrace this feedback loop before embarking on the design of the next chapter, minimizing the prospects of future revisions.

Evoke the venerated art of templating, encapsulating the design your client bestowed consent upon. These templates metamorphose into architectural pillars, endowing the design process with a sense of consistency and efficacy.

A crescendo approaches, wherein you invite your client to traverse the labyrinth you’ve woven. Offer a thorough vetting, beseeching them to bestow a discerning gaze, seeking to discern the alignment between their aspirations and the design before them.

A Pro Tip Illuminates the Path:

Before the covenant is sealed with the client, forge a mutual understanding concerning the revision policy. Adhere to the wisdom of offering a finite realm of free revisions, transitioning into the domain of remuneration for the subsequent wave of iterations.

8. Validate Through Rigorous Testing

In the crescendo of this symphony of creation, an essential encore takes center stage – testing. Prior to unfurling the digital tapestry onto the virtual proscenium, ensure that every note resonates in harmony. A panoply of potential glitches and hitches beckons this diligent examination, with the ultimate goal of perfecting the user experience.

Prowling within the labyrinth of potential concerns, the vigilant eye scours for impediments that can mar the website’s functionality and performance. The tenets of usability and fluidity assume paramount importance. A labyrinthine navigation or a lethargic loading time may turn visitors into transient visitors, robbing the digital domain of its allure.

Take the newfangled creation for a test spin, channeling your inner visitor. Traverse the virtual corridors, unravel the labyrinth, and glean insights into the visitor’s interaction with the creation. Scrutinize the elements in intricate detail:

  • The Virtuosity of Performance: Invoke the prowess of Google PageSpeed Insights to unravel the intricacies of performance.
  • The Melodious Harmony of Images: Ensuring optimization and fluid loading of images lends a visual sonata to the digital symphony.
  • The Textual Libretto: Set your sights on typos and spelling errors that mar the textual harmonics. Engage the assistance of tools such as
  • Grammarly to streamline this textual choreography.
  • Interactive Elements: The interactive ensemble, spanning anchor texts, buttons, navigations, and forms, must execute their roles flawlessly.
  • Responsiveness: Adjudicates the performance across a diverse array of devices, ensuring harmonious rendering irrespective of the stage.
  • Orchestrating Functionality: Ascertain that every element dances in synchrony, from the checkout simulation in an e-commerce ballet to the unfurling of seamless functionality.
  • Absence of Errors: Condemn the existence of dead links and the spectral specter of HTTP errors like the notorious 404.
  • Backend: Gaze into the backend abyss, assuring that the host server and its concomitant services function in unison.

Yet, even within the tapestry of comprehensive scrutiny, the shadows of minor discrepancies may persist. The hallowed axiom reigns true – the devil often lurks in the details. New anomalies might surface even after the website’s grand debut, underscoring the necessity for strategic timing.

In the chronicles of website launch, let the primordial ethos of timing guide your voyage. The cadence of weekdays, particularly the embrace of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, proves propitious for unveiling the website. A meticulous avoidance of Friday, the gateway to the weekend, beckons wisdom. The rationale is simple – a workweek baptism avails the privilege of vigilance. Should any glitches emerge, you stand poised to rectify them in real time, preventing them from spiraling into profound disturbances.

Harmonizing Best Practices for Client-Oriented Websites

For the pinnacle of project elevation, an anthology of best practices beckons your attention, illuminating the path toward website development nirvana.

The Craft of Communication

The foundation of a triumphant endeavor rests upon the altar of communication. Forge a conduit for consultation, enabling a symbiotic dialogue with your client. This consultation ensures that your architectural masterpiece aligns with their aspirations for the website design. A symphony of updates, an interplay of insights – a chronicle that unfurls in tandem with your creation.

The virtuous cycle of communication, beyond the confines of the project, bequeaths transparency and trust. These coveted virtues germinate the seeds of enduring client-artisan relationships, a perennial font of future collaboration.

Make Yourself Available to Clients

Inscribing your commitment to your clientele is epitomized through unwavering accessibility. Extend the canopy of support during the project’s incubation and beyond. When your clientele encounters a digital labyrinthine, they seek your wisdom. Through your guidance, you manifest your dedication, a foundation upon which trust blossoms. The seeds sown today may yield the fruit of recurring partnerships tomorrow.

Apply Pre-Built Themes

In the tapestry of client aspirations, custom themes may often paint their own narrative. In such scenarios, an artisan’s touch is requisite, customizing themes to tether visions to reality. Yet, some junctures may transcend the project’s canvas. At these crossroads, the utilization of pre-built themes dons the mantle of prudence, sparing clients the labyrinthine journey of extensive investments.

Within the eclectic expanse of themes, the WordPress library looms large, adorned with over 10,000 offerings spanning diverse styles and purposes. If the palate yearns for premium hues, embark on a quest through the Themeforest marketplace.

Create a Pricing System

In the domain of prospective clients, clarity emerges as the crowning gem. The virtue of a comprehensible pricing system is akin to a beckoning beacon. Prospective clients, akin to mariners navigating turbulent waters, seek this beacon to chart their course.

Reverberate within this realm, for your price is more than a numerical value. It mirrors your proficiency and the scope of your artistry. Invoke the compass of market research, aligning your rates with the prevailing currents. In this symphony of pricing, serenade clients with not just the value, but the harmony of payment terms and methods.

Request Recommendation

As the final curtain descends on your creation’s debut, the audience’s applause lingers in the air. In this euphoric afterglow, a humble request emerges – a request for referrals. Encourage your client to share the virtuosity of your services with others. Personal endorsements bear the stamp of authenticity, beckoning a caravan of new prospects to your artistic domain.

Testimonials emerge as the poetic verses in your portfolio, an ode penned by the clients you’ve serenaded. In this ecosystem, embrace the echo of reciprocity – inquire if they know of other voyagers in pursuit of similar aspirations.

Final thought

The resonance of the digital realm reverberates with a resounding truth – websites burgeon. Try creating your website with Hostinger, for its great platform support, dedicated hosting, and user-friendly process.

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