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What Is Your Management Style? – Interview Answers | Examples

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

There are many common interview questions you have to come across in your job search process. An example is the “what is your management style” question. You can also “describe your management style” or “you can listen to what a good director thinks.”

What is your management style?

Although the phrases are different – the meat of the question is the same. How you prepare the answer to this question, and depending on what the interview is actually asking for.

So far the question goes – this one is fairly straightforward. When an interviewer asks you – she probably wants to know what you want to do to manage a team. Your answers can give you insight into the values in your mind. Each management style will not work in every business.

Management style is very important in corporate culture. Bad Management Behavior at Work that Loses Best Employees,  that the management doesn’t want at all.

The hired manager probably wants to make sure that you will be a good fit for the company in the future. Really give a good answer- you have to practice and prepare before the interview, to answer well what your management style is.

The first step in a successful job interview is to prepare for it. Keeping in mind what you can ask and what you want to talk about each question can help you become more professional and more in control of the situation.

In fact, we always recommend job consultants to meet common interview questions before we attend an interview with a prospective employer.

In the managerial level interview questions, they are more difficult predictions because they are generally not common with specific aspects of the role, and generic or open-ended questions are not common.

However, you can be asked about your leadership skills and it is important that you prepare for them. One question that employers ask is ‘What is your management style?’ – A question that targets your leadership potential.

What the employers expect you to say

To understand how to describe your management style, first, you need to understand why the employer is asking it.

You have already heard that people leave the manager, not the company, and the employer’s director is asking you to ask about your leadership style that your team members can trust and follow.

There is no “correct” or “incorrect” answer to this interview question … but the employer wants to know that you have a system that works for you.

When they ask, “What is your leadership style”, they want to hear that you have found something that works when you take a leadership position while working continuously to find answers on what is your manager style.

And you’ll have to make some sound reasonable and easy to get along. Preferred words. There is no one guided by himself as a tyrannical dictator or sitting around. It’s void and definitely, you will not get the rent.

It needs to show you the ability to understand management issues, as well as describe the real-world experiences, to fall under the questionnaire of the behavioral interview, and to effectively respond to it.

The idea is to show leadership skills to solve your problem and help the prospective employer understand that you can earn wealth from a team and how to answer what is your management style in an interview.

How to answer questions

To answer this question in a way that will satisfy the employer employers for your hiring, you have to demonstrate your loyalty to find what is your management style.

When you become a manager, you need to show your skills to understand the potential problems raised and to indicate how you should solve it. Sharing an example from your previous experience as a manager is also important because it will serve as an indication of your expertise.

How to “Answer Your Management Style Interview Questions”

If you are interviewing for a location that requires monitoring others, a recruiting manager will ask you, “What is your management style?”

And for some reason, answering this question always seems a bit awkward. How can you respond in such a way that you can be an effective leader who can be right (and not very modest) to the team at the time of a lot of grandfathers?

There are plenty of ways to create an impression that reduces the balance, but this is a way I think is particularly good when discussing your management style.

What is “good management”

To set up the parameters for how best to handle the secret of this question should be judged. To do this, you want to explain that you believe in a powerful manager so that the possibilities of possessing any possessor to a master are limited. To make an assessment of the story that you are going to share, make sure that you and the interview are on the same page.


It’s hard to put the management style on your fingers, but I think a good general manager gives clear guidance and actually gives a good direction, but it is ready and ready to help prepare and prepare for expertise. I tried my best to make my management style.

Add your spin

Now you have defined a good manager key and said that it offers something extra with your model, your own up, and what you have already established. At the beginning of your response, the set parameters will introduce you to an additional leadership feature that makes you exceptional.


That made me unique, when I needed help when my team needed help, I went out of my way to make sure I know. I can not roam and wait for my direct report to call – I go to them. This means that they are working and their normal work is inappropriate check-ins on satisfaction and mental health.

Give an example

Of course, you can back up what you said only to do all this. Give some evidence of your management skills by providing a brief description of how you described the features described in the interview question what is your management style.

Since the management can be so high, so you have to be careful about using a story that is not too long – you do not want your interview to lose interest.


I remember a project especially in my most recent location where I supervise seven staff, which work in each aspect of each product.

This means that there is a lot of independent work for my team, but instead of pushing me and everyone down with repetitive meetings to update me and everyone else, I’ve created a project wiki that allows communicating the necessary new information without interrupting the work of another team member.

It was my job to make sure I was stuck in a problem very long without a soundboard then.

What are the four basic management styles?

According to the Harvard Business Review, your leadership style may fall into different types of management types:

Teacher Managers provide advice based feedback and personalized development opportunities to their staff.

Coaching Managers, always maintain a continuous supply of coaching, their employees closely follow the development and invest in their employees to upgrade their skills.

The connecting manager offers feedback based on their own experience, but often their employees are connected to additional team members to encourage career growth.

Cheerleader managers hand-in their style close Although they are helpful and available to employees, they encourage employees to follow the development and development of staff independently.

Point your past: Once you have established a good director to which you are important, you need to tell a story from your past. This should show how these good management techniques included in your own leadership style. Beware your story not too long.

Most interviews have only one specific time for each interview – and you do not want to take too much time. At the same time – you want to make sure your story exposes your management skills properly.

Use your company’s knowledge to include features and skills that are important for the business. Every company is going to have its own standards and culture. You should try to highlight your adaptation and similar values with you and other spoken stories.

Talk about the unique features: Instead of just defining good management and telling useful stories, which shows you the use of those handy skills – you have to separate yourself.

What makes you a unique manager and hence a great hire? You can add a unique skill including an additional professional quality not to mention good management definitions.

Maybe direct management and democratic going as you direct directed. In this case – you can explain how you can do three things to the employer – but it will take time to take the time to train you directly during the hours required.

Management positions are often sought by qualified individuals – so you need to focus on what makes you unique to help you focus on the interview.

Tips for starting your own answers

Define good management: Before you can explain your management style – you need to determine what is shown as good management. This helps to set parameters for what you are going to do. Like other interview questions – this will tell you a story.

If you do not properly define good management – you and the employer can judge the story in a number of ways. Without this definition – the manager’s scope is too big to answer this difficult question. It may be helpful to research some of the companies.

Have a preferred management style used throughout the business? If so – you should try to sort your good management terms with what you are doing now.

Talk about teamwork: A good manager understands that they are an invaluable member of their team and they are nothing but their team.

The leaders are as good as the team behind them, and you need to demonstrate your ability to cooperate with others. Of course, delegation is also important, so try and discuss how leadership and teamwork can go away.

Force how you are flexible: You have a way to answer this question because you are not flexible. Flexibility is important because it shows how you understand each problem and then you are able to solve your solution to meet the situation.

In this way, talk about different personality types and how they should be treated differently, but it can be talked about how each situation can be different and different in different situations.

Explain how you help in human development: One of the best qualities of a good administrator is that they recognize the probability and they force people to show it.

During your interview, you should talk about how you can identify what each person can do and how you can take steps to help in professional development.

Focus on the time you spent with a solid team member: When you become a director, everything is not pink and you need to understand that you understand it and you can be dependent on it.

When you are successful in dealing with a difficult employee, relating to a story, the employer will help you understand more about the style of management that you are not able to say.

Share Real-Life Stories: It’s not important to lie in your interview. Your potential employer can only be exposed while talking to your previous employer because you want to start your new job on the wrong foot.

Your answer is to communicate with your contacts about how to handle different types of people and how you can help them to find their best qualities. If you do not work as a director before talking about any time, you plan on managing a project or an organization.

For your answer: By tailoring your answer to company needs, you are basically promoting the possibility of renting. Do some research before and make sure to mention some things you open during your interview.

For example, your study has found that multiculturalism is available in the workshop, make sure that you mention your expertise in managing multicultural teams.

Share specific examples

After answering the basic question and after describing the general style of leadership, I would suggest asking the employer if they want you to go into more detail.

You may say, “Would you please give me examples of this time of work?”

They might say “yes”, and if they do, you can tell them a specific story.

While it is better to ask rather than diving in a super-long answer while asking it fast, it is a strategy that I offer many to my job interview answers guide because it refrains from annoying interviews or giving you that long answer.

If they want a story, then discuss how you used your leadership skills to make your previous project successful. What was the final result? Did you help your company earn money or save money? Did you win a prize in school? Etc. Talk about real, measurable results.

Following are a couple of practical examples of great ways that describe the leadership style of job seekers.

I’m going to give you some great phrases and ways you can illustrate your style leading up to. All of these will sound good.

While I remember what I mentioned above – you’re probably going to share stories and examples while asking the question of this interview. So do not lie Choose something that really fits you!

Sample “What is your management style” interview answers

The following example may motivate you on what is your management style interview question and will facilitate you on how to answer what is your management style.

There are many management styles. I know when a manager should be different and have to implement the best style.

For example – in this new business you need someone who can give clear instructions – motivation and professional development to answer what is your management style answer.

You need a person who works directly with your reports to get time for projects.

I have been managed with intelligent employees and employees in different environments of the environment who do not know what they are doing. I think there is no single style of best managers – rather they are able to understand the needs and leadership of their team.

I give directions as well as see the place as well as management – so workers can complete their work. I think if there is a problem, the problem will be found in the best manager – but the hand will be closed. As I manage my direct report- I try to embody this style.

In my last job – we were working on a big project for a new client. Because we have never done such a thing before – I had to direct reports.

Once I understood what I needed to do – I did all the work and we all got to work. I’ve noticed one report directly reports- so I quickly stepped into the coach to coach him. I arranged a new level of management by sharing the work equally among myself and my direct reports.

I always lauded and tried to imitate the managers who seem to have to do in any situation. When the delegation represents the appropriate creator, they need universality when consensus is needed, and they work side by side when it is needed. Just what their employees think of them at any time

I do not have a management style. I think when you can get more comfortable with your staff, you will miss their development opportunities and their highest efficiency opportunities.

I believe that a good manager looks at the future and pushing their staff from that side. Trying to help people develop their skills. Long-term productivity can help build and so I believe that it is not a low vision.

“I just tried to adapt to the situation. Looking at my career, it was a time when I knew what I was doing and my manager wanted to go back, and there was a time when I could learn a new skill and hold some hands I think the most successful directors are those who can adapt their style to the employee and the situation, employee at the same time in the same style of management is required. “

If you are not prepared then the correct answer can be challenging. Now you have some sample answers – you can be better prepared to answer these answers and other interview questions.

Common Leadership Styles

For an example of what is your management philosophy, I lead from the front by taking action, showing what needs to be done, and organizing my team so that we are on the same page and can contribute equally.”

Lead by facilitating communication: “Communication is one of my greatest strengths. I facilitate open communication and try to bestow every team member”.

Representing and leading others to better represent: “I have been able to find the strengths of the delegates and members of other groups. I try to give each person the opportunity to do their best work and to create a team effort that provides more results than the sum of its parts. “

If you are having problems with your leadership style then here’s a strategy:

Ask those who want to know you! Ask your parents, friends, other family members, classmates, etc. with whom you have been with the sports team, with the class project, or working with the way out what is your management style examples.

Ask them how they will describe your leadership, and look for some themes to repeat some themes. That you can take and use.

If you follow the steps above, they should be able to give you a great response when you ask about your leadership style or leadership experience in an interview.

Prepare to be specific and unclear responses such as “I’m not a hard worker, it’s always a success when I run a project”. That is meaningless That tells them absolutely nothing when you are aware of what is your managerial style.

They want actual details, results, and specific events.

They really want to see if you have created a style that works for you, and they want to see that you can clearly describe it. Practice your answers at home before going to the interview.

Which one best describes how you manage your team?
Which one best describes how you manage your team?

Wrong to avoid

Expressing this question in a way that is unconstitutional or in a manner that a potential employer can not fill the job can give you a job so that you can present what is your management style sample answer so that you present it to the company and you are demonstrating the leadership power.

Some of the common mistakes against what is your preferred management style, you may have include:

Avoid talking about management trends: Theories are great, but you need to be able to demonstrate skills in this area. So share more real-world experiences and fewer words and trends.

Do not be stern: A good director knows that a one-size-fits-all strategy does not cut it at work. Different team members need different handling, and different situations often require different methods. Make sure you focus your answers on flexibility on what style of management does the candidate respond best to convince the employer.

Avoid Buzzwords: Instead of including terms like ‘open-door policy’ and ‘synergy’, you absorb Buzzwords instead of including what you say and if you have already practiced the lecture, you would make the word to rightly learn what is your management style best answer.

Make a word like this so you can not control the stuff: Cooperation and teamwork are great, but the manager is still expected to manage people so that you can not keep their line when you give your team members their place. Just focus on how you push your team members through motivation.

You can decide how you can answer this question, whether you want to get or lose jobs, so make sure that you focus on all your good qualities as a leader and you have demonstrated skills in a lot of management where many examples are provided.

You are searching for jobs, perhaps it’s going to ask about an interview your leadership style is. By giving an impressive answer to the interview question, I’m going to walk you: “What is your leadership style?” So that you can get the rent

And I’ll cover some “traps” and mistakes that you definitely want to avoid getting job offers, with learning about what are your management style.

How to “Work for Your Leadership” at Work Interviews on how to answer the question of what is your management style.

If they ask you this question in an interview, it means they take care of your leadership skills and probably use it as a factor in deciding to rent it.

This does not have to be direct leadership. You do not need to operate or supervise work in the past.

And you can also hear this question for a position that does not require any direct leadership with learning what is your management style interview question and answer.

But in a few years, they are planning to promote you. Maybe they want someone who leads for example and advises new people in the year etc.

Whatever … interviews want to know how you lead and more important – how comfortable you are (the real reason they are asking here!)

So you will be leading in front of them when you are leading and confident you’ve done it before!

Let’s do something and do it now, so you can give a great answer about what is your management style interview.

Do not say you do not lead anyone

Select your most impressive leadership experience as you return to your mind and try to come up with a reply for this. It could be on a sports team, in a class project, or in previous work.

But whatever the answer to this interview question, do not answer, “I’m not really a leader” or “I’m not sure, I have never led people in the past”.

Find something, no matter what happens (If you want to get the rent, that is).

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Take away

Finally, despite the responsibilities of different projects, we were a very solid product and, more importantly, a team that was not burned.

That’s it! Now you have your basic structure for these general interview questions, but make sure you do not get to the end. Try to connect your feedback to the location or switch it and ask your own questions. Practice, practice, practice, and you’re set.

So, what is your management style? Now you know the answer to what is your management style

To properly answer this awesome interview question, remember:

You are flexible

Want to interview that you are the best. And the best candidates are efficiently out of their needs for those positions.

You understand the value of the company.

You can charge both yourself and others.

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