Tricks to Deal with Difficult Coworkers & People Effectively

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

Every person in this world has some good traits. Everyone has some bad things as well. Deal with difficult coworkers & people with some simple tricks from experts. Both difficult people & coworkers stay around us at work and society. Win them. None is purely good or bad, out perspective makes them so. This uncertainties and twists about life have made us human. So, it is a part of life to deal with difficult colleagues or boss.

However, some people are found excessively difficult in maximum situations to deal with difficult coworkers & people. It seems nothing is tolerable goes them. You can’t please them anyway. Perhaps they are borne with the grudge and discontentment with the whole world. Most interesting is that they even don’t know how bothering are they, and some of the people want to get rid of the difficult coworkers and people.

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A difficult team member, an unhappy boss, or an adamant customers– make anyone’s life miserable. We can’t live with it. As a conscious mind, we should take right preparation to handle difficult people successfully. We think of how to deal with difficult coworkers & people. But what are the ways?

Let’s see how we can be equipped for dealing with difficult people, friends, customers, boss and colleagues:

1# Know weak point of difficult coworkers

There are several types of difficult coworkers in a corporate world. Everyone in this world has some weak points. You won’t find anyone who is not penetrable to any or some of factors. One may be weak to his parents, while other may have soft corner to reading books, the other one may be weak at emotions.

A difficult person does also have her weak points. This is her Achilles Heel. Pick that up well to deal with her and other difficult colleagues. It is an effective way to deal with difficult coworkers & people around you. Do your research on her weak points and show a true intentions to help recover her weak points.

When you can rightly address her weakness, she may have a positive impression on you. It is a good way to keep an influence over anyone by offering help on her weaknesses. Please be authentic in your approach and intention. It will give you a solution to deal with a coworker who complains about you.

2# Know strength of difficult people

Likewise, everyone has some good command on something over some other things. That is, every individual is good at something, that others are not. One may be skilled at biking, whereas other may be expert in teamwork, while other may be expert in graphics design.

A difficult person whom you are going to deal with should have some strengths also. Find these out as a part to deal with difficult coworkers & people in your network. Then, be candid to praise the person having this strength. Lineup your connectivity with those strengths. Let him know how these strengths will be assisting him, also you. It is a way for dealing with difficult people without letting them know.

Give him domination over you. Show your curiosity to learn more about those strengths. Invite him to teach those to you. His involvement will bring both of you closer. Intimacy breeds good relationship. When both of you will undergo a relationship, you have better probably to be on the driving seat to deal with difficult people, friends and boss.

3# Build relationship with difficult coworkers

People can go extreme for the relationship. You can take the lead over a difficult person by establishing a honest and true relationship with her. By handling her weaknesses and strengths with care and compliance, you can setup good relationship with that difficult person.

How to develop relationship

There are many other ways to establish relationship with a person as a protection to deal with difficult coworkers & people; such as:

  1. Build networking
  2. Show curiosity
  3. Give gifts and greetings
  4. Have done together
  5. Ask and share
  6. Show empathy
  7. Travel together
  8. Perform job in a team
  9. Give priority to other person
  10. Accept the person as he is

There are many types of difficult coworkers around you, treat them in their way. Apply these tips- one, two or all of them can result a good relationship with a difficult person.

When both of you will have good relationship, it will be much easier to influence the difficult person. This is the way to deal with a coworker who complains about you.

deal with difficult coworkers & people in the workplace

4# Agree with difficult coworkers

One of the effective ways to build a commanding mesmerization on somebody is to agree with his points of opinion, choice or thought. Say, the customer is not convinced to buy your product. He need to have a different product.

Agree with him. Give him transparent suggestions. Feel his problem and focus on to solve it. Show how your product is able to solve his need. If still he doesn’t show interest, font argue. If possible, offer him trial or refund options.

When you will repeatedly keep agreeing with a difficult person, he will be thinking you as a person in favor of him. You should be his favorite person! Out of gratitude, the person is expected to be submissive on your points. It is a give and take theory. This is a peaceful way to deal with difficult coworkers & people around you.

5# Mentor difficult people

In many cases, difficult people have a sharp and soft mind. When you can genuinely explore her heart, you will have much probabilities to develop a good understanding with difficult people or boss.

In case you can really read that person well, you can be her mentor. It is a useful way in case of a difficult person in your office. Being a mentor is a long process, it might take a longer time for success.

If everything is okay, and if you can be her mentor, the difficult person will accept your influence. By this you can be authoritative upon her. It will also give you courage and learning to deal with difficult colleagues.

6# Be likable to difficult coworkers

To be one’s likable, you have to accomplish the tasks the difficult person likes. When you become his likable, the other person will accept your influence.

How to deal with a coworker who complains about you every now and then? There are many ways by which you can be one’s likable, even to the adamant coworkers, or boss:

How to be likable

  1. Be friendly and amicable
  2. Give others a priority
  3. Be honest and truthful
  4. Listen more, speak less
  5. Be candid
  6. Remember name and identity
  7. Agree
  8. Improvise
  9. Focus to only that person whom you face
  10. Be open minded
  11. Start conversation
  12. Be trusted
  13. Earn reliance

We observe several types of difficult coworkers in a corporate world around us. You have to tricky to be likable in every different occasion. Find their weak points. It will give you a mileage for dealing with difficult people around you.

7# Deal with a difficult coworker’s ego

A common trait for most of the difficult persons is, their ego. People acts differently due to their ego. Positive ego is good, but not negative ego. Whatever the status is, hold your dominance over the person’s ego. Capitalize her ego as a trigger to pacify her. This is the effective trick to deal with difficult people, colleagues, or boss.

Egoistic people have strong self esteem. They don’t prefer to hear about their bad habits. Give them a value and give their words back to make them feel that you have heard everything they told. Don’t talk about your opinions, rather, pickup and be agreed on their points of logic as a trick to deal with difficult coworkers & people.

An egoistic person doesn’t prefer to talk (or hear about) emotions. Converse to them with facts and statistics that has reality. But, remember, you can never go for any argument with the people in case they don’t agree with your facts and findings.

Take away

Handling difficult people is a challenging job. With your pre-work, you can be successful over them. Take your preparation before going for your head to heat with them. Everyone is different, so some sort of different preparation is required in every situation to deal with difficult coworkers & people around.

In case of sudden encounter for the first time with a difficult person without any prior idea about him, just use your experience and situation. Take help from your team or colleagues. Using emotional intelligence is a good way to handle hard situation most of the times. As

Finally, be mentally prepared for any situation that may arise suddenly to deal with unexpected difficult people, colleagues, friends, or boss. Improvise yourself according to the situation. Sometimes, you can win by being defensive. The other time you can win by being defeated.

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