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Why Do Blogs Fail? Learn from Mistakes for Successful Blogging

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Many blogs fail for many obvious reasons. Successful blogging for beginners has accurate tips and tricks. Why do blogs fail? Overcome failure & start successful blogging as beginners by addressing this silly stuff. Fail blogs bring disappointment for beginners.

Why do blogs fail?

Overcome failure to blog & get a successful start. Some of the very common confusions that provoke in the curious mind of a blogger are-

it’s too late for me and I can’t be a successful blogger so lately..

there are numerous successful bloggers as they are in their realm since a long years..

they have already written everything I am thinking about..

I don’t know how to start..

How many are there

With a reported 392 million blogs at the beginning of the year 2018, that surpassed last year’s recorded 333m blogs, it is you who also has great possibilities to be a successful blogger in the future. There are many fail blogs in it, yet there are several successful blogging tips for beginners to learn why bloggers fail.

On average, if throughout all the lifespan, a human being starts reading, s/he will not be able to finish reading all blog contents. Different readers grasp different blogs. So, there are plenty of readers waiting for your epic content! Industries need more successful bloggers in the coming days too.

What basically need for blogging

Fail blogs bring disappointment for a blogger. Little tricks are the key to successful blogging for beginners. also have chances to be a successful blogger, and in many cases more successful compared to the strong writers in the domain. Why??


Topic selection

content that people will love to read

Pick right Niches

Market research

Get knowledge by reading numerous blogs and do research on the style, topic, of successful bloggers already in the market.

Everyday readers and marketers with different requirements are coming in. So, plenty of good quality content is required for them.

Get comments and understand the need of the reader. Social media is a good place to research their need.

Add value

Give them a solution. So, need to add value to your blog that others can’t give. Otherwise, why the reader will come and read you?

Tell story

The best way to write from your experience. People like to listen to other’s stories. And they relate these worth their need. By this, you will be able to with their heart. It will gradually make you a successful blogger.

Think from others’ point of view

You see, the story of movies or novels that match with the life of the audience gets box office hit. So, need to think from point of view of your readers.


You are in a far better situation as you know SEO and money earning strategies more clearly and in detail.

So you are ahead of successful bloggers of the last decade due to open information everywhere. It will make you a successful blogger slowly.


Write from passion. Where there is passion, you can create epic writing. Think, what you would prefer from others to write for you.

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A deeper dive

Be focused on one topic and write some similar blogs on the same area for a deeper dive, so that readers can get a thorough idea they are looking for.

By this, you can retain your readers longer. It will gradually make you a successful blogger.

Benefits of writing

Don’t write for money, at least initially. It will set an extra burden on your brain. There are plenty of benefits to writing a blog.

why bloggers fail

Be updated

Try to pick a unique topic, everything is getting updated every day, try to catch that trend. Read the latest articles and visit social media.


Search in Google (or any other you fo prefer) search bar what topics in your area are usually searched by the audience, and go for writing on those hot items in your niche. It will make you a successful blogger. You need to research appropriate keywords that will do magic for you.

Feed their need

Don’t go for writing on the topic in your head. Keep them for the future. Rather, search for the need of your niche first. People will come to quench their thirst. So, write what people really need.


Do extensive marketing. Social media is a good way to share. There are many more platforms now. Gradually try everywhere.

Follow the 20-80 rule. When you write for one hour a day, do 4 hours of marketing. A schedule can be followed to do all things precisely.

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Take away

You must stick to for at least one year, consistently, or more. Who gives time 30 hours a week is not similar to who gives 3 hours a week, isn’t it? Stick to. It’s not very easy things to be successful. Neither it’s too hard as well.

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