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Effective Link Building Tactics for eCommerce Brands, 10 Tips

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

Effective link-building tactics for eCommerce brands are very much essential nowadays! Obtaining backlinks is crucial and needs to be a regular component of your day-to-day business operations. Although it is undoubtedly a large endeavor for a business owner who is already quite busy, it is completely feasible. I’ll break it down for you in this post so you can start constructing backlinks right now, but first let’s talk about what backlinks are.

Websites require inbound links in order to achieve high organic ranks in search engines. This is because search engines try to find a mechanism to choose which pages to rank higher than others.

They seek some form of endorsement that, for example, one e-commerce product page is more “important” than another product page, some sort of sign of quality, or some sort of “approval.” But how can you prove that your product page is more significant than the identical thing on another website (maybe one where your rival is selling it)? Obtaining links to your product page is one approach to do this.

Although there are numerous elements to SEO, the two most crucial ones that you can now implement independently are conducting keyword research and obtaining backlinks. In fact, choosing specialized market items for e-commerce owners to aid with link development is suggested because backlinks are such a crucial component of SEO.

How Do Backlinks Work? known as inbound links

Backlinks, or inbound connections from other websites pointing to your site, are comparable to word-of-mouth advertising in the contemporary Internet-based world. Backlinks provide you the ability to use word-of-mouth advertising on search engines, much like ReferralCandy does on your e-commerce page.

Search engines, you see, aim to only suggest the best websites when a person searches for anything. Search engines use both the content of the page (which is determined by keywords) and virtual suggestions to determine what is the most appropriate page (determined by backlinks).

Your website will be more trustworthy and more likely to be recommended to visitors when they search for subjects related to your page if you have more backlinks.

Backlinks are not very sophisticated, and they are not even legally required to be recommendations. Your links on other websites throughout the Internet are the only things that search engines scan for.

It is crucial to be aware of the sorts of connections these websites are placing since certain links are more valuable than others. Search engines scan the Internet in search of clues that tell them which material is important and which should be ignored.

The most crucial thing you need to comprehend is the distinction between dofollow and nofollow links, even if this is true for many aspects of SEO that all involve intricate code and indexing:

  • Dofollow Links – Dofollow links act as virtual word-of-mouth referrals by informing search engines that the site supports the linked page. The more dofollow links you have, the more valuable your site is since they are valued similarly to cash in a bank.
  • Nofollow Links – Nofollow links do not indicate an endorsement and, at best, just provide potential readers with information about your website. They are useless and should be avoided if at all feasible.

How can you identify “high-quality” websites?

Using a simple web tool, such as the Website Authority Checker, you may quickly determine a site’s domain authority. When building backlinks, you should concentrate on sites with a higher domain authority because they are more valuable.

It is preferable to get knowledge of what your site needs in order to start ranking higher in the SERPs rather than launching into backlink building blindly. Examining other websites in your niche area to see what they are doing is the best approach to this.

It will take time and much work to build your own backlink profile. Fortunately, you can start building your backlinks right immediately once you know how to obtain them. This will help your e-commerce business receive more visitors and eCommerce sales.

10 Effective link-building tactics for eCommerce brands

There are other approaches, but the following are the most effective link-building tactics for e-commerce brands:

1. Use online bookmarking tools

Numerous social bookmarking websites exist. You should bookmark all of your articles, videos, and product evaluations on the major sites. Your social bookmarks won’t likely be viewed as spam if you mix them up with other relevant articles about your sector in addition to your own favorites.

If your competition is offering the same goods as you, it may only take a few links to “beat out” their website. This is where social bookmarks might be useful.

2.  For other websites, jot down how-to articles

Look for websites that provide users with services or advice on topics relating to the things you provide. Find those websites, create how-to articles about the things you sell there, even if it’s just a product review, and include a link to your website. Even if you can merely gain a “bio-type” connection back to your website’s home page, that link can still be very beneficial.

You may also think about getting in touch with bloggers who run websites on the goods you offer and asking them if they’d be interested in writing a guest post or reviewing a product for their websites.

Bloggers frequently search for pertinent material. Don’t forget to market the article or blog post once it has gone live online by adding it to social bookmarking networks, tweeting about it, and putting it on your Facebook page.

3. Produce Content to Encourage Inbound Links

That is where producing content may be quite beneficial. Produce material (pictures, videos, and essays), post it on other websites (or your own blog), and link to it. Keeping up with social networking and social bookmarking accounts By tweeting, adding bookmarks, and changing your status, you can keep those accounts active.

Except for Facebook, Google keeps an eye on activity on most social networks and is aware of the linkages therein. Your organic search engine results will be improved by building links to your content, referring to your product pages, and discussing it on social media platforms.

Consider authoring an article or a product review and including a link to the product page inside it to build inbound links to the page. Use websites like or to establish a separate blog or post the content on your website.

Then, add links to that material on social bookmarking services like,, and even, as well as Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and (upload a photo and link to the product in the description).

4. publish on Twitter

Despite the fact that links from are marked as “nofollow” links, there is evidence to suggest that Google occasionally disregards the nofollow tag. Additionally, it’s possible that other websites that don’t have a nofollow tag on their links will display your Tweets.

The fact that a URL is tweeted and retweeted by several people may be a sign that a link is “excellent.” Google looks for techniques to locate high-quality blog entries and links.

You may gain additional connections to your items if you can repost your Twitter feed on Facebook, Friendfeed, and even on your own website or blog. It’s beneficial to syndicate your Twitter stream.

5. Posting as a Guest

Guest blogging is one of the most well-liked methods for obtaining inbound connections from other websites. It’s good to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a backlink because bloggers typically enjoy having guest authors because it provides their sites with fresh content for very little work.

Keep an eye out for blogs that welcome guest articles, but make sure they relate to your e-commerce business. Your site will receive more “link juice” from backlinks from more relevant blogs, which will increase Google’s confidence in it.

You may either take matters into your own hands or personally select the greatest prospects for yourself by doing a search through an internet blog directory for guest post openings.

A short Google search will provide the quickest solution to this. I would search for art websites that welcome guest authors, to follow the example of the watercolor print from before. I typed “art blog + write for us” into the search field to receive a list of art blogs that are actively seeking guest authors.

You may either take matters into your own hands or personally select the greatest prospects for yourself by doing a search through an internet blog directory for guest post openings.

A short Google search will provide the quickest solution to this. I would search for art websites that welcome guest authors, to follow the example of the watercolor print from before. I typed “art blog + write for us” into the search field to receive a list of art blogs that are actively seeking guest authors.

6. Develop a blog

Create your own blog and post to it at least once every week. Link back to your own website from your blog. You must build links to the blog in order for this to be successful, and the material must be interesting and valuable.

Product reviews are beneficial if they are truthful and well-written. Remember to share each blog article on social media platforms as well.

7. Publish on Facebook

Although Facebook material is typically not indexed by Google, your Facebook profile should have a link to your website. When you “socialize” your material and let others know about it, there’s a potential that other websites may link to it.

Posting your product reviews and other links will help you do this. Sharing a link will assist in driving traffic to your website, particularly if you are running a current “special” or “offer.”

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8. Make Interesting Infographics

Over the years, you’ve probably seen some incredible infographics circulating around the Internet and maybe even shared them with your own networks. This is so because infographics are quick to read, provide readers with a solution to a problem, and are incredibly simple to share.

Once you become comfortable with it, you can build a stunning and original infographic on websites like or Canva in about an hour.

Make sure the themes you choose for your infographics are pertinent to your website, assist in solving a reader problem, and have not already been overdone. Sharing content on several social media platforms will become simpler as a result.

Once your infographic is finished, send it to as many infographic submission websites and directories as you can. Some of the websites will charge a submission fee, but it’s often pretty reasonable, and the benefits outweigh it. But it’s preferable to decline a submission if the entry cost is more than $50. There are several websites that accept entries for no cost, and many more that have costs that are less than $30.

9. Products reviewed by bloggers and influencers

Sending your items to bloggers in your niche for product reviews is another simple technique to earn backlinks. Despite requiring some time and work, this will undoubtedly result in a few connections and high-quality traffic.

Find the blogs that your target clients frequent first. Learn about the blogs and start leaving comments on the postings. Consider posting their material to the social media streams for your store. It is simpler to pitch your product the more engaged you are with their website.

Keep it brief and direct. Like with any email pitch, customize it to show that you’ve genuinely taken the effort to learn about their site. There are various methods to accomplish this, but most of the time a few phrases will be enough.

10. Ask Your Manufacturers For Links

Many owners of e-commerce businesses frequently engage in the practice of politely asking the producers of the goods they sell to put their business on their directories.

On a website similar to a directory, many manufacturers also include the online merchants that offer their products.

Make a list of every brand that you presently sell in your e-commerce store if you want to gain backlinks in this manner. Check each manufacturer’s website to see whether it features a directory of online shops or a store locator.

Whether so, write the business an email to ask if they can include a link to your store as a part of your effective link-building tactics for eCommerce brands.

Watch out for spammy links

You will discover that many websites charge for backlinks as soon as you start looking for possibilities to build connections. With little work, you can swiftly secure backlinks and develop your backlink profile thanks to this.

Although it is undoubtedly the most time-effective strategy for link development, it might not be the most successful.


Google is clever, that’s why. Really smart.

Just as it can tell the difference between spammy material and high-quality content, it can distinguish between an organic link and a purchased one. The most effective sponsored links will come from a select few high-quality websites, but having too many paid links from low-quality websites can hurt your website. You will be telling the search engines that you are a spammy site that takes shortcuts rather than that you are a reputable website on the Internet.

And the last thing you want is for your website to be buried on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

A link will often be more useful and less fraudulent if a few certain conditions are met:

  • Instead of connections from lesser, irrelevant sites, inbound links from high-quality authority sites that are pertinent to your store will have a far greater beneficial influence.
  • A link from a website that has already connected to you won’t be as beneficial as new connections from sites that have never linked to you before.
  • Links related to relevant content, such as “click here,” are preferable to links attached to anchor text, such as “pet food.”
  • A link from a website with a large number of unrelated, low-quality links will be less useful than a link from a website with fewer connections.

Final thought

Search engine optimization is the simplest approach to do this without spending money on advertisements (SEO). Users may find you and the things you are offering more quickly by optimizing your e-commerce website for search engines. Additionally, it guarantees that potential clients may keep finding your store month after month. More sales should start to come in as you increase traffic to your eCommerce site via effective link-building tactics for eCommerce brands.

Although launching your online store is a thrilling event, it is only the beginning of your online business adventure. But if you put some effort into building your backlink profile, shoppers will be able to find your store for months or even years to come.

You’ll know it was all worthwhile if clients begin finding you for free on search engines.

Your organic search engine rankings will improve by building inbound connections to your product pages through the creation of interesting content about your items, links to those products within that material, and promotion of that content on social networking and social bookmarking websites.

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