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(Last Updated On: April 20, 2021)

Fixed Assets and its examples are a crucial part of the business. The term fixed assets generally refer to the long-term assets, tangible assets used in a business that is classified as property, plant, and equipment. Examples of fixed assets are land, buildings, manufacturing equipment, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, and vehicles.

What are Assets:

According to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, assets are the potential future economic benefits of a particular entity as a result of past transactions or events.

According to the “Institute of Management Accountants,” wealth is the “economic value of the proprietors of any physical object (figurine) or right (intangible); the source of an item or asset, with continued benefits for the future period, for account purposes, its expense, or The present value is considered as other costs, such as replacement costs.The future periods are the following years or years Refers to “

Wealth is something that will probably bring about future economic benefits.

Asset classification

Fixed Assets examples are classified into two categories: real and non-intangible.

Real Resources

Real wealth is wealth that a person can touch, hold, or feel. Generally called fixed assets in the accounting literature, real assets are physical things that a business uses to produce goods and services. They constitute manufacturing facilities, buildings, equipment, and vehicles.

These operational assets of the business include furniture, computers, and similar items not used within a year.

Insufficient resources

These are mainly financing items: stocks, bonds, mortgages, etc.

Current Resources

Cash convertible assets are current during the normal production cycle. Current physical assets are referred to as financial assets. These are physical assets such as raw materials, work-in-progress inventories, finished products, and resold goods.

Financial Assets V / S Fixed Assets

Physical items can be a financial business, placed in a business inventory, in other businesses or applications they can be a permanent asset.

Examples of these national financial assets are real estate investment and real estate held in inventory by a sales firm or builder, which will be a permanent asset to everyone else.

Equipment makers have financial resources on the finished product or inventory for sale, as well as plants and equipment that will be sold to other businesses.

Inventory is a financial asset; When a product is sold for use on the line, it becomes a permanent asset to the buyer.

Cost Historical Spending and Match Policy

The principle of accounting matching is to match cost over time with an accounting period.

The purpose of historical cost records is to ensure that any expense incurred in the purchase of property in a past accounting period will be spread over future accounting periods that benefit.

The expense recorded for each asset acquired includes the purchase price and anything necessary to prepare it for production.

All the expenses involved in acquiring the asset and getting it ready to use are capitalized as part of the main expense.

Includes the cost of the invoice for the expense of the property, transportation charges, and installation, which includes any construction or alteration of the building required to install it.

Other events are the cost of sales or usage, tariffs on imported items and testing, and initial setup costs. The total cost of acquiring and retaining assets should be capitalized on the actual production use.

Assumption of depreciation

The cost of the asset must be spread on a logical, systematic basis over the period of its effective life.

Fixed Asset Management

Although the concept of assets is fundamental to business accounting, for many companies, permanent asset management is still one of the weakest areas of internal control.

This can result in the overpayment of taxes and insurance, higher cost of ownership, missed income tax deduction opportunities, and the risk of failing to comply with a regulatory order.

In the next article, we will discuss asset management and how the asset management process flows both from the functional as well as the system perspective.

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