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17 Freelance Tips for Beginners To Work from Home

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2023)

Freelance tips for beginners will help them leverage success. As more professionals employ their abilities as independent contractors, the gig economy is expanding quickly. In fact, a 2020 Upwork analysis found that 59 million American professionals—or more than a third of the country’s workforce—were engaged in freelancing. This article will give you some basic freelance tips for beginners. Keep reading.

What is freelancing, how does it work, and why should someone think about doing it? This page defines freelance work, lists its benefits and drawbacks, discusses how it varies from full-time employment, and describes the many kinds of freelance work that are accessible.

How does freelancing work?

Working on projects for customers on a contract basis is known as freelancing. Freelancers frequently work on several projects for various clients at once. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) views independent contractors as self-employed people.

Part-time or full-time contract workers, and freelancers frequently sign agreements before beginning assignments.

Depending on the terms of the contract, the customer may pay a freelancer per project, per job, or per hour. Short-term assignments are normal for freelance tasks, while happy clients frequently seek further work. The majority of freelance positions are found in the creative, service, and skill-based industries, including copywriting, programming, engineering, and marketing.

A True story

I committed to writing this blog article some months ago. The article was subsequently put on hold as I suddenly became busy. Now that my workload is less hectic, I can finish the job.

I’ve been a freelancer for two years, but I’m still getting a handle on the company growth process, so I’m going through the typical ups and downs of busy and sluggish periods. (You also?) Veteran creative solopreneurs have discovered that a systematic approach to marketing generates a regular flow of incoming work and a strong network of prospects, which evens out the workflow and reduces the frequency of those nothing-to-do intervals.

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How to deal with slow times in freelancing?

Freelancers must expect sluggish periods. During the months of summer vacation, work naturally slows down as deadlines change and projects are postponed. Despite the very real difficulties a temporary slowdown might bring, most notably a restricted cash flow, creative freelancers can (and should!) make the most of those times when they are not billable. Here’s how to tackle downtime productively and with purpose:

1. Anticipate

A sudden pause in work might make you feel anxious. So, anticipating downtime is the first step in making the most of it. If you haven’t done so before, you should track your workflow and ongoing tasks using a project management tool. Although there are other online project-management software available, it need not be sophisticated (many designers use Basecamp; TeuxDeux is a simple tool for managing to-do lists). I use iCal and my own system of colored time blocks, but some folks prefer a wall covered in sticky notes to keep track of their work.

2. Look ahead in your calendar

Look a week or two ahead of your schedule on a regular basis. When your project calendar shows a gap of a full day or more, pay notice. If there is still a void, save that time for yourself. You’ll get to recognize the organic rhythms in your workflow as you acquire expertise. Maybe things slow down in the summer or it’s a little quiet in January. Make use of your downtime by planning for it.

3. Utilize the time effectively for your business

You know all those projects you’d start if you had more time? Congratulations: You have just made the time. Keep your mailing list current. Write as many of the ideas you come up with for your upcoming e-newsletter’s six months as you can. Improve your portfolio. Expand your network, make sure your LinkedIn profile is full, and request recommendations. Spend the entire day finding new clients. Write case studies for your three most successful recent initiatives. Examine all of your company papers, including estimates, proposals, and invoices, to determine if any require changing. Organize your workspace. Invite a customer to lunch.

4. Take on tasks from your extensive list of to-dos

Your calendar (for appointments and meetings), your daily or weekly to-do list (for project-based chores and business tasks), and your long-term to-do list (for open-ended tasks that aren’t project- or deadline-driven) should be the three components of your project management system. Take advantage of the downtime to make progress on your long list of tasks. As an illustration, I’ll be spending as much of my free time as possible preparing for a presentation I’ll be giving at a conference for independent contractors.

5. Fill the well up

If you need to rekindle your creativity, utilize downtime to read, investigate, explore, work out, meet a buddy for coffee, go to the library, or visit a museum. In any case, you ought to be doing this frequently. Get over the notion that spending time recharging your creative well is a waste of time.

6. Give yourself some leeway

Why do we feel inferior or guilty when we aren’t actually overburdened? Think about the reasons you become a freelancer: Most likely, it has to do with picking your own priorities and making your own timetable. Don’t berate yourself if you have a half-day or three that aren’t taken up by client work.

Basic freelance tips for beginners

Let’s find below some freelance tips for beginners:

1. Do a thorough study and keep an eye on the competitors

There is always competition; you can get knocked off your feet by someone who is so skilled at freelancing. You can get through it by paying close attention to what other people are doing.

Too frequently, clients seeking freelancers cannot locate you or other freelancers because there is no central data bank. You must be present at the appropriate moment and location.

Possessing a charming personality and a distinctive online presence will make it simple to set yourself apart from competitors. You do this by producing work that is superior to what your rivals are producing.

Your duty is to outperform everyone else in your profession, whether you have experience or none at all, in both the work you produce and the way you conduct yourself. However, how can you genuinely know what your rivals are doing? Where are they going? Befriend your enemies and keep your friends near.

What you can do from your own expertise, is share, trade, and exchange, and then keep becoming better at it.

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2. Your individuality matters

Every aspect of your experience, including every relevant job you’ve ever held, is published online with LinkedIn. You may expand your portfolio using other websites and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

You may use social media to promote your business to potential customers. Start online, identify the key stakeholders in your company, interact with them on Twitter in advance of offline events, and use LinkedIn connections to set up coffee dates.

You’ll be much easier to connect with if you combine having a great online presence with networking.

Keep your attention on what you’re aiming for, and treat each new contact as if they were your greatest friend.

An advantage is having your own website for freelancing. This is true since it’s simple to display your most current work, highlight recent references, and take money directly from your website.

3. Make your action plan

As a hand-to-mouth game, freelancing is not enjoyable. Never underestimate how long planning takes. A strategy may be as straightforward as determining what to do next.

Prepare your own business plan with care, making sure to include your financial needs, objectives, and practical implementation strategies.

Nobody adopts this route intending to balance their finances precariously. Be smart; keep your eyes open; understand your limitations; and make appropriate plans.

Although it is difficult, becoming a smart freelancer is neither metaphysical nor rocket science. It’s at your disposal.

Expand your network by following your plan of action. As a result, there is an opportunity to develop, enhance, and perfect the talents. You’ll avoid frustration by having a plan of action.

4. Join organizations for professionals

Start with your trusted Google to identify local businesses, and don’t forget to get advice from your actual friends and coworkers as well.

Professional associations exist in most areas; it is worthwhile to look into the ones in your industry to see whether joining gives you access to niche job boards, career guidance, education, or other help.

5. Keep your relationships intact

Every connection matters and reputation is essential. For the record, your strongest connection to your first freelancing work is your present employment.

They may serve as your first customer if your position is even somewhat relevant to what you intend to perform. The greatest place to start, if you have a manager who knows anything, is with them.

However, for this to succeed, you must have a good working relationship with your supervisor.

6. Make touch with your contacts

It takes time for clients to mature. When the discussion you need to start may take that long anyhow, don’t place yourself in a situation where you have to do the assignment “in a week.”

Making the decision to leave your work permanently will be made simpler the more experience, contacts, and recommendations you have when choosing the freelance route.

Finding a job and establishing a network are two sides of the same coin. Starting to network and reach out to new individuals is never too late.

Your outreach will be much more effective if you already have results to show for your efforts. Remain prominent in people’s minds and serve as their first choice when they require a specialist in your area of expertise.

7. Get a mentor

Persuade your future mentor that you are worth the extra time and effort, and sure enough, they could pass you your first customer in only a few weeks, at which point you’ll be on schedule and earning money.

Be kind, express gratitude, and be prepared to go above and above whenever someone offers you sound advice, whether it’s your boss, professor, uncle, slave driver, or homeless person. This will help you get the chance to pursue your passions.

8. Create a personal brand

Your brand has to be well-known and updated frequently if you work as a freelancer. You are essentially marketing yourself while you are offering your services.

Discovering your own, one-of-a-kind identity and passionately displaying it are the core principles of personal branding. It’s all about being genuine and being your best self. You avoid feeling like you are faking it and get actual joy in producing your greatest work when you are willing to be yourself and live your brand fully.

Unique abilities, experiences, and personality qualities that best describe you and how you want the rest of the world to perceive you are known as personal branding. It’s how you share your personal narrative, shape how others view your level of industry knowledge, increase your reputation, and set yourself apart from the competition.

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9. Job networking

If someone you know and trust recommends you, employers are more likely to give you a chance.

How can you begin networking? Socializing with current or past coworkers, as well as with anybody in your sector, will assist you to establish contacts that will aid in your search for work, whether it be freelancing or otherwise. Keep an eye and ear out for chances going forward.

Reach out to and develop strong relationships with other successful area freelancers.

10. Have business cards for freelance work

Go out there, introduce yourself, and meet some new friends. You will meet fantastic individuals and prospective customers while developing your brand. Business cards are quickly becoming one of the most important tools for introducing yourself and asking for a connection.

11. Make use of social media’s power

By subtly informing select contacts that you’re searching for employment or by posting a wide note on your own page that you’re now taking on freelancing clients, you can make the most of your current social media presence.

Your personal website and free advertising may both be found on your preferred social media platform.

Final thought

You will be able to access a large number of possible clients by using a freelance marketplace or freelancing website after you are aware of the kind of freelance job you are qualified for and are interested in pursuing. But not every platform is made equally.

Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’ve already come upon one of the top platforms for remote work. Numerous systems that have won awards make it simple to communicate with customers from across the world. Choose a specialization, select the projects you desire, and begin creating enduring connections and the long-term career of your choosing.

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