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How to Repurpose A Blog Content for Social Media, 9 Tips

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How to repurpose blog content for social media? Any digital marketing plan must include content creation. However, we are all aware of how difficult and time-consuming it may be. We spend time writing a blog, posting it, and sharing it on social media, and then we’re done. It passes away. We’ll look at how to use blog material for social media repurposing. This article will give you some free tips on how to repurpose blog content for social media. Keep reading.

If you don’t repurpose your blog material for social media, you’re missing out. One post should spawn a slew of new content ideas. That’s all before we even get into how to adapt blog material for social media.

You may make social media postings based on your blog article, sharing it right away but also scheduling it to be reshared in a few weeks, if not months. We have a habit of forgetting about our blog entries. To be honest, if you produce a blog post every week for a year, you’ll have 52 items in your collection. These can be re-shared or modified and re-shared several times.

It amazes me how many individuals write a blog article and then post and share it only once. To me, it appears to be a waste. There’s a lot more that can be created, shared, and done to help you get the most out of the pieces you’re producing.

A blog post can be used for a variety of purposes. Let’s get to the good stuff now.

Short-Term Engagement with Social Media

It seems a shame to spend all that effort researching and producing a blog article only to put it there and hope that someone will find it one day. It’s crucial to post it on social media to ensure that it receives some early traction.

So, we share the link, the preview displays (make sure your featured picture and meta description are up to date), and we generate a social media post to promote the material. Invite individuals to go at the content and respond with their thoughts. Perhaps even provide a question to elicit their feedback.

At this point, you’re hoping to generate some interest in your posts in order to increase their visibility on social media networks.

Long-Term Content for Your Blog

I’m sure you’ve heard about how fantastic blog material can be for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Long-form interaction, such as blog entries, is an excellent approach to target specific keywords for your industry, specialty, and brand.

Using tools like Uber Suggest or Google Keyword Planner to choose topics to write about is a wonderful place to start. If you’re going to take the effort to develop a piece of content, make sure you use a term that people use to find it.

It’s all about ensuring that you have the highest possibility of being found on Google in the long run.

How to repurpose blog content for social media

The bulk of the material published now is aimed toward social networks, which is a significant difference from previous years when blog content was the most commonly created and recycled type of content.

We offer a detailed guide on how to recycle old blog content, which will always be useful, especially for “evergreen” content that remains relevant year after year. In this article, we’ll show you how to recycle social media material while also relating it to older blog posts.

Here’s how to boost the effectiveness of your blog posts every time you devote effort to creating one. Let’s look at the possibilities on how to repurpose blog content for social media:

1. Graphics with Quotes

Create a simple quotation graphic about a certain significant point from your blog. You can use an actual quotation or make one that is relevant to the blog. One of the easiest methods to repurpose blog content for social media is to do it in this way.

You may now share a picture with a social media post that includes a link to your blog, and visitors will be able to see a specific part of that article. If it piques their curiosity, they’ll most likely read the blog as well.

Consider this: if you generate a couple of quotations for each of your new blog articles, you’ll have three new blog posts in no time. 2 quotation graphics, 1 for the initial sharing of the article.

2. Simple and short videos

Video is essential if you want to be successful on most social networks this year. To generate outstanding videos, you no longer need to be a Youtube influencer. Any sort of textual material may be turned into a compelling video with a well-thought-out plan.

Consider the main themes while developing video material, and utilize amusing animated captions and titles to engage your viewers right away. Quick, entertaining videos are an excellent method to get your material spread, as well as to generate followers and interaction.

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3. Social Media Image Sizes

Make sure the picture size is right for the social network when reusing your photographs. Being smart about completing the posting standards for each platform will not only assist you with the algorithm but will also ensure that your image appears just how you wanted it to and in the highest possible quality.

The picture sizing requirements for each platform vary frequently, so be sure you’re using the most up-to-date sizing by checking the FAQs for the platforms you use.

4. Begin a Podcast

That’s how you use blog material to promote your business on social media. You now have a podcast that you can share and embed in your blog post. It implies that your website visitors may now choose whether to read or listen to your material.

By planning ahead of time when filming your material, you can quickly streamline this process. It’s common knowledge that horizontal photographs perform better on Facebook than vertical images. Take photographs in several orientations, zoomed in and out, while shooting your material so you have alternatives when it comes to uploading it.

5. Update blog contents

When it comes to previous blog material, don’t only think about resharing the original piece; you can also use some of the highlights to generate standalone content that you may or may not want to link back to. The premise is that the material has already been developed; instead of trying to recreate the wheel, consider a new way to distribute it.

6. Videos with Quick Facts

If you want to get more active, you may start using other platforms to assist you to make films about your material, such as Headliner, Lumen 5, or You can provide more context here.

You might, for example, take the headline and elaborate a little on the blog post’s main contents. This can result in simple, attractive short movies that assist communicate the tale of your blog post’s content.

7. Keep a content calendar

Consider when the material you’re writing could be relevant again and mark those dates on your calendar so you don’t have to worry about it when the time arrives. A content calendar is really useful for planning out when you may reshare material.

Examine your analytics, paying special attention to the pieces that receive the most attention, and begin brainstorming methods to make the material fresh again.

8. Provide a giveaway

Giving free items helps customers recognize your brand and reminds them of your company when they’re ready to buy. Building a relationship with your customers is similar to distinguish one brand from another. They are more inclined to trust and return to a name if they notice it frequently.

Social media freebies are still worthwhile at the end of the day. This is because they generate buzz around a product or brand and are a quick and easy approach to achieving your objectives. When done correctly, they provide visibility for your brand.

9. Arrange a contest on social media

What are the advantages of competition? Online contests are a terrific method to raise brand awareness, followers, and engagement. Depending on the sort of giveaway you have, it may entice new users/audiences to follow you and, ideally, tell their friends and colleagues about it.

A contest’s main goal is to generate interest in your content or brand and generate buzz in the marketplace. A store may hold a raffle for big concert tickets or a huge reward to give consumers a happy feeling and encourage word-of-mouth promotion by having them tell their friends about the chance.

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