How to choose profitable blog niches to make money

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2019)

The sphere of blogging is huge. There are so many popular blogs. The good news is, there are many unexcavated (or current) areas where you can contribute. Choosing profitable blog niches to make money has been the a great concern. Many people has many minds, how to start a blog and make money? How to start a blog for free? With pay? How to pick a profitable blog niche for your future destination? When you do some tricks, you can pick profitable blog niches to make much money to keep your inspiration alive.

392 million blogs at the beginning of the year 2018 was reported in the internet. It surpassed last year’s recorded 333m blogs.

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What is a blog niche

A blog niche is a specialized topic you’ll narrowed down to write about on your blog.

How to choose most profitable blog niches

  1. Conduct market research, when your niche has demand, your blog might be successful.
  2. Synchronize your passion with your blog, your passion would turn you as a prolific writer so that you enjoy your blogging.
  3. Focus on a micro-niche. A smaller niche will allow you to focus on writing.
  4. Analyze your niche has buying ability or not if they haven’t who is going to give you money?
  5. Decide, you have that much passion or gut or idea to write 50+ posts on the niche you have decided.
  6. Pick up a niche with comparatively lower completion, you are not primarily in a situation to encounter successful bloggers already dominating
  7. Predict with data, statistics, and forecast, that your niche is and will be profitable over time
  8. Write for the readers, tell your reader’s story, talk about your reader’s persona- readers make your blog profitable, nothing else.
  9. Check out, whether any affiliate marketing is possible or not with your blog
  10. Write for the future, not the past (or even for the present)

What the readers want?

In addition to the existing, many new areas for writing blog is coming in action. Because, taste, appetite and need of the readers are also transforming with time. So, the appeal of blogs stuffed with great content is evergreen. Profitable blog niches to make much money might be your concern, but the more valuable is to give your readers a value, they don’t come to read your blog to let you earn money, they will read for their own interest. This give and take philosophy makes popular blogs.

Even, among the existing readers, there are many preferred niches for writing blog. The blog niche list is getting bigger day by day. Blogging categories are on the rise.

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What does a blogger do? They write for their readers. You are one of them. This industry really needs vibrant blogger like you. Develop your list of writing niches very carefully.

You see plenty of blog niches are there that might help you to gain popularity. So, making money is its consequence. How to start a blog has been the most frequently asked question now a days. People also learn about the most profitable AdSense niches.

100+ niche blogging ideas for beginners

100+ niche ideas to get you started

100+ niche ideas for blogging for beginners (source)

Secret of success

Still, the success will not come in a day in the case of blog sites. Otherwise, all readers in the world would turn as a blogger! Go through the chronology of popular blogs, they didn’t turn successful in a day. A lot of passion, hard labor and sacrifice made popular blogs they own now. They knew about the most profitable Adsense niches to carry through. It is the primary tips for blogging for beginners, as well as for all other blog sites.

Just some tricks can help anyone to draw success in earning money through blog sites. How to make money with a blog for beginners is the concern for may people. Why not you to build one of the famous blog sites in the bear future?

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Actually, you need to follow some rules to make your blog successful. So, you need attentively to pick profitable blog niche for you. You get to know what does a blogger do for the internet industry.

However, the 6-matter checklist will help you decide whether or not your chosen niche for the website is a perfect choice for you.

I will help you cracking the golden questions checklist to ask about a profitable writing blog Niche code by this blogging tutorial.


The first and foremost question for blog sites is whether or not you have passion in the chosen blog. If you can infuse your interest in this very type of niche, you have more chances to create many good contents for them.

There is no logic to start blog sites on something where you have no knowledge or interest. Because you will quickly feel bored or tired of it.

Pick an area you can create numerous content about, without downgrading your natural writing style driven by a desire to exercise your creativity for blog sites.

When you have an interest in it, need to think about other factors below.

Market size

Every market has its own flow. It is told, whatever you place in the market, will be sold. But, it’s wise to calculate the size of it for the accessibility.

All market size is not similar. The bigger is the size, the more opportunities you will have.

It can be online or offline.

With the present state, you should also foresee the future growth of the market. For example, market niches such as Health, Education, Technology is ever-growing.

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The next thing you need to consider is the prevailing competition in the market you wish to penetrate via blog sites.

Some niche for writing blog markets have huge competition, some don’t have that much. The lesser the competition for niches in marketing, the higher the chance to succeed.

To be competitive, you should have gained value addition and the edge of advantages over the competitors. For that, you need to do extensive research before starting your venture.


Do readers in this industry frequently search online for advice, guidelines, news, tips and other content? If yes, then there are probably opportunities to generate traffic to your blog and start blogging to make money. This is a way to pick profitable niche for blog sites. but first of all, you need to know about what is a blog and how to create a blog.

Buying ability

To generate money, the audience should have purchasing intention or ability. They need to have the interest to buy (or refer to others in his/ her network) products and services you recommend via your blog. read the trend of famous blog sites. How do they gain popularity? Do your research on popular personal blogs, blog niche list and most profitable blog niches.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money. It’s a common channel to make money from a blog. It is a good source of income for a new bloggers. So, we need to consider brands and businesses in chosen niche. They should offer affiliate partnerships.

Apply these 6 Secret Techniques to improve the golden questions checklist to ask about your profitable blog niche.

Remember, every post a blogger publishes is a long-term resource that helps build brand awareness. Because, it promotes a blogger’s expertise, products, advises, and services.

Finally, it gives insight into a blogger’s audience. So, attentively pick profitable blog niche for your future destination through popular personal blogs.

Take away

The fundamental thing is to start your blog NOW. Do it today after having the blog niche list and going through the questions you had in mind, and have the answers now of what is a blog and how to create a blog, blog definition, blog examples, types of blogs, most profitable Adsense niches and what is a blog used for. When you do know your goal and ways to achieve it, there is no way to look back.

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