5 reasons why people do not perform at their best

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

It is a biological desire for human being to perform. People want to gain name and fame. Some people can, some can’t. Here lies the causes of failure in life. Have you ever think reasons why people don’t perform best? Why people don’t change themselves?

Perform up to the limit demands some great qualities. These winning qualities are the traits for the leaders. And the leadership doesn’t come in a day. It is a long term process. Leadership comes through practice. It is a culture, a state of mind with a series of skills, attitudes and actions. There are numerous success quotes in life.

I believe you are among the best performers. You are a leader. You are spontaneous. Because you are out of following blockage that people undergo. They do it unintentionally, or in some cases intentionally.

And we will discuss the points that are required in every sphere of life in regards to personal, social or professional life of any person. How to overcome resistance to change? Why people cannot perform up to their best. First, Break All the Rules is a book that suggests solutions to better employee satisfaction.

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Factors why people do not perform at their best:

1. Work ethics

It is the written or unwritten rational practice of norms people need to have. It is in fact a bunch of code on which job is to be done and which is not. This also means what is the legal way to do a job. Legal means the context of rationality.

Work ethics determine the moral honesty of a people in way of a work. These are the drivers to trigger people to ‘legally’ perform their works.

A person’s ethical point of view reflects her logical reasoning for the job. To speak frankly, work ethics is the differentiation between the truth and false.

On way of tour completion of job, you cannot do any harm to others, office, self, or the society as a whole. It is a set belief that any job is to be done lawfully, truthfully and with sheer honesty.

How to improve work ethics

  • Be honest
  • Learn to justify
  • Be truthful
  • Develop self esteem
  • Be respectful to job
  • Be positive
  • Develop professionalism
  • Be decisive
  • Be dependable
  • Develop strong personality
  • Be a good finisher
  • Set own standard of excellence
  • Be aware about mistakes
  • Be ethical
  • Rethink

2. Competency

It defines the trait of a person to work effectively and efficiently to perform a particular role. A competent person sets a standard of quality of work. It is a combination of some other skills and traits. However, the prime trigger behind competency is to show a positive attitude and will power for the role.

It is true that a person can be competent in one area but may not be competent in other areas. This role varies from one area to others. As a matter, we witness right people is not at right place.

Incompetent people damage the speed, flow and productivity of an environment. Therefore competency is very crucial for a person to set a work standard. Other people trust him and rely on him as a competent person.

How to improve competency

  • Know standard
  • Self development
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Be systematic
  • Learn to prioritize
  • Compete positively
  • Listen
  • Ask for feedback
  • Develop team
  • Learn to create once and use next
  • Be decisive
  • Use technology
  • Gather knowledge

3. How to sell

A person by born is expected to be a marketeer. Selling mean to expose confidently. It is not only in the business field, smart persons need to sell anything in personal life too. It is a comprehensive quality for a person.

You may need to sell yourself, your CV can be your selling point, selling in the friendship, in any other relationship, your organization or, any project.

Selling yourself is crucial because people can be able to know your strength and caliber. There is a Maxim, beat your own drum. You should know what is motivation and how to motivate employees, or others.

It is true. If you are not able to sell yourself in a true fashion, you cannot expect people will give you proper value. Let your target people know who and what you are.

How to sell yourself

  • Know strength
  • Do SWOT
  • Improve weaknesses
  • Know about demand
  • Self development
  • Continuous effort
  • Identity your value as a product
  • Network
  • Communicate
  • Engage
  • Be innovative
  • Present in unique way
  • Be resourceful

4. Technology

Use of technology has now been a demand for the present. Technology has made to world shrunk. It is a blessing. There are many applications, gadgets, techniques and techniques that are very handy to turn one’s life easy and fast.

Technology is a result on continuous innovation. There lies the change, where one person also need to keep pace with. Some people don’t accept this boon and lag behind.

When you grab the technology in your personal and professional life, your work style will be updated. You can manage everything very well. It will save your time. Think about an Android phone. Know effective use of email. You will be able to multiply your productivity.

Where technology brings advantages to your life

  • Productivity
  • Automation
  • Time management
  • Promptness
  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Storage and sharing
  • Systematic
  • Follow Up

5. Social skills

It is a group of skills that make a person a true human being. Social skills makes a man social straight away. It is a way of interactions and communication to set social rules and relationship.

Socialization is the process of attaining social skills. It can be verbal, like talk and conversation; and, nonverbal, like gestures, body language and networking.

A person with social skills is a very good communicators. She is smiling, amicable and with winning tendencies. Yet, some people lack it and therefore cannot win his purpose. Learn.

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How to achieve social skills

  • Learn good manner
  • Practice and rehearse
  • Act like a social individual
  • Be good listener
  • Encourage others to talk
  • Be politely
  • Show your curiosity
  • Read related book
  • Offer something humbly
  • Meditate
  • Self development
  • Undergo a mentor
  • Improve your emotional intelligence

Take away

These are the 5 areas a person need to have in the present time. There are many aids and facilities to overcome gap. You will find many resources in the internet. Good intentions and proper practice can help a lot to overcome these must have traits of the winner.

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