Write a Letter Rescinding Resignation

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2020)

Employees often provide letters of resignation when they plan to accept, transfer or leave a job offer for personal reasons. How to write a letter Rescinding Resignation. Let’s see.

If the situation changes and you need to withdraw your resignation, you must issue your withdrawal in writing. Company policy may dictate the completion of a form, but instead, if a business letter is needed, keep the message professional and on point. This article will discuss how to write a letter Rescinding Resignation.

How to write a letter Rescinding Resignation

Here are some tips on how to write a letter Rescinding Resignation, keep reading till the end:


If you do not use letterhead, type your postal address at the top left of the letter. Type the date in the next line.


Add a space and type the name of the recipient, which in this case is the same person with whom you sent your resignation.

Add the company name and address below, followed by a space and then a greeting that begins with “Dear Mr. or Mrs.” salutation and the recipient’s last name. Add a space before the body of the letter.


Mention the letter of resignation in the first paragraph of your letter. Write something similar to the following, “I officially submitted my resignation on June 1, 2012, and I request that you reinstate my previous position.” Add a space before the next paragraph.


Explain in the second paragraph of the letter why you are resigning. Please note that the terms surrounding your resignation have changed and that you would appreciate the opportunity to continue working with the company.

Include specifications of the scale and/or position of the new pay as you are staying due to a counterfeiter. Add a space before the final paragraph.


End your letter apologizing for any inconvenience caused by your resignation and you are looking forward to a positive contribution to the organization.

I appreciate the organization for considering your reinstatement. Add space with the word “sincerely” and sign your name after printing the letter.


The letter is concise and to the point because it will go to your staff file. Management may discuss your decision to personally withdraw your resignation if they so desire.

Email the recipient a copy of the letter so you have proof of withdrawal.


A letter rescuing your resignation does not mean automatic reinstatement.

If you are reinstated, you may need to rebuild trust with colleagues and management who may have been hurt or injured at your departure.

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