A great career prospect is looming in the next decade in aviation industry

Should you aim building career in aviation industry in next decade?

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Since the last five decades, we see the vast aviation industry to flourish to the present state. It has transformed with changes time to time. Because of the continuously increasing demand from passengers, appeal to aviation sector is evergreen. Therefore, career in aviation industry in future is good.

How many airlines are there in the whole world?

A commercial aviation news describes that there are over 5000 airlines with ICAO codes. Among them, American Airlines, operating from the United States is the world’s largest airline. Aviation industry overview mentions that American Airlines has largest fleet in size and number.

Fly in the sky

With or without any aviation basics, subconsciously, most of the human being dreams to fly in the sky. And no doubt, career in aviation enables them to take this challenges. Therefore, aviation jobs have been popular all time. People love to see aviation movie, people read aviation news magazine, aviation international news has been viral in many cases, career dreamers study in aviation major to have valuable aviation courses.

Though, all aviation job will not allow you to fly in the sky. Still you may have interest in international aviation news. There are many other jobs in this industry where you have limited access to enter cockpit.

However, we have common conception that the career future in aviation is significant. They pay higher salary. Right now, careers in aviation account for over $1.5 trillion in the U.S. economy alone.

The booming growth of aviation has created a positive impression among the career challengers. So, career in aviation industry in future is good.

Job with aviation courses

There are a great variation of jobs, including 747 captain jobs are available in this sector. Having craze and aviation courses in the bag, adventurous candidates love aviation jobs for higher aviation careers salary also. Therefore, career in aviation after graduation is very attractive for the talented youth.

Let’s pick up the specific aviation career that will be best for you. Here are some options that may be suitable for you-

Pilot: Aviation Pilot is the most common career plan that peeps in mind when people talks about a career in aviation. People are very passionate to get airline pilot career information. Candidates may go to best flight schools to become a commercial pilot.

Aviation pilot careers demand accomplishment of bright schooling, and professional aviation degree as well as having a pilot license. Pilots lead a decent life with aristocrat status. They have commercial and corporate solvency, that looms other to join airline as an aviation pilot. Who will not going to love a high pay aviation salary?

Test Pilot: This is not as much popular as the pilot. Still, it has promising aviation career. They are named such because when major aircraft designs and planes are manufactured, they need novice pilots to test those.

Technological  innovation and changes made this aviation job prospects good. Job requirements are similar to pilot’s.

Careers in aviation management

Aeronautical Engineer: Apart from a bright graduation degree, this position requires a higher education. It is a vastly prosperous area with an unlimited future. They do research. These personnel also perform development, design of aircraft. They incorporate engineering and technological innovation in it.

Aircraft manufacturing engineer: He is responsible to coordinate manufacturing processes. 10 or more years of experience required in manufacturing engineering aircraft maintenance. Moreover, machine and manufacturing knowledge will give leverage. Manufacturing engineer job description and salary is available in the internet. Therefore, think well, is aviation management a good career for you or not.

Air Traffic Controller: This is a challenging and responsible position. They are liable for traffic management and controlling. These are not the only jobs, however. They monitor to smoothly control traffic.

With the advancement  of technology, this position is  gradually reshaping. However, there will always be the need for them in this aviation jobs. With a good flight school degree can make sure this opportunity very easily.

Aerospace Engineer: This civil aviation job also has a bright future. They deal with advanced level spacecraft, middles, drones, and satellites. Graduation as well as continued education from a flight school and training are it’s prerequisite.

aviation job_CareerCliff
Aviation job in next decade to relate your career

Join airline career

Air Hostess/Cabin Crew: Many people frequently coming to this profession. Graduation is required. It is a glamorous job, It also gives high returns of earning. Young people prefer working here.

Aircraft Interior Technician: They design and care for the interior part of an aircraft. This job involves many skills –including creativity in design, technology and electronics.

These technicians are responsible for maintaining all of the electronics systems in airplane and airports. Most importantly, candidates will be required an electrical engineering degree. It is a high earning position.

Customer Care: It is a good opportunity for smart dashing personnel.  As a result, graduation is required. These personnel handle clients and passengers in the airport. They also sales ticket. Moreover, they perform other administrative duties.

More aviation jobs

Air Nurse: They provide medical assistance upon need. Candidates having nursing degree has good opportunity. Salary is good in this aviation job.

Flight Mechanic: Candidates need to acquire FAA certifications. Apparently no college degree is required. Because, they repair and maintain the mechanical components of a plane. Having license from Airframe & Powerplant  is handy to have better pay. They have demand too.

Grounds Crew/Flight Attendants: You need not to have any formal education or professional training. Airlines provide special training upon hire. If you know English well, you will get additional scope in other airlines in this aviation job.

Security: They play role to secure the entire airport. As a result, personnel from special force has good chances to be successful in this aviation job.

Aviation school

People has lot of interest over what is aviation course. Popularity of aviation school is becoming very popular throughout the world. They conducts aviation courses according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism to meet the need of professionals in aviation industry. These schools provide candidates knowledge and expertise in financial and educational requirements of aviation careers.

People frequently look for best flight schools in the United States, or flight school Manchester, flight school in London, or in any other city. However, there are high demand of cheapest flight schools in USA, as well as worldwide.

Some of the famous Aviation Schools are:

  • Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
  • Arizona State University Aviation
  • Aerosim Flight Academy
  • Oxford Aviation Academy
  • Flight Safety Academy
  • Ohio State University Aviation
  • Purdue University Aviation
  • CTC Wings
  • Sierra Academy of Aeronautics
  • Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
  • University of North Dakota Aviation
  • Letourneau University Aviation
  • Cae Oxford Aviation Academy
  • Singapore Flying College
  • Pan AM Flying College

How to decide the best Aviation school

There are many other famous aviation colleges in USA. Aviation colleges in Florida and other states render various types of aviation degrees for the Americans to meet the high demand.

Aviation industry in India inspire local experts to develop good aviation schools there. Search anyone you prefer and jump in any of top aviation schools in the world for your favorite civil aviation courses.

Consider these issues to select your aviation school:

  • Experience and credentials of instructors
  • Cost of the total course
  • Goodwill with FAA and Airport
  • Course Structure
  • Lesson Plan
  • Duration of the course
  • Number of aircrafts
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Year of Establishment and history

Take away

Aviation industry has good scope at present. Higher volume of aviation job search Europe as well as aviation job search middle east fill up aviation job vacancies continuously. There are many jobs in aviation industry for freshers, as well as experienced experts. Command over languages can also enhance chances to get international aviation jobs.

If you are interested in aviation jobs, you should search further information to join airline. However, with the continuous change in  technology, no doubt there will have new careers with new skills requirements in future. Therefore, career in aviation industry in future will be thriving. Search ‘best aviation colleges near me’ and step in!

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