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How to Become A Better Leader in the Workplace? 8 Tips

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How to become a better leader in the workplace? In many respects, leadership starts with one’s capacity to face oneself and seize the moment. What am I referring to here? There is, I would say, a blaming culture in 99% of organizations; nevertheless, in my experience, there is always 1% of organizations that operate well. Now, I am not familiar with every single institution that exists, nor have I visited them all. However, in my experience, they are really uncommon, and it’s difficult to locate those that actually run like a well-oiled machine. This article will share some tips on how to become a better leader in the workplace. Keep reading.

The fact that most of these firms have a blaming culture is the reason to say “take the bull by the horns.” And because of their own justifications, people are discouraged from acting in a blame culture. A maintenance department can state, “We cannot work on equipment because operation never allows us the time to do so.” as an illustration.

Fundamentals of leadership

Kinds of justifications are problematic because nothing ever changes. As a result, there is a continual cycle of passing the blame—one person accuses another, and so on—with no end in sight. In fact, it prevents us from taking the necessary action when all that is needed is for someone to take the bull by the horns.

What should one concentrate on? Make wise selections if you want to be an effective leader. Words are only a pretense; the real worth lies in deeds. Take charge by acting:

  • Remove barriers

When you chat with other people, you’ll notice that they frequently face challenges that seem to need to be overcome before they can succeed. The majority of the time, they are perceived barriers, which implies they were only something they were previously told or taught as a method of the present cultural tribalism. They frequently only need approval to attempt things in new ways and the assurance that their failure won’t have any negative effects.

  • Increase your network

Find people who are willing to make the change and who also perceive the need for it. In the end, your major objective should be to demonstrate to people their incredibleness. Give them the freedom to take the necessary action to resolve the issue. Support them by giving them the tools they need and standing up for them when the doubters come after them.

  • Solving problems

Solving issues entails spending time in the field just observing ongoing operations. Make a note of anything that causes you to have questions. Spend time talking to the people involved, find out why or how something is done in a certain way, and get suggestions and ideas for other people on how to solve those difficulties. Create a solution to the issues, and then assign yourself and others tasks to see that the corrective measures are taken.

How to become a better leader in the workplace

Let us find below 8 tips on how to become a better leader in the workplace:

1. Introduce “better meetings”

The goal is not always to hold fewer meetings. Meetings may be an enjoyable and productive approach to completing tasks. Additionally, they play a crucial role in everyday business. However, ineffective meetings may rob employees of their time and motivation.

Price offers the following three pieces of advice for “better meetings”:

  • Remove meetings that are redundant or unnecessary
  • Make each subsequent meeting “extremely effective”
  • Try asynchronous meetings, when participants collaborate on projects while being in separate time zones. This promotes inclusiveness very well.

2. Know your responsibilities and duties

Each broad obligation on this list of responsibilities will be broken down into the more precise and quantifiable parts that together make up the responsibility. You won’t know if you’re working toward the components if they are not defined, and you won’t know if you’re succeeding or failing if they are not measurable.

There will be tactical techniques inside each of these elements that make up the duty that will move you closer to the objective. These will be more routine tasks that will enable you to accomplish a bigger objective in stages.

3. Distinguish culture from a place

It’s important to distinguish between culture and place. Working with team members in different places is nothing new for anyone employed by a global corporation.

Recognizing and addressing undesirable behaviors and actions are key components of culture. This may be done in a variety of ways and doesn’t need to be in person.

4. Be truthful to yourself

Without honesty, holding yourself to a higher level is pointless. Being honest with yourself might be challenging because it requires removing all the justifications that are in the way of your goals, but it is the only way to go forward.

The first step in this two-step procedure is to simply set aside your ego and acknowledge that you are not an expert in everything. No one does, and although that may be difficult to accept, you are not the exception. The second stage of this process—asking for assistance—is made possible by having the fortitude to acknowledge that you are not an expert in everything.

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5. Establish a feeling of community

The most important component for a successful team, according to research, is psychological safety and a sense of belonging. This is not something that just happens. Therefore, it’s crucial to design team exercises that specifically facilitate it.

Building the necessary muscle is something that many organizations just don’t have currently. Being a good teammate and adjusting attitudes to operate within the constraints of the environment are the first steps in developing that muscle.

6. Quit attempting to gauge productivity

Since there is no accurate method to gauge a knowledge worker’s “productivity,” productivity is a ridiculous goal to have. Additionally, the idea that it can be tracked often leads to outdated behavior like tracking software.

As an alternative, focus on engagement and other elements that might show how productive your staff is. Consider how to build productive teams and how to make them function properly as a unit.

For that, take a look at their working environment, make sure they have access to the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently (Miro, Zoom, Confluence), and then choose the best working practices. For instance, Atlassian gives staff members money to set up a home office.

7. Take part in “intentional togetherness”

An aspect of “Team Anywhere” is purposeful togetherness. A little face-to-face time is valuable, according to Atlassian, especially for high-fidelity encounters. A whole new team, a fresh approach, or any other type of team-building activity could be included.

8. Create virtuous behaviors

Good habits are the building blocks that will lead you to where your personal development plan, which we developed in step one, is headed. We will talk much more about this in the section on self-discipline.

When trying to form positive habits, one of the worst habits to get into is making up justifications for not doing something. Excuses are like the layers of an onion; once you peel one back, you always uncover a new undesirable behavior.

Final thoughts

Nobody can take success away from you after you’ve achieved it. You won’t be discouraged, no matter how many individuals push back against the necessary change inside your company.

Prioritize being a successful leader before concentrating on efficiency. Effectiveness indicates that you are acting appropriately. How well you complete tasks, whether correctly or incorrectly, is measured as efficiency.

Many of us work really hard and effectively on things that shouldn’t even be done. For instance, spending the entire day in meetings rather than concentrating on the aspects of the business that are costing you the most, or being at the location of the issue rather than in the office.

People today want everything in life but are unreceptive to giving anything in return. You will therefore stand head and shoulders above the competition if you put in the effort.

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