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How to Improve Website User Experience, 10 Tips

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How to improve website user experience? Numerous businesses make use of comedy every day of the year. Although it’s prevalent in social media, marketing, and advertising, that’s not where the brand comics featured in this piece choose to be distributed.

These businesses are the ones that make you smile when you sign up for or cancel your email newsletter. They are the ones that make you grin with that one line of smart content and surprise you when you read the small print in the footer. This article will give you an overview of how to improve website user experience. Keep reading.

Online businesses nowadays are continuously coming up with novel methods to engage their site visitors and clients, whether it be by being intelligent, funny, using comedy, providing an element of surprise, or adding wit. Humor improves a consumer’s engagement with a brand, and for good reason.

How to improve website user experience

Kevin Hale summarizes the psychological and behavioral study he and his co-founders undertook before founding Wufoo as “human beings are social and relationship-manufacturing creators.”

He states in a presentation that “we can’t help but build relationships with things that we contact with over and over and over again.” “Whether it’s a business, a brand, a product, a service, or equipment, you ultimately give the thing you’re engaging with traits and personalities and anthropomorphize it.”

Hale and his co-founders wanted to avoid “reminding you that you were working in a cubicle” when they designed their online form software, he adds. Instead, they aimed to create software that users would want to get to know.

To achieve this, their homepage and sign-up form had to provide a lasting and favorable first impression. They also wanted to demonstrate Wufoo’s approachable nature right away.

According to Hale, “we approached every one of our new users as if we were trying to date them.” Let’s find below 10 ideas on how to improve the website user experience:

1. Search Results

Customer service software provider Zendesk designed a creative website that stands out in search results by anticipating what prospective users will type in:

“One of the first Seattle alternative music bands,” according to Zendesk Alternative.

A blurry, stylized image of five adult men posing as a band may be seen in a screenshot from the website “”

2. Success Display

Giving a virtual high-five to a user when they’ve finished a job or successfully utilized your product is an option. the use of conference calling Speek does this by informing you that the portion of the call during which you talked was “the greatest.”

Image caption “Danny, you’re finished! (It was the best 33%) of the time you talked. Why not give your call a name? Add a name.”

3. 404 Page

Nowadays, businesses are engaged in a silent battle to provide the best 404 page possible. A website devoted to 404 pages exists, and BuzzFeed is just one of several sources to compile a list of the greatest results.

An error page with a picture of a pug wearing boxers and the words “Uh-oh. Winston is an extremely good dresser, but it appears that he lost your desired page as well as his favorite clothing. Let’s assist him in locating a different outfit!”

4. App Sign-Up

The first date is crucial to every relationship when it comes to dating, according to Hale.

The sign-up form for Wufoo employs informal, approachable content that captures the spirit of their app—fun form software rather than stuffy, complicated prose. Instead of being rigid, “They say in a soothing, encouraging way, “Don’t worry. We never divulge your email. This information is holy to us. We’ll never misuse it or sell it.”

“It’s astonishing how much that first date affects whether you move further with that relationship or not,” Hale continues.

5. Blog

The blog, like the team page, is one of the greatest places to display a company’s actual character. It can be challenging to strike a balance between that and consumer-educational information, though.

However, the staff at Wistia, an online video hosting firm, succeed in doing exactly that by mixing in entertaining blog entries like “An Ode to Sweet Potatoes” with informative ones like “Making the Most of Your Animated Video Production Process.”

Wistia’s popular year-end “rap up” may be seen on their blog.

In order to encourage visitors to visit their online store, Photojojo’s Tumblr uses comedy at the bottom of the website.

Image caption “YES!!! You’ve reached the bottom! Check out our very fantastic store, please. And since friends follow each other on Tumblr, please do so if you truly, truly like us. XOXO, Photojojo”

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6. Message for Unsubscribe

The email wizardry of Groupon didn’t end in your inbox. They received recognition in 2010 for making you smile when you tried to “unsubscribe.”

The unsubscribe page for Groupon performed better than others for two reasons, according to Samantha Gale of The 60 Second Marketer:

Instead of pleading with the unsubscribers to stay, they make them laugh, which resonates more. Ask any parent; positive reinforcement is nearly usually more powerful than negative.

Even though it’s stupid, punishing Derrick provides the user with a tiny sense of satisfaction to offset the irritation brought on by the emails. As a result, the playing field is even and they are more inclined to renew.

7. Email Newsletter Registration

You are sent back to a website stating that “you rule” after signing up for Photojojo’s newsletter and having your registration confirmed by email.

From that point on, they “perform really brilliantly,” according to Hale.

in the text “Man, you’re the man. Thank you for registering. You won’t be sorry. Want to be extra-special pals, p.s. Put your face inside the container! (i.e., would you “like” us?)”

Put your face in this box is how the online retailer of photographic accessories asks Facebook users to “Like” their page.

8. Load Screen

Since loading windows are a frustrating aspect of their experiences, online games and mobile applications have gotten good at using inventive loading screens.

However, load times for online web programs are often shorter but still visible. Humor may be used to break up the monotony and help the time pass more quickly.

This method is used when a user creates an integration. We utilize text like “Releasing the carrier pigeons” and “Knocking on Facebook’s door” instead of “Loading…”

9. “Our Team” Page

You may almost certainly find some comedy on a corporate team page, especially if their brand can handle it. For instance, humor is OK on an e-commerce site but not on the website of a legal firm.

Web marketer Lorrie Thomas Ross told Inc. magazine that the organization should be reflected on the About Us page. “A company’s origin narrative should also include information on the people who founded it. Does the CEO ski frequently? Or a yoga master?

“We no longer live in a world of business to business; instead, we live in a world of people to people, or what I like to refer to as P to P. Relationships is the key to success. Customers want to know, like, and trust you.”

10. Copy for Email Newsletter

Groupon demonstrated in 2010 how effective email language can instantly make a brand memorable and, better yet, influence consumer decisions.

When sharing a stolen Groupon copywriting manual, Business Insider’s Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry stated that “a key part of Groupon’s success is its editorial style.”

“In a market with so few obstacles to entry, it’s crucial for people to trust and appreciate Groupon’s brand. One major way they do this is through the unique comedy of their language on the offers.

Take away

User research is the first step in anything. Simplicity: Use responsive design and keep things simple. Whitespace Is Your Friend; Make Good Use Of It. Make each element stand out visually. Request client feedback. Keep the user’s flow consistent throughout the journey.

Utilize white space to your advantage. Utilize persuasive calls to action. speed up your website. Make headlines that are specific. Use unique pictures. List the most important information in bullet points. Make use of hyperlink distinction. Consolidate the pages of your website.

I hope this article on how to improve the website user experience will be handy to you.

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