Reference Letter for Student – How Long Should a Letter of Recommendation Be?

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2019)

A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college admission, scholarship, job interview and career development. If you are a student and require a written recommendation for an application or a reference author who does not confirm the letter format, the following samples can help. Below there, you’ll find academic recommendations, personal recommendations, letter recommendations asking a recommendation and reference list. You can find some simple templates for use. Know about your career interests and tailor your approach for the letter accordingly.

How to use letter examples and templates

Before writing a letter or a request for a correspondence, a good idea to review the private examples and templates. They can help you decide which types of content should be included in your document.

It can be long or short in size considering requirement and perspectives.

A letter template helps you in your letter layout, such as how many paragraphs to include and how to sign in the letter. The templates look like what elements you need to include in your letter.

Recommendation Letter For example, a great starting point in templates and guidelines, always tailor a letter to fit a specific situation.

A proposal letter sample request

When you request a letter of recommendation (sometimes referred to as a reference letter), make sure to remind the potential letter writers about how they know you and give information about why your letter is needed (for example, to apply them to say your work type. Will be). You can provide your most up-to-date resume or CV person. This description will make it easier for them to write personalized and targeted reference letters.

How to submit a letter, what to include (if there is a requirement) and when it is responsible, you should provide all the information of that person.

Finally, if the person agrees to write a letter to you, remember to follow you with a thank you letter. A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development.

Review the Reference Letter Sample

When writing a reference letter, do not forget to explain how you know the person and describe some qualities that make him a suitable candidate for a job or job. Use specific examples to show how people showed that qualities.

The person is applying for a specific job or focus on school. Try to include attributes and examples that will help them get that location or go to that school.

Finally, ask the person to write a letter for more information. You might want to see a list of job listings, their resume, or a list of their related coursework. A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development.

Reference list

A reference list is a page with a list of your references and their contact. If requested, send this letter as part of your job application. Employers can call or email people who can ask for a reference list and ask them for more information about them. A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development.

When creating your reference list, do not forget to ask for the permission of each person on your list first. Not only is this humble, but it will give everyone the time to create feedback for the employer. Make sure you provide the necessary contact information for each person.

Reference Letter Examples

Reference letter

Lucas Anderson
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 2781
[email protected]

October 2, 2019

Jessica Alvi
Cafe Batista
83 Dock Street
Pacific, Oregon 97234

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

Emmanuel Williams Central College student café worked as a server and manager, which was under my supervision for seven semesters at the beginning of Spring 2015.

During that time, I was consistently influenced by her customer service and the management skills of the people as well as her dedication and good humor. I have often said that if I could clone Daniel, then I would not have to worry about stuffing problems again. He is able to think of a truly gifted server, the complex order quickly without using his legs and an order pad.

He is an inventor. For his suggestion, we left some expensive, time-consuming menu items to bring the menu back to the most popular food in the café last year. There was an increase of 10 percent of the profits.

Our customers love him. One after another suggests that Danielle has become “super senior” so that he can stay with us next year. Well, he graduated his graduation schedule with a fleet of top honors and references to verify his skills, hard work, and talent. I’m honored to be one of them.

I enthusiastically recommend Daniel to the position of the server / manager in your cafe. If you have any specific questions about Daniel’s experience and expertise, I’m happy to help. Call me at 555-555-5555.


[name and address]

School / Academic / Job Reference Letter Samples

The academic reference letter is usually written to help students get to graduate school or get internships or work. When writing an academic reference letter, focus on the skills, attributes, or experience that a person is eligible for a specific school or academic program. A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development.

Characters / Letters of Private Recommendation Sample

Reference to a character is a recommendation written by anyone can verify a person’s character. This letter may be required for the applicant to join an association or purchase property. They are in need of high level of faithfulness which is sometimes needed for jobs.

If you have limited work experience (or you get negative references from your previous employer), you might want to write a character reference to someone. It could help to balance out the references of a negative employer.

Consider telling a friend, neighbor, volunteer or club leader, colleague or other person who never wants to appoint you, but you can talk to someone like a person. A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development.

You are asked to write a character reference, focus on the characteristics and power of the person’s character. You can provide examples from personal interaction with that person.

1. College recommendation letter template

Recommend for college application students Some writers love writing a letter. After all, what is more fulfilling than you get great college care kids?

Our template is designed to ensure all the points you need to get along with trusted characters in your students’ dream colleges.

Simply download the free template as a MS Word document and fill in the designated section with details of your students.

Focus subject

Enlighten both the student’s academic and personal characteristics to portray them as their real, personalized human
Emphasis on the strengths associated with the student department or university application
Maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone across the letter

Sample Student Recommendation Letter (Text Format)

May 12, 019

Admission office
Connecticut University
186 College Address
Stores, City, 06783

Dear admissions committee,

I am very happy to suggest Jonathan Baker to be admitted to the Mechanical Engineering Department of Connecticut. I knew June 3 years and was delighted to serve both his AP physicist teacher and Robotics Club adviser at Greenwich High School. At that time, I see John as an extraordinary person who is higher among his academic and personal generations.

As the teacher and adviser of the zone, I quickly saw his superb ability to quickly understand the concepts of physics and then apply it to the early situations of real-conditions. His senior year Robotics project was particularly impressive: He designed, built and programmed a robot that can climb on any surface, how smooth it is.

John’s academic achievement is only competed by his personal power. His compassion and compassion were beyond his years and he loved his colleagues as well as those who enjoyed the joy of teaching him. Whenever his fellow students have a difficult time or feeling, he never fails to take action with encouraging words and smile.

I highly recommend taking you into your mechanical engineering program. I am sure he will make an excellent addition to your university community. If you have questions about your character or past academic work, please contact me.


[Your signature, name and identity]

2. Recommendation letter for scholarship template

College Tuition is becoming increasingly expensive, scholarship is sometimes the only way a student can afford it.

Ensure that your student needs financial support so that they can continue their education with a bright recommendation letter.

Our template will help you to get it done properly – just download it as a MS Word document and fill in the details!

Focus subject

Read the necessary requirements or attributes for the scholarship program, such as the criteria identified by the Rhodes Trust
Customize the letter to pay attention to how the student displays or fills the scholarship’s desired criteria.
Specify how a student is not eligible for a scholarship

Sample Offer Letter (Text Format) for Scholarship

June 12, 019

American Secretary Office
Jonty Trust
6342 Boulevard Isle
Vienna, Virginia 22648

Dear Jonty Trust Scholarship Selection Committee,

Thomas Schriver for Rhodes Scholar recommends my joy and respect. I have known Thomas for two years and is delighted to work as a postgraduate thesis adviser at the University of Minnesota and working as a professor in the history of Taiwan’s politics and cross-country relationship. After studying the criteria of the Jonty Trust Scholarship, I firmly believe that you will struggle to find a student more qualified and more than that of Thomas.

The Jonty Trust looks for students who drive exceptional educational qualifications as well as those who use those capabilities to their full potential. As I have recognized him, Timmose expressed his superior intelligence and thirst for understanding the culture and consciousness of his colleagues on several occasions. In particular, his graduation discusses the complexity of the history of Taiwan-and how it influences the development of modern Taiwan-it was culturally sensitive and there was a significant analysis which opened the eyes for an experienced professor like me.

At a personal level, Thomas is a strong-minded young man who fully expresses the features you are looking for potential candidates. In particular, I was surprised by his devotion, selflessness, and devotion to help a less fortunate in any way. Instead of using her free time for herself, she travels to Indonesia to work as a volunteer worker for English living in rural areas.

I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Thomas for the Rhodes Scholarship. I have no doubt that he will support the standards of Jonty Trust Scholar and become a member of your community. If you have any questions about your character, past academic work, or any other qualification related to scholarship, please contact me.


[Your signature, name, identity]

3. Recommendation template graduate school letter

Recommendations for graduate schools are taken more serious than those of letter graduate applications.

Typically, they will be written by a professor who can explain the student’s skills and academic work in more detail. A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development.

For graduate school applications, our template highlights how your student can portray in a positive light. Download the template for free as an MS Word document and fill it out for a property that is a student’s application for a strong recommendation.

Focus subject

Focus on the student’s academic accomplishments that are relevant to their goal graduate program
Although both emphasize emphasis on academic power over personality characteristics
Please provide detailed examples to prove to students you have the ability to describe

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School Sample (Text Format)

21st July, 019

Graduate Office Office
Iceland University
123 College Address
Reykjavik, Iceland, 157

Dear graduate entry committee,

I am very happy to recommend Jesse Chen to the Welsh Master’s program in Wellington and Medieval Norse Studies. I asked Jesse as a professor of Anglo-Saxon Studies at South Carolina University. At that time, I was completely influenced by the promise to understand and discover the secrets of Jesse-Anglo-Saxon culture and literature.

While accepting my Scandinavian Literary Course, Jess has displayed an extraordinary interest and expertise for analyzing the classic Icelandic Sagas. Bandamanna Saga will be expected only from a master’s student that its final paper had already had a level. In this he analyzed the Saga Christian themes and discovered how it relates to the modern concept of Christianity in modern day Iceland.

Along with exceptional academic achievements in Nordic research as a graduate of George, his commitment to helping his neutrality and less fortune makes him an outstanding member of the South Carolina community. As a member of anti-human rights, he provides valuable training and counsel to countless abusive children.

It is my strong opinion that Jesse will be an extraordinary addition to the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies graduation program of Iceland, and my highest recommendation is. If you have any questions about your character or past academic work, please contact me.


[Your signature, name and identity]

Reference Letter for Student

Reference Letter for Student (source)

Sample Letter: Lynda Poetry

Dear admissions committee,

I had the pleasure of studying Sir in the 11th grade English class at Mark Catherine High School. From the first day of the class, I have influenced my ability to express strong feelings and texts, the sensitivity of many in literature and the ability to express their emotions for both text, writing and creative expressions-both in and outside the classroom. Lynda is a talented literary critic and poet, and she has my highest recommendation as my student and writer.

Lynda literature and subtitles are gifted considering the purpose behind the author’s work. She created a tremendous year-long thesis paper on creative identity development, in which she compiled three different periods of work and informed his analysis of synthetic cultural and historical perspectives. When her colleagues called for the defense of the thesis, Lynda spoke clearly and pronounced about her decision and responded to questionable questions. Outside the classroom, Lynda dedicated her literary work to poetry. She publishes our poems in our school literary magazines as well as online magazines. She is an insightful, sensitive, and deeply self-aware person who drives to explore the art, writing and deep understanding of human condition.

Throughout the year we were active participants in our discussion and she always supported her colleagues. Her caring nature and personality permits her to work well with the opinion of another team, because she gives opinion to others despite her separation. We held a class debate about gun laws, throughout his own opinion, she liked to speak on behalf of the opposite side. She explained his choices as being inspired by his choice to keep other people’s shoes, seeing things from a new perspective, and to get a clear idea of ​​the problem from all corners. Throughout the year, Lynda showed this openness and sympathy for all the attributes, opinions, and perspectives that make her outstanding as observational, fascinating, literary students, and intelligent writers.

I am sure that Lynda will have to do something wonderful and creative in her future. I highly recommend her for admission to your graduate program. She is focused in talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and her pursuits. Lynda finds consistent constructive feedback so she can improve her writing skills, which is a rare and fascinating quality of a high school student. The whole real-time standout person who fulfills it will affect everyone. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]


English teacher
Mark Catherine High School

Reference letter for student

Reference letter for student (source)

Take away

A reference letter from an influential person describing positive things plays a vital role for a student on way of her college testimonial, job interview and career development. A good written reference letter pays a lot of return. Networking and good relationship are issues work well to convince the recommender.

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