21 Business telephone etiquette tips

business telephone etiquette tips
(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

Every one of us can talk over the telephone; but how many of us can do it appropriately? Are we sure we can bring a win-win outcome through having a phone call? What might be considerable and can set up benchmarks for a successful telephone conversation? What are modern telephone etiquette tips for professionals? This article intends to provide a complete guide to manners and telephone etiquette as business, office and personal skills. We will see what business telephone etiquette tips are.

These rules are applicable to mobile, telephone or any other audio conversation through any other medium.

What is telephone etiquette

Telephone etiquette is a way of proper communication to achieve an specific objective of business, office, customers service, call center, and personal life, in a shortest possible time. Telephone etiquette means an unwritten mutual consent between two parties to intentionally talk together in a clear-cut way of communication. Business telephone etiquette derives an invisible visual impression between the communicators through an amicable audio responses.

Basics tips of telephone etiquette covers showing due honor to the person you are communicating with. Proper telephone etiquette is a decent way to represent your voice as your level of personality that should impress the other person. Telephone etiquette includes demonstrating attention for the other person’s probable limitations, as well as the democratic right to deliberately speak out.

Importance of telephone etiquette

The importance of telephone etiquette is so magnanimous that success of many businesses, professions and offices directly or indirectly depend on it. Proper telephone etiquette is an vital facet of communication, since you represent not only yourself, your goal, business or department lay behind you.

Appropriate telephone etiquette training is the ground of practice and attention. In a telephonic conversation, each other can’t see the gesture, body language, or facial expressions of the opposite. Therefore our words, tome and time should be so selective that the other party doesn’t feel miscommunication and inferiority in any way.

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We should be caring about any unintentional rudeness and indifference that might cause plenty of losses, that include, fail deal, misinterpretation of information, and permanent breach of relationship, among others. This demands proper attention to importance of telephone etiquette.

Perspectives of telephone etiquette

At the outset, we have to understand the perspective of the telephone (or mobile phone) communication. It is not that much easy an issue to just pick up the hand set and say “Hello”. Different situation deserve different telephone etiquette for its success. Answering a business call is far more different from that of a personal telephone call.Call at night and during the pick hours deserve different approach and tone. A phone call for selling a refrigerator and asking for an installment return are not same, or even similar

The tone, language, approach change in situations. Some offices, like call center, customer care, or reception desk of a posh organization employ professionals who are equipped with higher level of communication skills and decent track record.

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By considering the following telephone etiquette rules, you can make sure you are on the driving seat of communication:

#1. Plan

Think through exactly what you plan to say and discuss BEFORE you place a call.

Know whom are you talking to, to make sure to talk to right person.

Rehearse what you are going to talk about.

#2. Introduce yourself

Introduce thyself and the organization always at the beginning of all calls.

#3. Ask permission to talk

Ask permission if the recipient has time to talk, ‘May I talk..’

Clarify the purpose of the call at the beginning of connection.

Ask permission if the phone call needs a recording.

Ask before putting the caller on hold.

Politely put off receiver asking ‘I will call you later’ in case any collision might be taken place.

#4. Talk clearly

As we discussed earlier, your voice is your representation in a phone call. Speak out in the right tone, clear voice and moderate pace. Pay attention to your accent and approach. Your message should clearly be transmitted to the recipient.

#5. Ask permission for calling back

In case the receiver doesn’t allow you to talk right now, ask for a time later on.

#6. Greet

Greet properly, humbly, respectfully, politely. Because recipient will definitely love it.

Be submissive, because recipient will love positive mentality people. We will not be dominating whatsoever. It belongs to modern telephone etiquette tips for professionals.

#7. Smile

Keep a ‘smile in your voice’. It means, you voice and tone should be so impressive that the other person welcomes you from her heart. Rejoice yourself, to rejoice the other person.

#8. Use right language

Your wording and language are important to win your purpose. All words, language and accents are not suitable at every places.

Do ground work before you call. Know the pros and cons about the person as much as possible.

When you have called a customer who just has lost her mother, ‘how are you, I hope everything is well‘ is not the right language.

#9. Listen

The other person may also have something to say. Listen and take note. The more you will listen, the better you have chances to win her heart. It is taught in telephone manner skills.

#10. Converse short

Say only necessary talks, when you talk much, the recipient might loss the core message.

Keep the talk short, telephone is not a way to gossip

#11. Answer a call soon

It is a good practice if you pick the phone soon while it is ringing, preferably  within 3 rings.

The person who has called you have the most attention and respect up to that time.

#12. Break the ice

Develop a relationship with the recipient through some ice breaking sentences. Telephone manner skills will make a comfortable conversation ahead.

Your caring approach will break the uncomfortable wall.

#13. Pick the right time

Not all the time of a day is same to call a person.

You can’t call a damn busy businessperson during the pick time; or a virgin client at the deep of night.

#14. Use right tone and voice

Make sure the voice must create a pleasant visual impression over the telephone.

Be sensitive to the tone of your voice. Because the listener don’t see your face.

Speak into the telephone receiver with an even and low tone of voice.

Speak clearly and slowly, especially when leaving messages.

#15. Control your volume

Phone is not a medium to speak at high volume,  neither at low volume.

#16. Improvise

You might have to improvise in some cases, when all the pre-plan may not work as per expectation.

The best way to make a habit of improvisation is to consider yourself in the other person’s place.

Think before you call, what might be the options.

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#17. Show courtesy

Not to allow interruptions to occur during conversations. Do not carry on side conversations with other people around you.

Build the habit of always turning off your cell phone ringer when entering a meeting, restaurant, theater, training class, or other relevant place.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by other activities while speaking on the telephone because you cannot pay full attention.

A telephone can talk through your voice, use it properly

We not recommend rustling papers, chewing and eating, working on the computer, or speaking with someone else during your talk.

Answer the telephone as quickly as possible while it’s ringing.

It belongs to modern telephone etiquette tips for professionals.

#18. Show honesty

Be honest when you really don’t know what to answer. Speaking truth is the best way. Telephone manner skills tell, you have to be diplomatic answering a phone call.

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#19. Recap core message

Before concluding, it is a good idea to recap your core message to the other person. A decent summary of the phone call will spur the other person with a call to action.

#20. Conclude decently

Make time for a proper ending.

Don’t drop phone suddenly, because it will cause negative impression.

Summarize, paraphrase and close.

#21. Practice

Keep practicing the whole process regularly. It will give you confidence to transform much better a performer every time.

Write down the script.

Talk in front of the mirror.

Make mock calls as test among your colleagues and friends.

Takeout of telephone etiquette tips

These are some basic rules for telephone manner skills. Everyone can talk, but the smart people can  create impression. The smarter you are, and the purposeful is your business telephone etiquette. These are some of business telephone etiquette tips for professionals in present time. It should be one of very useful ingredients to convert failure into success in life.

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