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70 Competitive Advantage Examples in Strategic Management

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Competitive advantage definition and examples in strategic management is the ability to outperform competitors by being unique, or popular in products, services. In other words, facility companies can only compete for pricing. It quickly becomes profitable, especially if the competition is low cost.

A competitive advantage is an ability or position that enables you to compare competitors. It is considered as the basis for profit in a competitive market. Whatever you do better than your competition, it usually adds your competitive advantage.

What are the competitive advantages?

Competitive advantage is an optimal position that holds a business in the market, which results in more customers and profits. It feels brand, product, or service higher than other competitors. Competitive advantage definition and examples in strategic management is a great consideration in business.

The brand can create competitive advantages when these three fixers are clear:

Target Market: Perfect knowledge about buying from the brand, what the brand wants from the brand, and if any strategies can start to buy from the brand, it is essential to create a competitive advantage over competitors for business.

USP: Unique Selling offer is usually different from the main trigger of competitive advantage and business competition. The reason why customers choose the brand related to others is why customers. To make a competitive advantage of a brand, both USP businesses and customers should be transparent, cost leadership strategy examples.

Competition: The answer to these two business questions should be: Who are the current competitor and any possible competition in the coming years? How do production, evaluation, marketing, and branding strategies are used to develop and market their products for competitive strategy examples?

Types of Competitive advantage

Although the definition of competitive advantage is the same, different marketers have described different types of competitive advantages.

Competitive advantage definitions and examples in strategic management have different types. Harvard University graduate, Michael Porter, wrote a name in 1985 – Competitive Advantage:

Creating and Staging Superior Performance, which identified three strategies that can be used to deal with business contests and create a sustainable competitive advantage. According to him, these three generic techniques are:

Discrimination: A Differential Benefit When the product or service offered by the business provides different benefits than the products offered by the competitors.

It defines the unique position of the market offer, explaining the unique benefits provided to the target group. This unique location can specify high quality, better delivery, more features, or any other specific features of the product or service.

Generally, innovation and large inventions are achieved by segregation, usually by industry disturbances and making sustainable competitive advantages for the business.

An example of the differential advantage created by breaks is Uber. It is different from the services that are supplied by supplying it to the needs.

Cost leadership: This is a strategy where a business creates the same quality of products as competitors, but sell it at a lower price.

Cost leadership improves consistent functioning efficiency (using fewer but more effective workers or outsourcing of places were less cost) and achieves a benefit of Scale Economy (Greater business case in LD, Walmart, etc.).

Focus: Also called divisive techniques focus strategy involves targeting each other instead of a pre-defined segment. It understands the target market better than everyone else and uses data for a better offer made on target market demand.

This strategy was primarily used to compete with big companies in big business, but with the advent of the Internet and micro-titling, Amazon, Facebook, and Google used even the focus to separate even big businesses from others.

cost leadership strategy examples

Competitive Advantage Examples

Competitive advantage definition and examples in strategic management decide the success of the company. Following are some useful examples of competitive advantage:

1. Customer satisfaction

Please consistently customers a favorable ability in every industry. Technology has accelerated this effect as many artists are powered by customer reviews, examples of focused cost leadership companies.

2. Variety

Variety is an operation, products and services are good competitive advantages.

Offering a great variety of products and services can be of expertise such as reduced costs. Customers can be valued as preferred by the big supermarkets, sustainable competitive advantage example.

3. Quality

Provide high-quality products and services to customers, competitive advantage examples business plan.

4. Reputation

Reputation is the opinion taken by your organization’s employees, customers, partners, regulators, and public.

A good reputation is known to be an extremely valuable, focused low-cost strategy example.

5. Information Technology

low-cost differentiation and focus are examples of the technology which are built into your products, services, or processes.

6. Innovation

A power to develop a new approach that represents a leap forward in a particular area, competitive edge examples.

7. How to know

Your employees’ skills, skills, and experience are an important factor in most industries, examples of cost leadership.

8. Process

The process to provide service, the time elapsed in production, uniqueness in the marketing process are companies with competitive advantage examples.

9. Organized Culture

Organizational culture is an ideal, standard, and practice that is unique to every organization. For example, some companies embrace aggressive inventions and others prevent the conservation of most conservatives, five generic competitive strategies examples.

10. Scale

Scalability is a good focused cost leadership example.

11. Capital

Access to deeper financial resources than the competition in capital-intensive industries can be one of the personal competitive advantage examples.

12. Risk management

The ability to optimize risk rewards through risk identification and control focused cost leadership strategy example.

13. Information

Better or faster data access than the competition, information technology competitive advantage examples.

14. Value

The purpose and value of the ideas behind your organization that inspire your customers and encourages your employees, differentiation advantage example.

15. Brand recognition

The ability for customers to identify your visual symbol as a product or logo. Customers tend to believe they know what they are, cost advantage example.

16. Introduction

A unique introduction to your product, service, or brand standing in the minds of customers.

Identity includes both your visual symbol and some that give your organization personality, strategic advantage example.

17. Trade secret

The things you know that your competitors do not The term refers to such knowledge benefits are not explicitly protected by property law but are carefully kept secret.

For example, employees have to sign their non-disclosure agreements in order to keep their privacy, focused cost leadership examples.

18. Intellectual property

Legal protection, such as copyright, patent, and industrial design, prevents competitors from using your content, designs, and discovery, competitive advantage in a sentence.

19. Business Connection

Network your business as an organization. Some companies are good to connect as their business competitiveness examples.

20. Location

A well-known location is the only restaurant in a well-known hotel, cost leadership, and differentiation strategy examples.

21. Experience

A rich experience with your products, services, and brands valued by customers. For example, you can be one of the most friendly restaurants with blocks or the most sophisticated feeling.

22. Administration

The government is the practice to instruct and control an organization to ensure consistency with stakeholder interests and compliance with relevant laws.

In the long term, good governance fame, risk management, and capital are important for access, porter’s generic competitive strategies examples.

23. Natural resources

Superior access to natural resources such as spring water with a reputation for such quality, low-cost provider strategy examples.

24. Beauty

A design of taste and style of your design as a product, service, location, and content. The visual branding is an element, competitive position example.

25. Access barriers

The entry barrier is a barrier that prevents the new market competition in your competition, low-cost leadership strategy examples.

In many cases, entry barriers are the only or only competitive advantage of natural monopoly power, competitive advantage sample.

26. Ethical work

Due to significant advantages over the time of some organizations, it is easier to work than the competition, competitive advantage examples real life.

27. Strategy

A power to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves as a competitive example.

28. Partners

Some of the competing partner partners can not match a strong partner or network, innovation competitive advantage examples.

29. Customer

Key reference subscriber, big account, or strong support from your brand, example of focused cost leadership.

30. Labor costs

In some industries, the cost of low workers is a significant advantage, which puts competitors in high-priced countries in the competition, overall cost leadership examples.

31. Outward energy

The ability to influence the tendency of power negotiation, competitive advantage statement examples.

32. Critical mass

Get an ideal competitive shape for your industry. The critical mass term applies to the withdrawal of a new product or technology at the level of difficult acceptance, companies using cost leadership strategy.

33. Economy of density

Provide better access to resources such as more effective and skilled workers to provide a close location in a city or multiple cities for temporary competitive advantage example.

34. Business Policy

Policies are basic statements designed to manage strategies and activities. When properly implemented, they help the organization to make consistent, high-quality decisions as generic competitive strategies examples.

35. Stability

The pursuit of social and environmental practices and goals can be a competitive advantage, which can influence business principles such as branding, compliance, capital, and access to fame, porter’s competitive strategies examples.

36. Market power

Ability to influence market value for some of the market capabilities. Most small competitors have no power to influence the market price. In the merchandise industry, large companies also do not have any effect on the price for niche competitive advantage examples.

For some companies capable of establishing market power, it can be a powerful competitive tool because the market value change affects your competitors, as business competitive advantage examples.

37. Network impact

The effect of the network is to be equal to the number of people using a technology, the trend for products or services quality. It is difficult to compete with a popular social network, such as having strong network effects.

38. Power

Access to cheap industries is a major cost factor for many industries, porters 4 competitive strategies examples.

39. Switching barriers

Switching interruptions to your competitors will help prevent your customers from being confronted.

A pool of customers facing important switching barriers can be a valuable asset. It is a competitive advantage, especially for institutional organizations with a larger customer base as cost leadership strategy examples company.

40. Work from Home

After the pandemic, the work from home has been another competitive advantage, and companies are still growing with this great way of wark, even during the crisis as strategic competitiveness example.

Casestudy on A Company with a competitive advantage: Google

Google enjoys the competitive advantage of being the only functioning search engine. Google Job Search Tool is an example. Competitive advantage definition and examples in the strategic management of google tell us a lot.

Modern Competitive Advantage

However, these three are not limited to modern competitive advantages. A strong brand, big pockets, network effects, patents, and trademarks use other competitive advantage strategies to overcome their competitors.

Big Pockets: Some companies interfere with ecosystems by entering the market through huge funds and supplying some really bridal offers or supplying products at a lower price. It acts as a competitive advantage as other companies often fail to respond to such strategies.

Network impact: When the network effect is used by more people, it makes it better or services more valuable. For example, for other players, Watts enjoys a competitive advantage over other competitors because their users are reluctant to use other applications because most of their contacts use Whatsapp.

Brand: Brand loyalty is one of the biggest competitive advantages that a business can capitalize on. An effective brand image and positioning strategy are becoming loyal to the customers’ brand and even more money than being the brand’s product owner. Apple is a perfect example when it comes to brand-related competitive advantages.

Entry and competition barriers: On the other hand, businesses use natural and artificial obstacles in entries such as government policies, provider access, patents, trademarks, etc. to prevent them from being close competition.

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Take away

Here is the list of competitive advantage examples:

1. Technology
2. Innovation
3. Ease of use
4. Experience
5. Customization
6. Personal touch
7. Scale
8. Variety
9. Human resources
10. Customer service
11. Reputation
12. Geographic location
13. Supply Chain and Logistics
14. Trade Secrets
15. Patents / Intellectual property
16. Contacts
17. Brand history
18. Experience in the sector
19. Values
20. Brand recognition
21. Local partners
22. Brand ambassadors
23. Negotiation power
24. Natural resources
25. Customers
26. Labor costs
27. Aesthetics
28. Barriers to entry
29. Sustainability
30. Switching barrier strategy
31. Network effect
32. Differentiation
33. Long-term strategy
34. Financial liquidity
35. Corporate Social Responsibility

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