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9 Practical Steps To Live Your Dream Life

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2021)

How to live your dream life? Do you have an enormous dream or purpose in your life? Questioning the way you’re going to get there or what might get in the way in which? The likelihood is, it’s your mindset that enables you to live your dream life. In this article, I am going to talk about how to live your dream life.

How to live your dream life?

There’s one widespread theme that underpins many theories about dwelling your dream life: your mindset, beliefs and the way in which you assume override all the things.

Steph Purpura, Co-founder of Highly effective U says

‘Mindset is the way you select to method any state of affairs. When you could have an open and optimistic mindset, you’ll be able to see the changes in any state of affairs to live your dream life’

Whenever you go in with a closed or adverse mindset, you’re severely limiting your expertise to essentially the most adverse facets of any given state of affairs. Positivity opens the realm of prospects, whereas negatively closes down.‘ to live your dream life.

In his TED discuss, Happiness Psychologist Shawn Achor shares,

‘It’s not essentially the truth that shapes us, however, the lens via which your mind views the world that shapes your actuality.

90% of your long-term happiness is predicted not by the exterior world, however by the way in which your mind processes the world.

And if we alter our components for happiness and success, we are able to change the way in which we are able to then have an effect on actuality.’

Backside line: Mindset is all the things.

The story we inform ourselves is the story our thoughts believe. Our notion creates our actuality. Our beliefs create our end result.

Subsequently, the quickest technique to dwell the lifetime of your desires is to shift your mindset. The query then turns into, how? How do you modify your underlying beliefs and thought patterns?

Listed below are 9 mindset shifts that can assist you to dwell your dream life.

1. Believe in Yourself

From “I’m not sufficient” to “I’m superior”

A lot of what holds folks again is the assumption they’ve about themselves. And one of the widespread beliefs? Feeling you’re not sufficient, unfit, not deserving.

Steph, talked about above, talks about her greatest mindset shift — studying how you can query the lies she had informed herself her total life.

When she was 8 years old, she was sexually abused. She remembers standing in entrance of the mirror and telling herself how soiled, ugly and terrible she was.

She blamed herself for what occurred and didn’t inform anybody in regard to the abuse until she was a grownup.

She spent a lifetime telling herself lies about herself and believed them. It wasn’t until she was capable of converse her fact that she was capable of query the lies and shift her life.

For no matter cause you’re feeling you’re not sufficient, know this: You have been born sufficiently. You might be superior, worthy, and deserving of affection, happiness, and success.

It’s not by the probability that you’ve got arrived right here, on this planet, at this very time. You aren’t a mistake. There is just one you and other people want what you deliver to the world.

You might be uniquely you. That’s your superpower.

You might be sufficient. It’s possible you’ll not be capable to imagine this but, however, some a part of you, deep down, is aware of this to be true.

Make the Shift

Search to know and silence the inside critic. What are your underlying causes for not feeling ‘sufficient?’ Is the inside critic your individual voice, or that of a mum or dad or authority determine?

What story are you telling yourself that isn’t true? This would possibly take some deep work together with remedy, teaching, or counseling, but it’s worth it.

2. Empower Yourself

From “I don’t have a selection” to “I all the time have a selection”

What number of instances have you ever felt trapped or that you simply didn’t have a selection?

It’s possible you’ll not have management over the circumstances, and life will probably deliver many challenges and difficulties, however, you all the time have management over two crucial issues: your selections and perspective.

My favorite account of this shift is Man’s Seek for Which means by Victor Frankl. Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust. In his ebook, he shares,

‘Everything may be taken from us however one factor: the final of human freedoms – to decide on one’s perspective in any given set of circumstances, to decide on one’s personal approach.‘

If Frankl can select, when confronted with these treacherous and unfathomable circumstances, certainly all of us can select ours.

Make the Shift

Select. When you end up in a state of affairs the place you’re feeling you don’t have any selection, establish your choices. What selections do you could have?

You’ll be able to select to complain or act. Select to vary or settle for your circumstances. Select to take one step ahead or keep caught.

Select to talk up or keep quiet. Select to look ahead or proceed to look again. Select love or keep in anger and concern. So, what do you select?

Establish what you’re answerable for. A lot of stress, frustration, concern, and anger comes when issues are – or really feel – out of our management.

Whenever you really feel uncontrolled, take a step again, and establish what you possibly can manage. This could possibly be one small merchandise or a shift in your vitality or perspective.

3. Consider in What Is Possible

From “It’s not possible” to “It’s potential”

Whether or not you assume you possibly can, otherwise you assume you possibly can’t, you’re proper. – Henry Ford

In case you don’t wholeheartedly imagine you possibly can obtain one thing, it simply won’t occur. Subsequently, if you wish to dwell your dream life, you first should imagine that’s potential.

For a few years, everybody believed it was bodily not possible to run a 4-minute mile. They mentioned the human physique was incapable and your coronary heart would explode.

Within the 1940s, somebody ran it in 4:01, a file that stayed for 9 years. Then, in Might 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, working the mile in 3:59.4.

This didn’t occur solely by sheer onerous work, coaching, and keenness. It occurred as a result of Roger believed that it was potential. He knew he might do it. He educated by visualizing the end result.

Lower than six weeks later, Australian John Landy ran it in 3:58. Yearly following, extra folks started engaging in what was as soon as thought not possible. Now, greater than 1,400 people have run the 4-minute mile.

As soon as Barrister broke the notion of what folks believed was potential, it opened up others’ minds to imagine the identical factor. After they thought they couldn’t, they couldn’t, and after they believed they may, they did.

The identical is true for every one of us. That purpose, imaginative and prescient or intention you could have on your dream life, do you imagine it’s potential?

If that’s the case, you’re effectively in your technique to making it occur! Nonetheless, if there’s doubt or skepticism flooding your thoughts, the chances are low of you attaining your desires.

Make the Shift

Change your language. Shift your pondering from There’s no technique to There’s all the time an approach. It doesn’t work to How can we make this work?

When you end up discovering issues, change to an answer mindset. Edison is famously quoted, “I discovered 10,000 methods to not invent a lightbulb.” He noticed every failure as a step nearer to his finish purpose.

Visualize the end result.

Our minds imagine what we present and inform them; should you can visualize it taking place, similar to Banister, your thoughts will imagine you to live your dream life.

Think about your dream life as if it’s already actual. What do you see, hear, or really feel? Put yourself in that frame of mind.

Have a bit of religion and imagine anyway when logic fails to live your dream life.

4. Believe in the Good

From “on the lookout for the unhealthy” to “on the lookout for the great”

Let’s begin with the world. Research on affirmation bias has confirmed we discover what we’re on the lookout for. Individuals are inclined to (usually unconsciously) search for issues that reinforce what they already imagine to be true. In case you’re on the lookout for what is sweet on the planet, you’re going to see that. In case you’re on the lookout for what’s improper, or imagine the world is out to get you, guess what you’re going to see?

As a substitute, what should you believe that all the things were happening for your best good? Even when it doesn’t appear that approach.

What should you assume that all the things were figuring out precisely because it ought to and that the world/universe/God has yours again?

Now, let’s have a look at folks. One of many key rules I take advantage of in all of my management and staff growth work is to ‘Assume Optimistic Intent.’

We regularly make assumptions and judgments about others primarily based on their conduct, without understanding their underlying motivation.

Assuming optimistic intent requires us to contemplate one other’s intention earlier than we decide that conduct. This would possibly lead you to ask questions or search to see issues from their viewpoint.

Everyone seems to be coping with one thing you don’t have any thought about, and typically what looks as if an assault or slight in opposition to you is solely somebody having a tough day, or only a totally different type than yours.

What number of fights have you ever had in your individual head with somebody who has no thought they even harm or upset you – solely to seek out later it was only a miscommunication or misunderstanding?

Make the Shift

Substitute ‘Why is that this taking place TO me?’ with ‘Why is that this taking place FOR me?’ or ‘What is that this going to show me?’ Whenever you search for the great, the lesson, or the intention, one can find it.

Assume optimistic intent. Subsequent time somebody does one thing that upsets you or makes you offended, take a step again and assume that they had a superb invention.

What have been they attempting to realize? Droop judgment and search to know why they could have executed what they did.

Change what you’re on the lookout for. It’s time to start out on the lookout for these issues that help your dream life. Search for the great. Discover the optimistic.

5. Live your present life

From “life is a vacation spot” to “life is a journey”

It’s true what they are saying, life is a journey, not a vacation spot, so we’d as effectively benefit from the trip.

If we’re all the time attempting to get ‘there’ (wherever ‘there’) is, we’re lacking out on the place we at the moment are. The items, magnificence, and the enjoyment that every second brings.

Whenever you keep within the current, you possibly can see alternatives, reap the benefits of the surprising, glide, and hearken to that little voice inside you.

On the flip side, if you find yourself hooked up to a selected end result or the way in which issues ought to be, you possibly can turn dissatisfied about the way in which issues really are.

However, they’re what they’re! In case you can take every second to just accept, be taught, and develop, and never want issues that have been totally different, you’ll discover better happiness and success.

Individuals usually get caught within the when/then entice. They are saying, ‘After I meet somebody, I’ll be glad?’ or ‘After I get the promotion I’ll be glad at work?’ or ‘When I’ve extra money, I’ll make the change.’

You’ll be able to select to be glad as we speak. You’ll find what you might want to be glad at work. You can also make the change without the cash.

Make the Shift

Be. Right here. Now. Being current is highly effective, particularly with regard to anxiousness and stress. Our minds are sometimes worrying in regards to the previous or anticipating the long run.

Being current helps calm your thoughts, middle your ideas, and produce better peace. Get current by working towards mindfulness or meditation.

Get out of the when/then entice. Whenever you hear yourself saying, ‘when, then’, cease and take into consideration what you are able to do now. Are you ready for somebody or one thing to be glad or fulfilled?

Can you discover that now? Resolve to be proud of the place you at the moment are, with what you could have as we speak. You’ll be able to all the time select happiness, pleasure, or gratitude at any second.

6. Change Your ‘What Ifs’

From “what’s the worst that may occur” to “what’s the very best that may occur”

We spend a lot of life fearing the inevitable…and the way a lot of what your concern really involves mild? How a lot of vitality do you waste questioning, ‘what if…’, anticipating penalties, issues, dangers, and what might go improper?

All these what-ifs are like an app working within the background on your cellphone. They drain your battery. And since worrying won’t ever change the end result, why not do one thing that can?

I see so many individuals paralyzed by all of the what-ifs and potential ramifications of their actions. However, the folks I’ve seen be most profitable are those that deal with the likelihood, the chance, the potential.

That doesn’t imply you ignore the dangers or potential challenges; it simply means you don’t allow them to cease you from shifting ahead!

Make the Shift

Establish the very best that might occur. Establish the positives in any state of affairs. As a substitute for figuring out what might go improper, establish what might go proper.

In case you’re pondering ‘What if I don’t make the staff?’ Change it to ‘What if I do?’

As a substitute for questioning, ‘What if I converse up and lose my job?” Take into account, ‘What if I converse up and get a promotion for my concepts, honesty, and braveness?’

Keep in mind this. In case you’re having a troublesome time, feeling caught in a rut, or going via one thing difficult … it’s all good ultimately. If it’s not good, it’s not the top.

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7. Be True To Yourself

From “I need to slot in succeed” to “I should be myself to succeed”

Have you learned what the primary remorse of the dying is? A want to have… “Had the braveness to dwell a life true to myself, not the life others anticipated of me”.

All through our lives, we’re taught who we now have to be with a view to slot in and achieve success. However, what others want and anticipate from us isn’t all the time how we thrive at our greatest. Typically, by attempting to slot in, we lose our distinctive items, skills, and even our sense of self.

You can’t examine your self to others. We expect we’re competing in opposition to one another, but we’re all working a special race. Frankly, the one you really want to compete in opposition to is yourself.

True and lasting success comes from authenticity, congruence, and turning into the very best model of YOU to live your dream life.

Make the Shift

Establish and honor your strengths. Everybody appears to be attempting to repair or enhance one thing. We’re all flawed. What should you spend as a lot of time utilizing your strengths as you do to repair your weaknesses?

That’s what those that reside in their dream life do – harness their distinctive items and abilities. They know they’ve faults, however, they don’t dwell on them or waste time and vitality attempting to vary themselves.

Do this: for the subsequent 30 days, write down Three stuff you like and worth about yourself to live your dream life.

This could be skills, strengths, expertise, or character traits. Then determine how you can use these traits extra usually to construct your dream life.

Discover out who YOU are. It’s straightforward to get caught up within the expectations of the world.

When you find yourself clear about your values, beliefs, passions, and what’s necessary to you, you’re extra assured and confident. Get to know yourself to a deeper degree. Self-reflection and self-awareness are the primary steps.

Establish what your dream life is, not everybody else’s. When you recognize your self effectively, you possibly can stand robust in a world stuffed with competing expectations.

Cease evaluating your self. You might be working on your individual race.

You aren’t forward or behind. You might be precisely the place you are supposed to be. As Teddy Roosevelt mentioned (and my mother emphasized to myself and my twin sister rising up), ‘Comparability is the thief of pleasure.’

8. Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows

From “watering the weeds” to “watering the flowers”

You’ve all in all probability heard of the Legislation of Attraction and how you can manifest your finest life. A lot of that information and knowledge comes from the place you place your vitality.

A few years in the past, I used to be working a coaching session for a bunch of coaches and consultants. At one level, I used to be feeling insecure and doubting myself. It was stressing me out and extra importantly, I wasn’t serving the group finest.

Throughout a lunch break, I confided in my co-facilitator about my doubts. He was a skilled coach and a mentor of mine and shared one thing with me I’ve by no means forgotten.

‘Tracy, consider your consideration like a backyard hose. When you find yourself in the entrance of others, and also you’re fearful about what they’re pondering, your consideration will not be on them.

Whenever you’re desirous about the way you sound, should you’re doing a superb job, or anytime you’re in your individual head, then the hose is pointing inward and also you’re watering the weeds.

However, while you put your vitality out, your appreciation on them, and also you deal with what the group wants, you’re turning the hose in the direction of the room…then you’re watering the flowers. So, you could have a selection, do you wish to water the weeds or the flowers?’

Was {that a} trick query? After all, I wished to water the flowers!

Make the Shift

The grass is all the time greener the place you water it. Need greener grass in some space of your life? Water it with love, vitality, and optimistic consideration.

Cease watering the weeds. Keep in mind, what you feed will get greater. Water the flowers you’ll get extra flowers. Water the weeds you’ll get extra weeds. Feed your targets you’ll attain your targets, feed your fears you’ll get extra concern.

9. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

From “what’s lacking” to “what you’re grateful for”

Acknowledging the great that you have already got in your life is the muse for all abundance – Eckhart Tolle

Being grateful is among the easiest, but strongest issues you are able to do to dwell your dream life.

Research continues to show the advantages of expressing gratitude; starting from the way it improves relationships, bodily and emotional health, and sleep to psychological stamina, vitality, and total happiness. Do you know that it’s physically not possible to really feel fear and gratitude in the same second?

The subsequent time you’re feeling you’re missing in your life, the subsequent time you’re feeling jealous of what others have or unhappy with what you could have, strive to switch to gratitude. Acknowledge all the great on the planet. Acknowledge all that you’ve got and that you’re grateful for.

Make the Shift

Start a gratitude journal. Write down Three stuff you’re grateful for every day. Research has proven that in simply 21 days, your mind will maintain on to this sample and begin discovering the optimism by itself. Being grateful invitations even better abundance into our lives.

Set a gratitude alarm in your cellphone: When it goes off, discover one thing for which you’re grateful. You’ll be able to acknowledge this silently to yourself, or higher but, ship a observe thanking someone in your life to live your dream life.

It’s Time To Ask Yourself …

As you learn these shifts, what did you discover? Which one(s) resonated with you essentially the most? Which do you imagine will assist you to dwell your dream life? Which methods will I strive for my dream life?

Now, take it a step additional. Cease scrolling and earlier than you progress on to the subsequent factor, ask yourself a number of more questions to live your dream life…

  • Take into account your dream life. What ideas, beliefs, or mindset shifts do you want with a view to creating that life?
  • That purpose you’ve been attempting to realize: do you imagine you possibly can? If not, what would it not take to imagine it?
  • What assumptions are you making about yourself or others which might be getting in your approach?

Are You Prepared?

In case you’re able to dwell your dream life, then it’s time to shift your pondering and live your dreams.

Shift your pondering, shift your life.

You resolve who you wish to turn into. Don’t dream your life live your dream. You resolve the way you get there.

I create the imaginative and prescient I could have for myself and my dream life and go after it to live my dreams. Take away all of the boundaries in your approach, particularly these in your thoughts.

Keep in mind, with a view to change your story, you could persistently inform yourself a brand new story. With a view to change, you should be keen to vary. With a view to shifting, you could have an open mind to live your dream life.

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