How to Deal with a Boss who Under-Appreciates You

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

It is important to know how to deal with a boss who under appreciates you. You probably have nothing to worry about if your boss’ praise is done well. If praise is never appreciated or often not enough, it can help to know that a large percentage of those working in one survey share your concerns. According to the seminal “20 Workforce Mood Tracker 1 Report”, conducted by Globoforce, 39% of employees felt dissatisfied at work and more than half were dissatisfied with the level of praise shown. This articel will share some fresh thoughts on how to deal with a boss who under appreciates you.

Deal with a boss who under appreciates you

Here are some tips-

Find the boss’s likings

Find out what the boss appreciates. Ginger Bloom, a Kinner-based clinical psychologist, says that while appreciated emotion is emotionally elevated, people perceive and express appreciation differently. A boss might think that he won’t praise you for changing the reports in a timely manner, because that’s what he expects.

Another boss may praise you for submitting timely reports because he rarely receives from others in the staff. Bloom said that being a deep observer of the boss’s need to learn what he appreciates in subordinates.

Dont assume anything

Do not assume about the boss’s “change of attitude”. If the boss is publicly praised for your work, do not assume that the change in his attitude is with you. Bloom notes that owners’ needs and priorities change over time, as well as the things they value.

Your boss probably used to convince you to sell compact cars, but now that midsize car sales are his priority, he no longer appreciates your compact-car sales.

Deal with a boss who under appreciates you

Treat like a customer

Treat your boss as your customer – whom you please. You won’t let a customer leave without asking what the service is like; The same practice should apply to your boss. Bring the discussion from the perspective of your boss – not yours, Bloom advised.

Ask how satisfied he was with the way he executed your marketing plan. By focusing on your boss’ satisfaction rather than feeling appreciated in your heart, you can avoid sounding like a complaint.

Don’t personalize

Don’t personalize the boss’s behavior. Bloom said that how much you admire the boss makes you feel, if you know that you are doing your job well, you do not need to feel that he is noticing you, perhaps, he acknowledges the value of your work, even if he fails to say it. .


If you feel depreciated, start looking for a new job. It may be time to move on. A boss who doesn’t really praise you won’t promote you, Bloom said, meaning you won’t be visible in senior-level management and are tapping to make more progress in the organization.


The boss appreciates openness and honesty and it’s up to you to tell them what they need to know. Bosses are under pressure from their own managers and do not need pressure from their subordinates.

According to Jane Boucher, associate director of the McGregor Graduate School’s Organizational Institute at the University of Antioch, smart employees understand their boss’s style and temperament. They want to be dependent on consistently superior performance and giving useful ideas.


Don’t feel appreciated for your needs compared to the importance of doing your job well. A boss with a good reason for under-appreciating can end you in the end.

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