Email for Internship – 11 Professional Rules to Follow

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

Potential employers will notice your email signature and look it up favorably. A well written email for internship shows them that you have taken the time to develop your identity and therefore have an active personality.

Securing an internship has become increasingly difficult. In fact, many students and graduates competing for the same place, what once was an easy task, have now become battlegrounds.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! With a captivating cover letter and personalized email, you can wow potential employers who aren’t even looking for an intern.

So, whether your credits need to secure a workplace or you are genuinely trying to get the door of your dream organization, we have listed all the details to help you create a credible internship investigation email. Before everything, you have to know must know effective email etiquette tips so that you don’t get refused due to your approach.

How to be professional when email for internship

Subject: Your subject line needs to be interesting. As hiring managers receive hundreds of emails every day, it takes a long time for them to pay attention to you. You can choose something like ‘Higher A Easy Intern’.

Greetings: Like any formal email exchange, readers should be properly addressed, and correctly, we want to tell them their real names. Many young interns blast emails without looking for direct contact. So, do not waste your chances of contacts and look for your potential boss instead.

Article opening: This is what you should introduce yourself and show you what the company has to offer. You can list your educational background and any other placements you have that may give you an edge over other candidates.

Middle paragraph (s): In the body of your email, you should describe how you got this company, what you admire about them, and even give you tips on how you can help them grow their business. This is a surefire way to get an interview if you already have something to offer. You need to explain what your internship is for and make a list of your achievements in this section.

Final paragraph: In the last paragraph, explain again how much you appreciated the company and added a call to the task. For example, you might say: ‘If you are interested, I would like to set up a call next week to discuss opportunities’

Finishing: Finish right when you started as a professional ind

Your Name and Signature: Sign in with your full name followed by your telephone number.

email for internship: what to follow

A well written email for internship symbolizes strong identity and personality. There are several useful tips to follow to go for a perfect email for internship:

Try to lay some common ground

This is another great important step that helps you create a truly good personalized email again. It’s important to establish a common foundation with the people you want to hire

Before setting a general foundation, you must first find out who is responsible for the hiring process. Most job listings include the first and last names of the responsible person. If they don’t, make sure you call the recruiter and get a name.

If you get the name, do you do anything like social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you see a picture of that person fishing on the beach, is it safe that they like to go fishing? What a great way to set the ground straight.

If you feel bad about doing it, don’t. Research shows that 70% of employers are looking at candidates’ social media profiles. So, it will probably look at your social profiles as well, which brings me to the next step.

Customize resume and cover letter for each job application

You want that internship, right? Focuses on quality rather than quantity. It doesn’t make sense to send 300 recruiters to a generic resume because all you get is a simple answer.

That being said, try applying for fewer jobs, but adjust your lifestyle for the specific job you are applying for.

Clear your social media profiles

You also need to ask yourself “How does my social profile portray me?”. Are publicly available pictures suitable for all employers? Does the post contain any bad language?

Another great job is to just google your name and see what happens. If you came across a news story that was involved in a murder, it wouldn’t go down that much.

A well written email for internship symbolizes strong identity and personality. There are some things about you on the Internet that you cannot control like a news website article, be prepared to answer any questions you may have if you are asked.

A good email subject line

Creating the best subject line is an important way to catch the reader’s attention. Studies have shown that a good subject line can dramatically increase email open rates.

Think of the subject line as a hook at the end of a fishing line. If you use a standard hook, you will see many fish hooks and do not bite. If your hook is stiff, many will not see it and will take a bite.

This is why a good selection of words that explain the subject of an email is extremely important

Example of a bad subject line:

Bob Smith – Internship Application

An example of a good subject line:

Internship Application – Top Physics Student of 2018

Tell the former reader your name, but do they need to know it on the line of truth? Do not waste valuable subject line space.

Personalize your emails

Although most of your requests will be similar in nature, it is important to personalize each attempt email instead of sending generic templates that show minimal effort. To do this, try to establish a common basis. Maybe you have researched your contacts and found that they share a common interest. Use it to your advantage by mentioning it in your internship investigation.

The purpose is to hire a hiring manager and force them to read your cover letter at the end. If you’ve handled it, you’ve probably found yourself in the shortlist.

This is the part to get you right in order to get some traction for your internship application. If the subject line risks getting the recipient to read your email, the first sentence requires you to employ another strategy to read the email in the past.

Personalizing an email makes the recipient more likely to continue reading. When was the last time you received an automated email and read the whole thing? Probably in 1998.

Your purpose here is to perfect your email and address it with the specific person you are emailing.

Remember when we talked about finding a common ground? OK, you will use that common ground to personalize the email.

Use a professional email signature

A picture speaks a lot from a thousand words. “In this case, it really is.

People connect better when they see your face. Would you rather not receive an email or receive an email with a picture of the person you are contacting? The next one, of course.

Creating an email signature to look great is very easy, if you know how. If you don’t know how, use an app like Gimmick. You will be able to create the same email signature as the example above. But of course, the possibilities for design are endless.

Be sure to attach your CV and portfolio

Before you hit the ‘Send’ button, make sure you attach your CV or resume and a link to your portfolio (if you have one). There is nothing worse than trying to withdraw an email because you are too careless to send your request without the attachments mentioned in the email.

And if you need help writing the perfect CV, we’ve got a separate article dedicated to creating your first CV!

Explain what you want from an internship

A well written email for internship symbolizes strong identity and personality. When you are trying to convince a hiring manager for an internship, it is also important to outline what you want to gain from experience. There is nothing worse than turning around and realizing that this is not what you expected.

If you plan on working on real projects instead of having tea and coffee all day, let them know! Explain how you want to get stuck and the work that permanent employees want to do. It shows that you have a great work ethic and are willing to work hard during your hiring.

Highlight your skills

It is important to highlight the skills you already have and what you can bring to the table. Understandably, as an intern, you will not have the depth of industry experience (otherwise, you will not apply for an internship), but you should use university or school projects to demonstrate what you have achieved in the past.

You can also include transferable skills like social media, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and time management. Be sure to back up your claim with a real example of when you have demonstrated these skills.


As with any professional correspondence, you should read the email to make sure there are no grammatical errors or typos. Nothing can ruin your chances of getting your dream internship faster than a poorly written request.

If your cover letter requires additional proofreading, you can use grammar or ginger tools. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to read your request before sending it.


Sometimes you need to give people a bit of a break to notice you. So, if you haven’t heard from the recruiting team after your initial response, don’t be afraid to contact them again! Perseverance often pays off – just make sure you don’t overdo it!

If you haven’t already heard from them, set a calendar reminder to follow up with yourself a week later. And don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to them in person. Communication is often friendly when talking on the phone.

So there you have it! Now you are fully equipped with not one but multiple internship protections that will add great value to your CV.

Things you should know

A well written email for internship symbolizes strong identity and personality. An expected letter to inquire about a potential internship or job opportunity with a specific company, or letter of inquiry is used when you are unsure if you have a current opening. The expected characters are similar to the cover letter they were written in the hope of eventually producing an interview; You’re not just applying for a free position. Before you start writing, there are things you should know:

Know your network

Take a moment to evaluate your network of contacts. If you are a college student or graduate, contact your Career Development Office to see if the company you want to apply to has any prior contact. You may have shared a LinkedIn connection with a current employee of the company mentioned above, or you have been active in the same professional company. Having a good connection never hurts and it can only increase your chances of getting a position.


This is one of the most important things to consider, as it can dramatically increase the likelihood of landing an internship, especially if you are applying directly to an employer (and not to an employer).

First, you’ll want to know as much as you can about the company. What they will do, where they will do it, how many employees they employ, what is their main source of income and so on

Not only will this help the employer create a completely personalized email, it will help you understand whether that employer actually wants to work.

Before you even start applying for an internship, you should first do research to find out as much as you can about the business and the people you are working with. And in today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever!

You can start your research by connecting with professionals on LinkedIn and following the company’s progress from what they share. During your research, you need to find the right person to prove that you have gone above and beyond to search as much as you can about the company.

Forget about addressing your expected letter “To whom it may be concerned” “It is best to address your letter to a specific person in the organization: someone with the desired appointment. You are taking a chance by sending a letter of possibility, so you are at odds that you are interested in being part of the company. Your encouragement should come through the letter, but instead of writing something generic and gauche, “I would love to have the opportunity to work for ABC, Inc. because it seems like a great company,” see the details.

Research. Maybe you can identify them with a view or read a news article about the company you’re interested in. Establishing a personal connection will make your interest clear.

Be like yourself

Expected letter templates (like the one below) are great starting points, but you should not follow the word for word. Following a template simply helps keep the letter organized, but a closely followed letter will read as you copy and paste, plugging in certain information when needed. Recruitment managers choose that kind of inhumanity. If you don’t feel like yourself, you probably don’t listen to yourself.

Keep the letter short and try to keep it at the bottom of a page in length.

How to send it

You want your expected letter to be read in the right hands and get the results, so how should it be sent? Email is fast and free, and if you email an employer, they can easily forward your letter to the appropriate contacts within the organization. But inboxes can fill up fast and your letter goes random. Unless you email directly to human resources, there is no way to tell your letter to the right people.

A hard-copy letter printed on nice paper, but can really set you apart. Sure, you have to pay for the postage, but this is a bold move that shows the hiring managers and other high-ups in the company that you are genuinely interested in.

What not to Do

Over the years, people have become accustomed to getting a lot of junk every day in their mailboxes, which means that your automated email is less likely to succeed, let alone read.

Uses outdated or outdated contact details

This is a camouflage mistake, but it happened to most of us.

Check your biography, cover letter and email signature to make sure the contact details are correct.

Use slander or unwanted language

The best way to address someone if you want to be professional is to “Yo Man, WhatsApp?” A well written email for internship symbolizes strong identity and personality.

There is a big difference between keeping the flow of casual conversations and using inappropriate language to communicate.

Your job here is to impress the people you are emailing so much, so they can recruit you.

Not sure what is acceptable and what is not? Imagine the language and conversational tone you would use when writing letters to your grandmother. It is the language and tune you should use.

email sample for internship (source)

Sample email for internship

Sample Internship Search Letter (Text Version)

Lucas Grant
415 Ocean Highway Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 11234
[email protected]

September 1, 2018

Betty White
Executive Marketing Director
Greenhouse Marketing Company
45 Blackhorse Rd.
Santa Ana, CA 34567

Dear Ms.:

After researching several companies for summer internships in marketing, I was particularly impressed with the greenhouse marketing companies and small businesses where I read about the mission of working directly to increase visibility in the marketplace where they can create such an environment. Compete with larger and more established companies.

In April, I will finish my sophomore year at the University of California, California, and I have a strong interest in business and management, with a specific interest in major marketing majoring in my planning. Through this type of experience, I hope to further develop my professional background in preparation for a position in marketing after graduating from college.

Affiliate is offering an overview of my educational background and my previous internship experience in marketing. In addition to marketing, I also worked as a sales associate at Crystal in Los Angeles. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further the possibility of an internship with a greenhouse marketing company during a follow-up phone call next week. You can contact me at [email protected] or 415-324-5673.


Lucas Grant

Decline an internship offer email

Decline an internship offer email (source)

Enter a follow-up email

Often people are busy … this is the way of our modern life. If you don’t get the answer to your first cool email, don’t be upset or frustrated because people can sometimes forget or get high priority at that point.

Rather remove it and try to contact them again. Jedd pays in the end. A good practice is to set yourself a calendar reminder to follow up with that person if they don’t email you again in about 7 days.

If the internship application deadline is approaching, you may want to follow up soon.

Whatever you do, be sure to follow up! Some employers will see this as a strong will and if you plan to be an employee of the company, this is a great job.

Internship Acceptance Letter Template

Internship Acceptance Letter Template (source)

If successful – send an acknowledgment email

If you are successful in your application (which you should be after reading this post !!), there is no better way to show your appreciation than by sending an acknowledgment email for an internship opportunity.

When writing the acceptance email, be sure to thank them for the privilege. Make sure you do everything to achieve your potential as much as possible during the assignment.

Make sure to ask for any fine details such as what day / time to duty, what uniform to wear, and if to fill out a form.

How cold emailing can land to dream internship

How cold emailing can land to dream internship (source)

If unsuccessful – send a thank you email

If you haven’t got the work experience placement you were hoping for, don’t despair. Instead, send an email thanking the employer for their consideration.

Make sure they know that you are still interested in an internship and that you will be happy to work with them in the future.

You never know, you can get a call within a week that they’ve chosen for an internship that doesn’t work.

Avoid these mistakes when writing an email asking for an internship

Process automation

A well written email for internship symbolizes strong identity and personality. Don’t do it As we said earlier, it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity.

One of the worst things you can do is send an email from a huge employer that offers a place of experience for a job owner in the belief that someone will read your automated and scripted email without personalization.

Hope this article on email for internship was useful to you.

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