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SWOT Analysis Threats Examples – Great Companies See Opportunities

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Companies find swot analysis threats examples to assess the impact they impose on a company as well as to determine the possible ways to come out of it by turning these opportunities. If the threat is generated by carriers outside the organization, SWOT threats examples reduce market opportunity or lead to lower profits.

The external threats examples should be different from the weaknesses of the company (whose source is in the company and have a negative impact on its financial results).

In the management of strategic management, the threat is always outside the organization, there is a little direct impact on the management, something that can change the company’s activities with unexpected, negative aspects, threats in SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis threats examples

Threats against opportunity are always negative of nature, marking any signs of a threat to the manager and before they begin their negative effects, adequately and actively responds before taking protection and preventive measures of the SWOT.

The nature of the opportunities and threats examples can be broken down depending on the nature of the environment, which is their source as personal threats examples. The most prominent sources of threats to the company environment are:

Economic impact

According to Bank of Biz/ed, the economy can be considered as an external threat to the business because of how hard a company works and how well its products, economic conditions indicate the profitability and success of a business.

The economic downturn may reduce the demand for goods or services in the consumer market with personal opportunities and threats examples.

On the other hand, a strong economy will inspire more consumer spending and business growth. According to the Economic Development Research and Training Center, by studying economic trends such as family expenses or consumer demand reports, companies can help track economic patterns in their external environment.

  • Economic integration means that foreign competitors start operating freely in the local market,
  • Demand for products and services in the company-operated industry is constantly decreasing as a part of examples of opportunities and threats of a student,
  • The level of economic development is declining, there is a crisis about the future, and general uncertainty, cost, and investment demand have been reduced,
  • The real income of the population is decreasing, which translates into a decrease in the demand for the products produced and sold by the company,
  • Newmarket segments confuse existing customers and reduce demand for old products and services by companies that are not yet emerging.
  • Introducing competitors new products with high quality and low price as an example of threats of a person,
  • Suppliers increase the pressure to increase the price of raw materials/products/materials, increase their bargaining power,
  • Customers are increasing their pressure to reduce prices, by increasing their strength and tender leverage by different strengths,
  • To merge competing companies, the leading competitors take on smaller companies that significantly increase competitive pressure,
  • There is a real danger of emerging market options for company products and services, with improved quality and lower prices as threats in business examples,
  • There are new barriers to opening international trade, potentially possible sanctions, customs and transport issues with some countries are increasing as threats examples for students,
  • The biggest competition enters the market due to its increased profitability and more dynamic growth prospects, as swot analysis strategic planning examples.
  • Competitors produce new and innovative products to meet the needs of customers so far, which pressures the company to change its product range as threat analysis example,
  • Increase interest rates, reduce credit availability, raise capital investment costs for company development as examples of threats,
  • The barriers to entry into the market, which are less than the company’s management, encourage companies to enter the competition by increasing the attractiveness of this market, which drives them and puts negative pressure on prices as examples of opportunities and threats in personal life,
  • Inflation remains at a high level, purchasing, selling, and investing projects limited the possibility of long-term planning as examples of opportunities and threats in business,
  • The obsolete exchange rate reduces export profits, as foreign competition is high, and there are more important players at the international level as a competitor swot analysis example.

Political causes

According to a 2007 article by BBC News, political decisions or changes could threaten the business. For example, foreign investments may be threatened by political decisions to fight other countries. Or government-funded companies are affected by the budget deficit of the excel in the budget as strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats examples.

  • The current political climate in the country does not support cooperation and trust between businesses and government agencies as external opportunities and threats examples,
  • To reduce the demand for social instability and rioting in the country, luxurious products, and services as strength weakness opportunities and threats examples,
  • The customs and tax charge policies assume their growth, the government has to maintain budget balance for the implementation of the public welfare commitments as marketing threats examples,
  • With strict changes on the political stage, the main parties are losing their position in favor of new populist movements, often spreading extremist slogans to do a swot analysis.
  • The economic power of the country was accepted by the political forces on the basis of limited economic independence and declaration of the public declaration, as examples of threats in the personal swot analysis.
  • In which industry the company works, it is negatively evaluated by the ruling political party, its representatives threaten to impose additional tax burden and limit the scope of operation, as company threats examples.
Examples of threats
SWOT analysis threats examples (image source)

Legal factors affecting business

Negative legal factors affecting the business include:

  • There is a real threat to the nationalization of company assets,
  • Reduce legal protection of constitutional property rights and economic independence, as examples of opportunities in swot,
  • The risks associated with the activities of law enforcement agencies have increased: police, tax, and customs authorities,
  • The increased number of potential controls that disrupt business processes,
  • Change laws make business difficult,
  • Need to get new approvals, licenses, permits to work in the industry,
  • Importance of trade barriers (taxes, taxes) in the international business, which the company manages, increases,
  • Employment regulations have resulted in increased restrictions,
  • The regulatory burden associated with the functioning of trade unions has increased, as personal swot analysis example,
  • New types of taxes are levied, not already present,

New technology

With all of its progress in technical fields, the business can serve as a potential external threat. By leaving others behind technological change, companies can offer a competitive advantage, with new technology inventions for the examples of the future threat in swot.

For example, when travel agencies face technical threats, the Internet empowers their customers to do their own research and make their own travel plans from their computer, thereby eliminating the needs of travel agencies, as swot threats examples personal.

Technological changes, as well as future technology inventions, should be monitored to determine if there is a direct threat to a business, as examples of threats in a business.

Social and cultural SWOT analysis threats examples

  • Increasing population awareness of health and safety, thereby reducing the demand for our products and services (eg cigarettes, alcoholic beverages)
  • The market structure provided by the company is hostile to the age structure of the population, the number of individuals of the age group whose target market for the product, is significantly reduced,
  • People are less and less sensitive to advertising and negative reactions to general promotional activities as swot analysis opportunities and threats examples,
  • A negative attitude toward the economic situation and evaluation of future job prospects is generally frightening of economic conditions, job loss and income source,
  • Globalization increases customer requirements, making it more difficult to break down with poor quality and high-value products,
  • Social networks generate fashion for the products and services of the company that manages, but it is difficult to satisfy profitable ways.
  • The demographic profile of the population reduces the demand for the company’s proposed products and services,
  • The decline of the population (demographic crisis), which translates into possible long-term decline to demand as threats of business examples,
  • The professionals are working abroad, the possibility of employment opportunities and a career in the country as threats of a person examples,

Technical SWOT analysis threats examples

Technical factors may also cause many SWOT analysis threats examples, such as:

  • Competitors are using more efficient and environmentally friendly technology as organizational threats examples,
  • Assistance in the form of grants is difficult to set up a research and development center, as opportunities and threats examples for students,
  • The state does not actively support research and development initiatives and foreign patent protection,
  • Technology makes the machine obsolete before there is time to speed change, as a sample of threats.
  • Rapid technological changes shorten the product life cycle so that the company does not receive a fair rate of return on investment in technological development,
  • Hard access to technology, foreign companies have patents for core production technology, development of innovative products is not possible, acquisition of patents is very high,
  • Increasing access to technology for foreign companies reduces the productivity of rival companies as well as the cost of production,
  • The research unit chooses to collaborate with competitors to implement new technologies as a sample of threats in swot analysis,
  • In the industry that handles technology companies in the company, the focus of the organization is mainly focused,

Natural environment

The natural environment can also cause many SWOT analysis threats examples, such as:

  • Climate change in the area that the company can handle reduces the number of potential customers, as swot strengths weaknesses opportunities threats examples,
  • The restrictions arising from environmental law negatively affect the sale of previously produced, traditional products,
  • Enhanced pollution increases the company’s expenditure, which will be to buy costly filtering devices to maintain the optimum level of pollution, as threats examples of personal swot.
  • Impose sanctions on companies that benefit from the environment, increase operating costs, and reduce competitive position with companies that have no real environmental protection pressures as examples of threats swot,

Moral reason

Emphasis on corporate social responsibility increases enterprise costs and makes it difficult to run inconsistent with generally accepted moral values,

More and more potential business partners are putting pressure on the company to respect ethical standards.


Competition is a significant external threat to the business and a product of the market. A competitive market is your competitors who are in need of knowing as SWOT analysis threats examples.

Contest acts as an external threat because the business competes with other organizations for the same customers. Instead, this challenge can rupture a company and flopper others, as strengths weaknesses threats opportunities examples.

Global environment

Worldwide environments can be risky for organizations based on horticulture, agriculture, or other natural resources as threats for swot examples.

Examples of global environmental threats in weather patterns can influence the company’s resources, projects, and profits. To track what kind of business risks and weather patterns and global change there are environmental risks, as macro environment opportunities and threats examples.

Examples of Sources of Threats
Examples of Sources of Threats (source)

Take away

The business has two types of environment: internal and external. Internal environments are controlled by the company and may include elements such as organizational structure and workshop, as examples of swot analysis threats.

The external environment, however, exists outside the company and is not within the range of control. In this way, swot analysis threats examples can be very risky due to the many threats that the external environment can carry.

Here is a SWOT analysis threats examples that companies have to put on a top priority:

Poor company strategy: When decision-makers don’t care much for a great vision and forming strategy and policies thereby.

Access to the Market: The potential for new competitors to enter your market. For example, the only hotel close to a popular beach would see a declining occupation if a competitor opened a place nearby.

Price: Changes in market prices or price wars with competitors. For example, a farmer who identifies a threat that can reduce the price per barrel for cranberries.

Cost: Change in spending. For example, a student who recognizes the threat that education can go up, as organizational opportunities in swot analysis are opposite to threats.

Competition: Potential actions of competitors are a common type of threat in the business context. For example, a competitor who copies your new product will thus lose its unique value in the market, as financial swot analysis example.

Talent: Loss of talent or inability to recruit talent. For example, your business is likely to lose employees who are together, as swot analysis example small business.

Quality: Defective products such as quality failure, as swot analysis examples for business.

Knowledge: Lack of knowledge or the potential for business privacy to flow to the competitor.

Swords: The threat of a brand that rises to the top with a successful advertising strategy.

Authorization: Opportunities that some will not be allowed. For example, the threat to a construction project that the building permits will not be approved by the local government.

Supplies: The possibility of suppliers failing to fulfill your promise. For example, when a key supplier suddenly goes out of business, a solar panel maker is in for a ruckus.

Weather: Weather risks such as ski resorts that identify as threatening a warm winter, like a swot analysis sample.

Catastrophe: Disaster risk such as beachfront hotels that identify the severity of the storm as a threat to property and activities.

Customer service: Failure of customer service such as a representative who behaves rudely with the customer, then posts his or her evidence and allegations via social media.

Taxation: Tax changes that affect your profitability or business model as swot analysis weaknesses examples.

Consent: Your chances of breaking the rules. For example, an employee who fails to follow a procedure that leaves you open to punishment and honorable damages.

Environment: Environmental damages such as beachfront hotels where hazardous items are suddenly dumped onshore all hours of the day.

Quality of life: Changes about the concept of quality of life or quality of life. For example, a firm based in a city that has a reputation for living a quality life due to factors such as air quality is becoming more and more difficult to recruit talent.

Customer perception: Consumers’ perception that a key ingredient in your food products is not healthy, as a swot analysis of a company example.

Customer demand: Changed customer needs such as the generation of people who live close to work and prefer vehicle bicycles and public transportation as swot analysis strengths examples.

Customer Preferences: Changing consumer preferences such as the popular fabric pattern for men’s shirts is suddenly seen as a style of style.

Financial condition: Changes in financial conditions such as recessions, interest rate increases, and exchange rate fluctuations.

Innovative objects: The potential for a competitor to dramatically improve the process, method, product, or service. For example, a competitor who develops a more efficient, more efficient, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation that threatens different business models.

Information Security: Information security threats, such as advanced continuous threats.

Law: The threat of new regulations, such as the introduction of a taxi cab, whose business model may be ineffective in transportation regulations, as swot analysis example.

Poor employee performance: Disengaged and underperforming employees are a great burden for the organization to justify the usefulness of swot analysis.

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