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6 Excellent Tips on How to Collaborate Online with Virtual Team

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How to collaborate online during the time of work from home? We didn’t make this list on the spur of the moment. We learned how does online collaboration work.

How to collaborate online

Here are the six elements that lead to effective online cooperation, and help you to find answer on how to collaborate online:

1. Find the ideal virtual team leader.

Do you think you have what it takes to manage a remote team? Let’s see what happens. It all starts with leadership, according to Debbie DuFrene and Carol Lehman (writers of numerous web collaboration books). They highlight many essential qualities of a qualified virtual team leader in their book Managing Virtual Teams (2012).

They are as follows:

  • Inclusion is aided by the capacity to harness team talent.
  • build confidence and teamwork by providing needed information at the appropriate moment
  • encourage constructive debates
  • dispute resolution
  • (verbal/written) communication
  • exhibit cultural sensitivity provide systems that promote individual and collaborative work and give resources to assist the team in meeting their objectives

Outstanding interpersonal abilities are not explicitly mentioned but are inferred. The book by DuFrene and Lehman includes a Remote Leadership Assessment to help you figure out if you have what it takes to lead a virtual team.

2. Organize the ideal virtual team.

Perhaps you wish to join a virtual team or have been invited to do so. Let’s see whether you’re up to the challenge. Some members come up with a list of 12 qualities that make an excellent virtual team member.

These individuals are generally tech aware, have great interpersonal skills that they can utilize to collaborate with others, and are capable of managing themselves and focusing on assignments without direct supervision.

3. Get the squad ready.

Once the proper individuals have been chosen, the team must guarantee that everyone has the necessary abilities to work together. Communication is the most vital, critical, crucial, life-or-death issue (really, I can’t underline this enough).

Learn them, put them into practice, and make it a requirement for everyone to utilize excellent communication strategies in all team interactions. There are no exceptions.

Make their utilization a mandate in the team charter and record it (see below). Other training requirements might include educating the team on how to cooperate using technology and how to communicate with individuals from diverse cultures in your industry.

In addition to training, team members will need to meet and get to know one another so that they can interact effectively. “Research suggests that high-performing virtual teams spend half their time providing social information as a method of developing early trust,” writes DuFrene and Lehman.

If at all feasible, the initial meeting should take place in person, with everyone together in one place. Following that, face-to-face meetings should occur as frequently as feasible throughout the first year of employment. Video conferencing can also be used for this.

Team activities that promote trust and cohesiveness might be beneficial. Rather than slamming the brakes and forcing the team to collaborate right away, it gives them time to get to know one another to apply how to collaborate online .

4. Make a team charter

It’s just as important to have and use communication skills as it is to have and use a team charter. This piece of advice is taken from the book Leading a Business to High Performance. This paper outlines the team’s goals and how they will work together to achieve them.

The objective of the team, duties and responsibilities, linkages (essential working relationships), processes, and success criteria are all included in the team charter, which is established by the whole team. The backbone agenda used for all meetings, techniques for how the team will produce ideas/make decisions/take action, and “red-faced” tests (or how often the team will evaluate its progress against the objective) are all procedures.

The processes might be broadened to include agreements on how fast emails or phone calls must be responded to, as well as what conditions need direct contact (i.e., face-to-face, video, or phone call) rather than indirect communication (i.e., email, text). The importance of success criteria is that they allow the entire team to assess progress as they work toward the objective.

how to collaborate online

5. Keep track of your development

Successful teams document and share all of their work, including meeting minutes, action plans, and decisions, in a methodical and transparent manner.

Documentation is done in a systematic way, which implies it is done at regular periods or as needed, using a specified technology or approach. The team performs well when they learn how are online collaboration tools used.

In addition, teams track their progress toward the team goal, document it, and make any modifications. This keeps all team members informed about the overall project’s development and how their individual efforts contribute to the overall result – something that may not be obvious when members are separated.

6. Acknowledge accomplishments.

If at all feasible, celebrate the completion of a successful project by recognizing each team member individually (face-to-face).

When this isn’t possible, the team gets together through video or conference calls to celebrate their accomplishment. Even better, give them a day off, a meal out, or a creative present for their accomplishment on applying how to collaborate online .

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