how to negotiate a start date on a job offer

How to Negotiate a Start Date on a Job Offer

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Even in today’s uncertain economic weather and more uncertain job market, the practice of salary negotiation is alive and well. You many get a couple of jobs closely at a time. It can turn important to know how to negotiate a start date on a job offer you have. While raising prices can be difficult at a difficult time, other parts of your compensation package are always open for debate. If you want to discuss your start date, do so before the contract is final. This article will share tips on how to negotiate a start date on a job offer.

How to negotiate a start date on a job offer

Here are some tips on how to negotiate a start date on a job offer, keep reading


Review the package recommended by your new company. Compensation packages often have several components in addition to annual pay, such as company shares, insurance coverage, or retirement accounts.

Your vacation time, sick days and start date will also be highlighted in the package. Once you understand the full scope of your compensation, you can begin to process your expectations and negotiate.


Compare the salaries being paid to other similar positions in the current market. Weight each package element to determine where your offer stands in contrast to the competition. If you want, use any deficit to negotiate a bid for the start date.


Write a preliminary proposal that specifies your preferred start date, the reason for it, and your level of importance to it. Make the arrangement as you would any formal business outline, and use this opportunity to highlight any discounts you have made in accepting the rest of the offer. Submit your proposal to the person who extended the offer and allow enough time to review and respond.


Request a response to your proposal in writing. The written response should outline all of the final terms of your compensation package, including the new start date. It is important to have documented evidence so that you can be sure of getting everything promised.

how to negotiate a start date on a job offer


If you want to delay your start date for a while, but have reacted negatively to your proposal, request an extension of your decision-making period. Most companies will allow for a final answer and sign up for a potential new hire a few weeks or even a few months. It can be all the time you need.


Some companies, usually larger corporations, have a fixed salary and benefits package for all employees in a given position. In this case, the negotiations will not change, and you must make a decision if you decide to do so. Even in this national case though, a start date is flexible, so it’s worth asking.

If you are offered a job with a start date that is realistic soon, tell your new employer that you will need more time to pack things in your old position so that you do not leave your current employer with any inconvenience. The new company will generally appreciate your thoughtfulness and will take the time to know if you will get the same courtesy in the future.


Never discuss salary or benefits before a formal offer is made to you. Spreading the topic during the interview process allows the other candidate to take a leadership position. You have no profit unless you offer, and if a company knows they are going to put more pressure on you before they pick you up, they can easily find another way to go.

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