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16 Tips How to Write a Letter to Reject an Interview [Templates]

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Rejection is good when you can do it positively. Many people ask how to write a letter to reject an interview. It’s tricky, right? Displaying good manners is one of the main issues of job hunting. Recruiters and hiring managers conduct re-work reviews, phone screenings, and face-to-face interviews with candidates, activities that their companies, job candidates, or both disagree with. This article will share tricks on how to write a letter to reject an interview that will not break the relationship. Drawing from a treasure trove of templates, we shall arm you with the tools to handle this process with effortless ease.

When traversing the intricate terrain of job applications, it is not uncommon to encounter situations where a role fails to align with your profound interests and cherished professional aspirations. When confronted with this scenario, it becomes essential to gracefully and promptly decline the invitation for an interview. Navigating this process with finesse ensures your professional demeanor remains intact, and you preserve a positive reputation within the industry, endearing yourself to both companies and recruiters.

The Art of Polite Declination: A Dance of Delicacy

In an ideal world, the summons to a job interview ought to bring joy to your heart. However, there are occasions when the position you once ardently sought no longer appears as a harmonious symphony with your aspirations. Perhaps a more enticing melody has come your way in another organization. In such moments, squandering both your time and the employer’s would be a dissonance best avoided. The virtuous path to take is to gracefully decline.

When the resonating call from an employer or HR team reaches your ears, their anticipation swells with the hope of your presence. Should circumstances lead you to stray from the pursuit of the job, it is of utmost importance to notify them in a timely manner. The symphony of email serves as the most practical medium for this purpose, especially if their invitation reached you through the same digital chorus.

Why the Prelude to Declination?

Life’s grand overture orchestrates changes, unveiling a range of concrete reasons for declining a job interview. Here, we reveal some of the common harmonies we have encountered:

1. A Sojourn of Discovery: Upon further exploration of the position or company, you may discover dissonance between your goals and aspirations and the company’s mission or culture.

2. A Recital of Reconsideration: The prospect of relocation, once deemed harmonious, may now be at odds with your decisions.

3. Alternative Opportunities: The orchestration of fate’s unseen hand may guide you towards other enticing prospects, leaving you intrigued by the harmonies of a different role offered by another company.

4. Salary Expectations: The crescendo of ambition within may lead you to seek a salary that surpasses what the employer offers, compelling you to make a justifiable choice.

5. Financial Concerns: The haunting notes of financial instability may cast shadows upon a company, instilling a sense of risk that you are unwilling to embrace in your journey.

6. Job Security: Embracing caution and fortitude, you may refrain from undertaking an interview that could jeopardize your current employment, a risk too great to entertain for the new position.

7. Waning Interest: The initial spark that ignited your curiosity might, over the course of one or two interview rounds, lose its luster, leading you to a concrescence of diminished interest in the job or company.

8. Schedule Constraints: The conductor of life’s intricate schedule might compel you to gracefully decline, as you find yourself unable to harmonize with the job’s required hours.

9. Incompatibility of Values: As the virtuoso of research graces your journey, you may uncover a dissonance between your values and those of the organization, or perhaps a discordance among the company’s current staff.

10. Personal Life Transitions: The grand overture of life’s unfolding chapters may herald changes that render a job transition unnecessary at this time.

11. Counteroffers: The captivating allure of a counteroffer from your current employer, be it in the form of a bonus, flexible work schedule, paid leave, or school reimbursement, may sway your decision and prompt you to maintain the current harmony.

12. A Duet of Timing: The enthralling melody of a superior job offer graced your path, just as the echoes of your application reached the current employer.

13. A Rhapsody of Altered Schedules: Life’s ever-changing rhythm has altered your availability, making compliance with the job’s schedule unfeasible.

Note: Revealing the true reason for your declination at this juncture is unnecessary. This holds particular significance if future application endeavors in the same establishment are not beyond the realms of possibility. By crafting a concise and polite letter, you harmoniously leave the door open for future opportunities within the establishment.

How to write a letter to reject an interview

Embarking on the path of gracefully declining an interview calls for discernment and conviction, for this is a decision of great consequence, impacting your credibility. The choice to refuse an interview should be rooted in certainty, a symphony of reasons that resonates with your heart and mind. To help you navigate this symphony of emotions, we present a crescendo of tips to aid your decision-making process:

Following is a series of ways to answer how to write a letter to reject an interview, carry on:

1. Take Time for Contemplation

Amidst the labyrinth of interviews and assessments, take time to ponder, to explore the depths of compatibility between you and the company. Do not be swayed too swiftly by impressions; allow yourself to delve deeper, and if concerns arise, address them in subsequent interviews. Seeking the knowledge of the direct supervisor for the position can also bring clarity to your quest.

2. Express your appreciation

Express your appreciation for the interests of the recruiter or hiring manager for your qualifications.

If you had a previous interview with the company and you are refusing the second interview, you could say, “Thank you for your time in our first interview the I appreciate your interest in my qualification for the position of Regional Sales Manager.”

3. Differentiate between Interview and Offer

A job interview, though a gateway to possibilities, stands distinct from a job offer. Embrace the interview as a stage for honing your interpersonal and interviewing finesse. Embrace the opportunity to learn, to reflect on your performance, and to identify areas for growth. Notes etched in the aftermath can illuminate the path ahead, guiding your journey toward the meeting with your future employer.

4. Uncover the Motivations Behind Your Refusal

In the symphony of emotions, examine the orchestrations of anxiety, fear, or nervousness that may be prompting you to decline. If mere jitters veil your interest in the position, seize the chance to conquer them with resilience and preparation. Each interview shapes you, molding your poise and prowess, and thus, consider meeting the prospective employer even if the future may not offer a formal embrace.

5. Seek Counsel from a Trusted Soul

In times of contemplation, confide in a confidante—a trusted friend or former colleague who perceives the nuances of your skills and aspirations. Allow their counsel to resonate within, a melodic cadence of wisdom that may illuminate your path.

With this ensemble of insights, let the harmony of your convictions guide your steps. Embrace the art of refusal with confidence, for it is the symphony of your life that shall ultimately compose the tale of your journey.

6. Set up your letter

Set up your letter in standard business format with a 1-inch margin. Use easy-to-read fonts, such as 12 Point Times New Roman or Arial. Type your internal address, then two lines, and a date. Type the address name, title, company, and mailing address with the two lines down.

Enter the subject line and type “re:” after the location, you applied for. Address the letter to the recruiter or the hiring manager who extends the interview invitation.

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7. Explain why you are denying

Use your second paragraph to explain why you are denying the opportunity to interview with the company.

Be polite in your explanation, but you don’t have to be clear about your hatred for the policy of the company you researched or say you don’t want to be interviewed because the position didn’t seem interesting enough. Simply put, you are denying the interview.

However, if you want the hired or hiring manager to know that you have opted for another job offer, it is acceptable to include them in your letter.

You could write, “Your Regional Sales Manager position looks like a great opportunity Reg Reggio, I must decline the invitation to interview with your company recently I recently decided to join another company in a similar role”

8. Close your letter with thanks

Close your letter with the best wishes for the success of the company, as “greatest in your endless quest for a worthy candidate.” Use a closing greeting with “very truly yours” followed by “type rides” or your typed name.

9. Embrace Courteousness

As you stand at the crossroads of opportunities, bear in mind that the paths may intertwine again in the future. Though this particular position may not resonate with your aspirations, exude politeness and professionalism in your communication. A valid reason for your declination conveyed with grace, shall garner understanding from the employer.

10. An Elegance of Simplicity

In your email, craft simplicity, sincerity, and brevity. Elaborate justifications may seem uncalled for, potentially undermining your reputation and future prospects. Embrace a touch of vagueness, preserving the harmony of the conversation. Exceptions to this conciseness may arise if you have accepted an offer from another company, warranting a specific explanation.

11. Time as Your Muse

While pondering your decision, embrace the embrace of time to be certain in your course of action. Yet, let not the symphony linger, for promptness is of the essence. Respect the hiring manager’s time, granting them the opportunity to explore other candidates and adjust their schedules accordingly.

12. The Virtuosity of Recommendation (Optional)

Should the spirit of initiative guide you, consider recommending another candidate for the role. A gesture of goodwill, this act echoes your regard for the company. Prior to extending this recommendation, engage in a symphony of conversation with the individual, ensuring their genuine interest in the opportunity.1

13. Harmonize Your Mind

The time for indecisiveness has passed. If the allure of the job still beckons harmonize your thoughts swiftly. Should you choose to decline, ensure absolute clarity in your decision. The pen must meet paper with conviction, for once the missive departs, the melody of the invitation cannot be retracted. Any appearance of unreliability or indecision could tarnish your reputation and, in the worst case, bar your path to future applications.

14. Compose a Swift Response

In the symphony of timing, swiftness is key. If you have accepted another job offer, an expeditious decline letter is imperative to maintain grace. Even if your heart dances amidst uncertainty, remember that the employer and interviewers await your presence. The orchestra of etiquette demands you not prolong their anticipation until the eleventh hour. Let your response be a swift overture, sending your final decision forthwith.

15. Employ Harmonious Courtesies

As aforementioned, refrain from igniting infernos on bridges when declining the job interview invitation. The language you employ holds the power to orchestrate your future endeavors. A formal, courteous tone shall suffice, lest discord tarnishes your reputation and echo across the industry’s symphony of words.

16. The Elegance of Vagueness

Your email’s purpose is to delicately inform the employer or HR head of your declination. The burden of explanations is not yours to bear. Allow the melody of vagueness to grace your composition, communicating a clear declination without divulging unnecessary particulars.


Even if the invitation appears via phone call or voicemail message, always write a letter to give a better idea as it will probably go to your application file. The rationale is that you never know when you might want to interview an organization in the future. Writing a polite response to reject the interview request will make for a good idea that they will probably remember.

If you’ve received another company’s offer – if that’s acceptable to you as a reason for acceptance – because the information can be valuable in evaluating the companies’ hiring and selection processes.

HR managers and hiring experts want to know why a candidate is refusing an interview, as it can potentially help the company determine the effectiveness of its hiring strategy.


Take a few hours to understand why you are rejecting a job interview. If your reasons seem unreasonable or if you can’t think of any good reason to refuse, wait before throwing a “thank you, but no thanks” letter.

Final thought

With this symphony of advice, you shall not falter in rejecting a job interview when it aligns with your destiny’s course. Once your decision’s harmony is assured, send your letter of declination without delay. Here, we have revealed the virtuous path to traverse, preserving the bridges of possibility. Harmonize your choices, and may your career’s symphony find its truest cadence.

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