how to write a letter to reject an interview

How to Write a Letter to Reject an Interview

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Rejection is good when you can do it positively. Many people ask how to write a letter to reject an interview. It’s tricky, right? Displaying good manners is one of the main issues of job hunting. Recruiters and hiring managers conduct re-work reviews, phone screenings, and face-to-face interviews with candidates, activities that their companies, job candidates, or both disagree with. This article will share tricks on how to write a letter to reject an interview that will not break the relationship.

How to write a letter to reject an interview

Following is a series of ways to answer how to write a letter to reject an interview, carry on:


Set up your letter in standard business format with a 1-inch margin. Use easy-to-read fonts, such as 12 Point Times New Roman or Arial. Type your internal address, then two lines, and a date. Type the address name, title, company, and mailing address with the two lines down.

Enter the subject line and type “re:” after the location, you applied for. Address the letter to the recruiter or the hiring manager who extends the interview invitation.


Express your appreciation for the interests of the recruiter or hiring manager for your qualifications.

If you had a previous interview with the company and you are refusing the second interview, you could say, “Thank you for your time in our first interview the I appreciate your interest in my qualification for the position of Regional Sales Manager.”


Use your second paragraph to explain why you are denying the opportunity to interview with the company.

Be polite in your explanation, but you don’t have to be clear about your hatred for the policy of the company you researched or say you don’t want to be interviewed because the position didn’t seem interesting enough. Simply put, you are denying the interview.

However, if you want the hired or hiring manager to know that you have opted for another job offer, it is acceptable to include them in your letter.

You could write, “Your Regional Sales Manager position looks like a great opportunity Reg Reggio, I must decline the invitation to interview with your company recently I recently decided to join another company in a similar role”


Close your letter with the best wishes for the success of the company, as “greatest in your endless quest for a worthy candidate.” Use a closing greeting with “very truly yours” followed by “type rides” or your typed name.

how to write a letter to reject an job or interview


Even if the invitation appears via phone call or voicemail message, always write a letter to give a better idea as it will probably go to your application file.

The rationale is that you never know when you might want to interview an organization in the future.

Writing a polite response to reject the interview request will make for a good idea that they will probably remember.

If you’ve received another company’s offer – if that’s acceptable to you as a reason for acceptance – because, the information can be valuable in evaluating the companies’ hiring and selection processes.

HR managers and hiring experts want to know why a candidate is refusing an interview, as it can potentially help the company determine the effectiveness of its hiring strategy.


Take a few hours to understand why you are rejecting a job interview. If your reasons seem unreasonable or if you can’t think of any good reason to refuse, wait before throwing a “thank you, but no thanks” letter.

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