How to reply to accolades from the boss

How to Reply to Accolades from the Boss

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Accolalades are a workplace phenomenon. How to Reply to Accolades from the Boss? When your boss praises you or offers you a reward, it can also be overwhelming and embarrassing. However, if he is taking the time to recognize your efforts, he is trying to be sincere, not to make you uncomfortable. Although your automatic response may politely decline the praise, do not. Instead, learn how to accept and thank acceptance with confidence. This article will discuss about how to Reply to Accolades from the Boss.

How to reply to accolades from the boss

Here are some examples

Show interest and confidence

When your boss is recognizing you, make eye contact with him while standing or straight. She laughs as appreciatively appreciative. She will not interrupt him when he speaks and will not look at the floor or the fetus. Smiling and displaying positive body language will show your confidence in your skills and your boss’s opinion.

Thank your boss

Thank you for your acceptance as soon as your boss is provided. Keep your smile and thank your boss for recognizing your work. Personalize your comment to make your appreciation seem sincere.


“Thank you for recognizing my hard work. I’m glad the project was successful and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“Thank you so much! I appreciate your acknowledgment. I had a great time working on the project and with the team.”

Avoid changing the subject or giving back praise

If you have difficulty accepting your praise or rewards, do not let your boss see your discomfort. Accept the testimonial and wait for the matter to change. Do not change the subject in an attempt to distance yourself. You do not want to appear ungrateful or insecure. Avoid returning praise to your boss in an attempt to focus on redirecting because it seems to be forced or interrupted. But if credit is due to a colleague or others, then give it.


“Thank you for getting to know me. I couldn’t do it alone though. My team has given me a lot of support and deserves recognition.”

How to reply to accolades from the boss

Precise specific reactions

If your boss praises you for something well done, such as giving a complimentary compliment in a simple fashion, try to find out what he thought you did well. Once you know what has particularly pleased your boss, you can try to do so again in future work.


“Thank you for the recognition. In your opinion, did I make the contribution that had the most positive impact?”

“Thanks for recognizing my work. Will you be able to review with me as you make the presentation a success?”

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