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Architecture Presentation Tips that Give Professional Look

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

An architecture presentation demands some useful tips to draw attention and appreciation from peers and supervisors. In a competitive market, a strong presentation to convey the message of the architect’s design can be the difference between winning or losing a new client.

The successful architect has the ability to understand the client’s values ​​and communicate them through his or her designs. He brings the client’s needs to life through illustrations, drawings, and models.

Above all, she has the ability to be clearly relatable and lectured with clients to feel any connection to the project. This article will share some fresh thoughts on architecture presentation tips that make a mind-blowing presentation to meet the purpose.

Architecture Presentation Tips

Here are the steps:

Show drawings as stories

Architects should communicate ideas more than plan, height, and measurement in an architecture presentation. It should tell a story that feels emotional from the audience.

To tell a story, Lauren Ferrelli, author of “Basics Architecture 01”, suggested sorting architectural drawings into a sequence of stories with appropriate drawings with architectural style.

For example, a minimalist modern building project should be reflected in the general presentation of an architect where there are minimal drawings using straight lines and simple backgrounds. The drawings should be graphically interesting so that visitors can visualize them in places.

Hold on to the audience’s interest

For example, the topic of an architect presentation might be “social media for architects”. The website encourages audience engagement by sharing relevant social media stories.

An interactive presentation will include questions such as, “How many architects here today use social media during business time?” Instead of presenting dull facts and figures about the architecture industry, questions will keep the audience awake. Architecture presentations should be timely, with plenty of information to digest, or the audience will lose interest and focus on the architect’s message.

architecture presentation tips

Avoid jargon

Presenting an architecture with jargon can be equally confusing as a foreign language is difficult to follow. The American Institute of Architects recommends in the book “Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” that an architect refrains from using industry jerks when presenting to clients. A client may not understand the technical jargon such as “EIFS” which means extrinsic insulation and finish system.

Even a simple process like DD for “design development,” doesn’t make sense. Academic jargon with terms like “phenology” should only be used for a university thesis. An effective presentation without jargon improves the viewer’s understanding of an architect’s message.

Message, content, and preparation

The American Institute of Architects recommends that an architect should know his medium, audience, and his message before he is ready to make a presentation and teach his message to the audience. For example, he wants to talk to a group of university students about how architecture schools can survive. As part of his material, he could tell the importance of the message lessons he taught while studying architecture.

He could also share areas of caution in the industry, such as how computer-generated drawings can be helpful in architectural copies. As a general report or complex interactive webinar, the architectural content fits the audience with the medium.

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