Deal With Bosses Who Put You on the Defensive Quo

Deal With Bosses Who Put You on the Defensive Quo

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

Dealing with an overly critical boss can make you defensive, but should not be a consequence. To deal with bosses who put you on the defensive quo. For example, if your boss begins to question your actions, if you respond naturally defensively, you may be able to fight these feelings of being challenged and threatened.

With a little preparation – such as the promise of taking some time before responding – you can learn how to avoid a defensive reaction. This article will be talking about how to deal with bosses who put you in the defensive mode.

Deal With Bosses Who Put You on the Defensive Quo

Here are some valuable tips

1. Prepare yourself

Before meeting your boss, prepare yourself for how your boss might react. If you have a project you want to discuss, your boss will ask you and think about how he will ask questions about what he can criticize. If you imagine the situation before it happens and you imagine what you will say, you will be less suited to feeling conservative in the real situation.

2. Have patience

Refuse to take criticism of your boss personally. Smile, take a deep breath, and maintain your calm no matter what he says. Thank him for his response to express your desire to hear his opinion.

Deal With Bosses Who Put You on Defensive
3. Ask

Ask questions to help you learn what you can do to improve when your boss criticizes you or your activities. Then, focus on taking steps to improve without feeling defensive.

4. Keep a checklist

Write a list – at the end of each day – detailing each achievement you create. Allow yourself to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well. If your boss is the type that makes you feel defensive, he may not take the time to praise you for your good deeds.

5. Be proactive

Look for ways to succeed outside your department. Volunteer or join a committee for available opportunities. Either can improve your morale.

6. Alert

If your boss makes you or anything else related to your performance ineffective, give him or her a chance to cool down before trying to solve the problem. Do not engage in any dispute with him.

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