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Entry Level Job Titles in Marketing Even Before the Graduation

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

At your mark, set, go! If you’re ready to start a career in marketing, you may feel like a runner in the opening line of track and field events as entry-level job titles in marketing. The fact of the matter is that there are numerous similarities between the two. If you want to get off to a good start without stumbling, be quick and agile to stay competitive and know where you are headed. A good start in marketing means learning which entry-level marketing tasks are best for you, so you can narrow down your future job search.

Entry-Level Marketing Job Titles
Entry-Level Marketing Job Titles (source)

Here’s the thing to keep in mind about marketing – it’s a much wider field than different career paths. Some works are numerical in predicting sales and earnings, others rely more on creative skills like writing and graphic art. Some marketing professionals are in front of people all day, while others work more alone when creating plans or analyzing results. Try the World’s No.1 Marketing Tool Free!

Entry-level job titles in marketing

It is important to know what type of work best fits your personality and career goals. While not defining your entire career, your first entry-level marketing assignment can point you in a certain direction.

The title of the marketing job to consider this year:

Content creator
Content Strategist
Content Marketing Manager
Creative Assistant
Digital Brand Manager
Creative Director
Marketing Data Analyst
Marketing technicians
Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Strategist
Community Manager
SEO Experts
SEO Strategist
SEO / Marketing Manager

Simple entry-level marketing jobs to monitor jobs

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Out of sales representative

Serving as the face of the company they represent, outside sales representatives push the streets to sell the organization’s products and services. Sales reps must maintain good relationships with existing clients and potential customers in the cold call, which requires a good person. This can be a highly competitive career and may require overnight travel. It is one of the top entry-level job titles in marketing.

Social Media Specialist

Interacting with the digital world, social media experts are the voice of organizations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Creating online communities of social media experts, engaging followers, and channeling the dialogue in a positive way is essential

These marketing professionals support the overall marketing objective and have been tasked with creating a friendly human appearance or content promotion campaign to keep the company in touch. Great communication skills are a must – for this position you need to make a conscious effort to resort to the “voice” of the brand, which is not always easy. It is one of the most popular job titles in marketing. Try Social Media Toolkit whether it is useful for you or not.

Marketing Coordinator

Serving in a role with multiple responsibilities, a marketing coordinator helps the marketing team research, plan and analyze. Duties may include competitive analysis, sales forecasts, media placement, promotional campaigns and compilation reports. Coordinators should be comfortable with quantitative research as marketing becomes a more data-driven field.


Opening a job requirement in the title “Blogger” seems logical – after all, this person’s primary duty is to write for a company blog. Keep in mind that anyone can launch a blog, not just because of a business. It is important for your title to convey the more technical, brand-based skills you need. Successful bloggers find this Social Media Poster very good for quicker and smarter online visibility.

Instead of Blogger, try one of these for size-wise experience levels:

Content creator (entry-level)

Content Strategist (Medium Level)

Content Marketing Manager

What do they do

“Content” is the operative word here. According to a survey of 250 marketing leaders by IT solutions provider TEKsystems, “content creation/management” is the # 3 digital marketing expertise of 2018.

Content marketing encompasses all the usable media used to drive the conversation in your industry – often included but were not limited to blog posts. A content marketing toolkit can help a lot in this regard.

Your content team implements your blog and offers tone, topic selection, editorial calendar, email promotion, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies – ensuring that you are connecting with the right type of readers that you can convert into customers. SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker is very handy that many successful businesses rely upon.

Does this seem like a lot of varied skills that can be difficult to find in one person? How you want to spread these responsibilities across this class of groups is up to you. Although the content creator can be your lead author, for example, you can put the content strategist in charge of defining key editorial themes and how to approach SEO in each post (we’ll talk more about SEO work in minutes).

The Content Marketing Manager can then monitor the editorial calendar and package content in the customer newsletter, helping you grow your contact list and generate leads from all your content creators ‘ hard work.

Account Coordinator

Working with a specific client or group of clients, the Account Coordinator is the link between paying customers and marketing team members. Responsibilities include relaying expectations, making sure deadlines are met, and making sure the client is satisfied with the work done. This job requires great organizational and communication skills.

Inside Sales Representative

Operating from an office home base, internal sales representatives maintain accounts to ensure existing clients are satisfied with the company’s products and services. If a client has to place an order or report an unresolved issue, the sales representative is the contact person. Internal sales reps may be asked to upsell customers with new or expanded product lines.


How do you know that your marketing efforts are producing a return on investment (ROI), or that even the right people are watching? Information related to the information on the pages, how users got to your content, how long they stayed, and other customer metrics can help you to set standards and discover optimization opportunities, but the role that handles these data is a bit more complicated than the two above. It is one of the entry-level job titles in marketing with many prospects.

Here are three great titles for more of your analytics marketers:

Marketing Data Analyst (Entry Level)

Marketing Technician (Medium Level)

Digital Marketing Manager

What do they do

While each of these people needs to be proficient in content analysis, they are actually expert marketing data analysts who study the industry situation to further refine product positioning, marketing technicians devise an effective strategy to enforce these conditions – and the technology needed to support it. Accepts Digital marketing managers monitor analytics related to your content so you can optimize your existing assets and create smarter campaigns in the future.

These staffs are very helpful for companies that outsource freelancers to their writing needs and have to perform REI analysis on their content spend. Or perhaps they have less technical content at home and prefer to hire a designated analytics team to work alongside them.

If you do not have the budget or inclination to recruit two separate teams, it is common for content strategists or content marketing managers to create analytics on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that not every data-focused job title is related to marketing, so be careful when hiring analytics buffs. For example, a broad headline like “Data Analyst” could attract operation generalists who design systems for the business to be more effective, rather than marketing exclusively to themselves.

Development aide

Acting as a fund-raiser, a development associate usually works in the nonprofit sector to raise money for a good cause or mission. Skills required include database management, event planning, and promotion development. To ask for big gifts, calling on potential donors is an obligation that takes long-term sales skills.

Facebook and Twitter handlers

For starters, “Facebook Manager” is not your best bet here. Similar to how a “blogger” is too narrow to think about your content, these types of employees deserve a title that reflects how they are using this medium – not what specific channel they are using.

Job titles are:

Social Media Coordinator (entry level)

Social Media Strategist (Medium Level)

Community manager (management)

What do they do

Social media coordinators often handle daily posting responsibilities on various social networks, including managing a posting schedule similar to the content creator’s editorial calendar. This Social Media Poster can help. Media strategists help you decide which social networks to keep an account on, what content to post, and where, for maximum reach and ROI.

Strategies for each audience depends on where your audience hangs and what content – insights on how your marketing data analytics can help you uncover.

So, what the heck is a community manager? While you may also be hiring for a social media manager, as your social media presence grows, the community manager has a special focus on the public. These employees typically perform the following or two duties:

First is helping your social media team manages its relationships with current and future followers of the brand, especially if these followers are extremely responsive to your posts. It’s the community manager’s job to engage these people and make sure the brand is responding to its most vocal audience.

Moderators in other communities, however, operate on social platforms where your followers talk regularly. It may be Facebook, but it may also be the comment section of your blog or website of the community forum maintained by your organization. These community directors answer questions, promote appreciation and other valuable audience contributions, and minimize negative comments.

Communication Specialist

To help formulate a public perception, a communications expert is dedicated to managing messages from a company. As you might expect, these professionals should demonstrate skills for written and verbal communication. Communication specialists usually work with advertising, public relations and media relations companies. It is one of the top entry level job titles in marketing.


Acting as a matchmaker for the professional world, recruiters do the business of marketing people to the businesses they need to fill organizational roles. The job is a mix of marketing and human resources because employers use marketing skills to attract top talent and build trusting relationships with employers. These recruiters often work for staffing agencies and receive commissions to successfully locate and deploy candidates for client roles.

Junior Business Analyst

Working with senior members of the team, a junior business analyst helps validate the functionality of sales and account management systems. Updating senior management to the work requires critical monitoring and reporting systems. Supervisors rely on junior analysts to report trends – both good and bad.

Multimedia person

Defining this role can be more difficult, but it is just as important as your content strategy. Although “videographers” and “graphic designers” are freelancers and who may be at a level sufficient to specialize in a particular medium, these titles do not hold much weight for full-time candidates who are increasingly “doing it all”. It is one of the top entry level job titles in marketing with popularity and prospect.

Here are some suggestions:

Creative Assistant (Entry Level)

Digital Brand Manager (Medium Level)

Creative Director (Management)

What do they do

You’ve probably noticed that creating a design: As writers engage with “content”, your visual content and multimedia ideas favor the title of marketing work based on “creative” and “brand”. These keywords help you bundle the many types of marketing synergies your creatives can handle under one umbrella.

By breaking down specific tasks associated with each role, creative assistants and digital brand managers create photos, videos, logos, infographics and similar visual content that give your brand style and storytelling power. Creative directors, on the other hand, “work with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create a vision for the products they sell,” according to Snagzab, adding, “They invent new ideas for branding, advertising promotion and marketing messages.”

After deciding what level of expertise you need, make sure to research the design and editing software to suit your company’s needs and include it in the job description. This ensures that you reach the candidates who rely on the same tools you need to succeed.

Public Relations Coordinator

Maintaining the image of an organization, working with the public relations coordinator media, planning events, writing press releases, pitching stories, contributing to social media and advising the organization’s leaders on public statements. If a problem arises, it is public relations professionals who handle crisis control. This position requires great agency and relationship-building skills because PR professionals work closely with journalists and editors to get coverage for their clients’ events. Always on good terms with a publishing staff!

Who will find you on Google

SEO gets its purpose. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Never publish a clue as to how content gets the highest rank in their results (only!) And any marketer can tell you how important it is to show up on the first page. Their ranking algorithms also change regularly to make your Google Guru (don’t list your to-do lists) an incredibly valuable person.

Here are three marketing job titles that will resonate with the search crowd:

SEO Expert (Entry Level)

SEO Strategies (Medium Level)

SEO / Marketing Manager (Management)

What do they do

As you can see, here is a pretty clear pattern. And just like your social media team, the difference between each role is strategy vs. execution.

SEO experts coordinate with content creators to ensure SEO strategies are being practiced in your content. Google algorithms or your own content strategy, as strategists work with your analyst buffs to refine your outlook on SEO.

According to Content Optimization Service Conductor, the most common SEO job title among SEO / marketing managers and you SEO performance – known as “organic” performance – multiple blogs or website pages.

Remember that not every marketing position you see here is the key to effective growth. Some titles may be most useful for inclusion in the job description of a role that you are assigned to than your own position (for example, in the description of “social media” for the title “Marketing Director in Content”).

More Interesting Articles

What if your first job is not worth it?

With someone just starting out, you may discover that your first task was not right in your mind.

“Don’t go away abruptly,” advises Ridge-builder Pete Lavelle. “Plan a smooth exit strategy and use the experience to create both your live and LinkedIn network.”

When looking at job descriptions, you may want to think about the warning signs to avoid tasks. Beware of ads that contain the words “sports-minded” and ‘must have fun’ phrases that are often used to mask sales of hard-to-sell products, “says Lovell.

It is also important to do your research, like any major decision in life. Before you apply, spend some time researching the company and the role of sites like Glassdoor. It’s a good rule to remember that online reviews feel more like people who were frustrated with their experience. It states that these sites can still be a helpful tool for identifying employers that are not really worth your time.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that initially a lot of entry-level jobs can be overwhelming – you won’t be allocated a lot when you get started, and it always takes a while to get the hang of things. Give your first marketing time and before you decide to move on to the worst, you will get paid while creating valuable experience.

 Marketing Job Titles For the Skill Sets
Marketing Job Titles For the Skill Sets (source)

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