How to Deal With Manipulative Coworkers

How to Deal With Manipulative Coworkers

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

The average worker spends a good portion of their day at work. When you work with different personalities, you are likely to encounter at least one colleague with whom you do not agree or disagree. You should know how to deal with manipulative coworkers successfully and effectively.

You may also encounter someone who is manipulative who enjoys towing with a guy to get what he wants with him. These people can make the task difficult, so you need to find strategies to deal with them. This article is all about how to deal with manipulative coworkers successfully and effectively.

How to deal with manipulative coworkers

Follow these tricks

Talk and guide

Talk to the person about their behavior. If a colleague constantly tries to manipulate you and it hinders production or organization and team goals, pull him aside and talk to him.

Describe the truth in a positive way and try to take the other person’s feelings into account. You want to deal with him in a way that is helpful to the situation without damaging his self-esteem. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to talk to your manager.

Learn to say no

Learn to say no to a person. Pay attention to the language that individuals use to trade others. According to Modesto Bee, a manipulative colleague can present an immediate threat to your work and your sensual well-being. Avoid being victimized simply by not saying their request.

How to Deal With Manipulative Coworkers

Take control

Take control of the situation. According to Good Morning America, you shouldn’t be stuck waiting to change another person’s behavior. Take control and change the way you approach situations. Sometimes you can change another person’s behavior by changing your own.


Get away from the person who is trying to drive you. An effective way to stop a coworker’s coworker is to avoid them. Take breaks at different times. The busier you are, the less time you have to approach the person with the request.

Don’t over-react

Don’t overreact to a difficult colleague. Keep calm and keep up your work When you overreact, you can give away individual ammunition to destroy your credibility. He can complain to management that you have lost your great job.


Cool and relax during the day. If your company has a gym, try working out at least part of your lunch break or take a walk. Moving away from a somewhat difficult situation provides time to think about what happened and how to best solve it.

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