The Job of the Future: Skills Needed for the best job of the future

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2019)

The Job of the future will be transforming in the coming years. A lot of gradual and certain changes are taking place. Different skills needed for the best job by 2030. So, transformation of skills is on the pace. This article will be discussing about the job of the future as well as skills needed for the best job of the future.

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Job of the Future

  1. The concept of labor has led to the decline of the conceptual concept, as well as the rise of shared economies of contractual work and vendor dependence.
  2. The type of work will be changed in next 5 years
  3. AI, machine learning, big data, cloud technology will dominate the future
  4. Internet of Things is encouraged to develop new skills for connecting devices and empowering their users.
  5. A different kind of work and workforce will be required, and therefore completely different kinds of education are unknown and unknown in 2000 or later.
  6. The five trends in the future of work are new behavior, technology, millennial workforce, higher mobility and globalization.
  7. The new millennial workforce is already close to half the workforce in major countries around the world and will be majority by 2021
  8. The ubiquitous high-speed mobile Internet will bring connectivity to the palate and make it faster than ever
  9. The workforce will increasingly depend on university and long-term degree education. In the meantime, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google have announced that they will be hiring efficiently, not by degrees, from 2020.
  10. Tomorrow’s employee will concentrate on the outputs and create his own ladder, anytime, anywhere, using any device. S / he will take customized work, share information, become a leader, rely on assistive technology and focus on adaptive and democratic education.
  11. According to Jacob Morgan, the ten principles of a future manager include leadership, following through, understanding technology, for example, embracing vulnerability, sharing and trusting collective intelligence, fire-starter, real-time recognition and responsiveness. Aware of limits and limitations and adapts to future employee.
  12. Culture: Tomorrow’s universities should consider the degrees as a result and focus on the real-life skills and curriculum outlined above.

job of the future skills needed for the best job

Skills Needed for the best job of the future

  1. Human skills will be needed to focus less on repetitive work of artificial intelligence and more on creative, innovative, problem solving.
  2. New skill sets needed for the new economy: basic literacy, numbers, scientific literacy, ICT literacy, financial literacy, cultural and civic literacy
  3. Need new competition: complex challenges. These, with artificial intelligence as a key feature in the knowledge economy, are problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.
  4. New character qualities required: Go to their changing environment, curiosity, zeal, persistence or bitterness, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness.
  5. Top 10 Skills of 2020: Critical problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordination with others, sensitive intelligence, judgment and decision making, service orientation, discussion and cognitive flexibility.
  6. Four Cs are being developed as core competencies in the 21st Century: communication (thinking, sharing questions, ideas and solutions), collaboration (working together to achieve a goal), critical thinking (looking at problems in a new way and connecting education). Topics and disciplines) and creativity (trying new ways to get things done is the same as innovation and invention).
  7. According to Jacob Morgan, there are seven principles for a future employee: a flexible work environment, can customize their own work, share information, use new ways of communicating and collaborating, become leaders, learn from the knowledge worker. , And learn / mentor at will.

job of the future skills needed for the best job

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Role of Universities

  • It must cooperate with countless learning systems,
  • Matching with experimental brick and portal learning,
  • Focus on mentoring, not teaching,
  • And make education choice-oriented and student-centered.
  • Integrate formal into self-learning modules and skills.
  • Today and tomorrow should have paid more attention than yesterday and knowledge was more in terms of application.
  • Make tomorrow’s human resources better for today’s economy than the labor force of yesterday’s economy.
  • Create talent for digital marketers, animators-designers, artificial intelligence engineers, strategists, market researchers, content developers, legal experts, finance experts, multi-linguists, behavior scientists, entrepreneurs, robotics engineers, communicators, applied scientists, pharmacists, design thinkers Designers, big data analysts and data managers, campaign managers, and others Yes.

job of the future skills needed for the best job

University Curricula

Tomorrow the university will include a mentor-teaching approach to the university. They will concentrate on:

  • A mixture of classroom learning (formal),
  • Workshop Based Learning (Hands On),
  • Peer Learning,
  • Real life experience (internship),
  • Case-based learning,
  • Internet-based learning,
  • Video-conferencing,
  • International Education (Global Exposure),
  • Research-based studies,
  • Degrees and beyond,
  • Skills and portfolio focus,
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving

job of the future skills needed for the best job

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