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Card-linked marketing will be both a blessing or a curse, relying on who you ask. For retailers, it’s a blessing in disguise. On the opposite hand, these focused by these advertisements won’t be too completely happy about what some may take into account one other type of marketing intrusion.

Regardless of how customers might really feel about this new platform, it’s right here to remain.

What is card-linked marketing?

Have you ever made a purchase order utilizing both your debit or bank card and obtained advertisements afterward that had been related to your bought gadgets?

That’s as a result of card-linked affords retargeted you. This kind of retargeting platform makes use of bank assertion information to serve higher advertisements to customers primarily based on their buy history.

Card-linked marketing, alternatively, provides more layers to that model to qualify as card-linked marketing and never simply card-linked affords.

Kasey Byrne, SVP of Cardlytics, defines card-linked marketing as, “a new digital media channel for retailers, restaurants and other consumer-facing brands which uses actual past purchase information to create targeted, relevant advertising for consumers, presented through the consumer’s mobile and online banking application.”

What does all that imply? It means banks partner with advertisers to offer customers unique affords to “load” on their debit or bank card before the acquisition. Their earlier buy history determines which unique affords to display.

Also, these affordances are solely out there for personal online and mobile banking purposes. Loading affords beforehand is what separates the 2, together with card-linked marketing, which is unique to banks.

Let’s take a look at how Bank of America is using card-linked marketing of their program BankAmeriDeals:

A user logs into their bank account and views a number of retailers and offers. The user should activate every supply they plan to make use of before buying the gadgets. A reduction will probably be made and credited at the end of the month.

Bank of America is one instance, however different main banks additionally take part in card-linked marketing, akin to Chase. With the addition of Chase and different main banks, Cardlytics is working with a collective total of two.3T of client spending.

Cardlytics is the patent-holding leader in transaction monitoring without leaving the bank’s firewall. The company analyzes debit, credit score, and pre-paid card transactions to achieve deep insights into buyer buy behavior.

There are loads of third-party, card-linked supply marketing firms in existence, akin to Cartera, Carspring, and Augeomarketing.

Banks can use card-linked marketing to satisfy a number of purposes at once. Card-Linked Marketing offers the unique potential to increase incremental expenditure and minimize account attrition while also attracting new clients to the bank. As a result, there’s a lot of opportunity for interchange money.

Banks may benefit from these returns in a way that benefits both their cardholder and corporate clients. Banks may modify the structure of their interactions with new and current clients to make them stronger and more meaningful by using a solution that delivers these benefits.

Card-Linking Networking

Recognizing the value created by issuer-backed card-linking, the payment networks, primarily VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (also an issuer), have developed alternative modalities available via APIs that allow offers to be linked to consumer cards and provide limited insights into consumer spend-data to program sponsors.

Payment networks may recognize cards and assign credits to transactions that fulfill the criteria of the programs they provide since they process transactions.

MOGL, a restaurant offerings firm, uses these payment network APIs in the following way:

Restaurants sign up for the initiative and authorize payment networks to forward their transactions to MOGL.
When a user signs up for the initiative, they give payment networks access to monitor their transactions for eateries that have also signed up.
A MOGL user makes a qualified transaction at a MOGL-enabled restaurant to receive a discount.
MOGL refunds the user’s card account for the discount amount of that transaction when the payments network scans the user’s purchases and informs MOGL that a qualified transaction was performed.

One key distinction between payment networks and issuer-integrated card-linking firms is that payment networks demand authorization from consumers and merchants, whereas issuers, who have more privileges, do not.

Obtaining New Clients and Retaining Existing Clients

Banks that provide a Card-Linked Marketing solution can gain these consumers without incurring high acquisition expenses since incentive programs attract young customers.

According to a survey conducted by AlixPartners in 2012, 49 percent of consumers aged 26 to 34 are inclined to switch credit card providers in order to have access to a tailored rewards program. v While loyalty and rewards programs may initially encourage clients to transfer banks, the Cardlytics Solution assists new banks in retaining customers who have already made the transition.

The potential of Card-Linked Marketing to increase incremental expenditure while reducing account attrition has a major impact. Customers who originally participated in the campaign by redeeming a prize remain active on their accounts.

Redeeming consumers, as we’ve seen, continue to spend more than non-redeeming ones. As a consequence, Card-Linked Marketing reduces attrition while also keeping more customers who are actively engaged with their accounts by spending more money every trip.

Increased Online and Mobile Banking Logins Card-Linked Marketing adds more contact points between banks and their consumers by boosting online and mobile banking logins. Customers who have enabled a reward notice a 16 percent increase in online banking logins.

This translates to an extra 1.2 logins each month. Customers don’t even have to redeem to get this higher level of involvement. Customers are more likely to log in to their online banking accounts simply because of the activation event.

Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a major regulatory shift that took effect in May 2018. Under EU legislation, the GDPR provides European customers a “right to be forgotten.”

This implies that at any time, a person can demand that businesses erase any documents and data pertaining to their personal history, and the firms must comply. You must comply with the GDPR whether you conduct business in the EU or sell to consumers anywhere in the EU Digital Single Market.

Because CLM relies on a thorough analysis of consumer data, GDPR will have an influence on its efficacy. If a consumer requests that their data be deleted, you will lose access to the data you require, making CLM impossible.

Pros of card-linked marketing

Let’s speak about some great benefits of utilizing card-linked marketing.

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Better focusing on

You may be asking yourself, “What does accurate segmentation mean?” It means higher campaigns, which in flip leads to higher ROI. It’s possible to create higher campaigns as a result of all of the information you need to create your audience precisely is there.

Keep in thoughts; this can be broad viewers so that you can phase. As talked about beforehand, Cardlytics analyzes over 94 billion bank accounts. More accounts equal more alternatives to transform that wasn’t possible up to now.

Not solely do you’ve gotten loads of targets, you even have higher methods to advertise to them. You know precisely the place they make purchases.

Advertisers are all the time in search of methods to effectively improve engagement with prospects. Currently, purchase-driven focusing is yielding high returns, which inspires entrepreneurs to proceed with this pattern of focusing.

Closer connections with customers

Unlike before, the info given to advertisers utilizing card-linked marketing paints the entire image of how people are spending their cash. What makes this possible is monitoring offline purchases.

You get to check out the entire pockets. As a matter of truth, you’re displaying advertisements in your viewers’ digital pockets – right next to the place they put their cash. You can’t get any nearer.

On top of this, you observe the efficiency of your campaigns primarily based on people clicking in your advertisements – a definite indication of what’s or shouldn’t be working to serve your viewers higher.

Aggregation of offline buy information

Although the pattern of online purchases continues to develop as a result of the existence of large firms like Amazon, people will all the time make purchases offline.

For instance, an individual stops right into a Subway to seize a sandwich. In the longer term, they may obtain retargeted advertisements for Subway. Grocery procuring at Wal-Mart is one other instance of on a regular basis offline procuring.

Before, these purchases had been sitting online inside a bank assertion gathering digital mud. Card-link marketing is bridging the hole between online and offline. The profit is two-fold for each advertiser and customer.

Consumer Experience

First, we should speak in regards to the client experience. After all, if the patron shouldn’t be completely happy, then your ROI won’t be as worthwhile as hoped.

Everything comes right down to the patron and whether or not they’re completely happy or not. Considering that this marketing approach takes a big-picture strategy to spending habits, we are able to take a look at how and the place customers are spending cash.

We see the place people store and exactly which advertisements profit the patron immediately. The incentive is saving cash on what an individual would already buy. Let’s increase the shopper experience by eliminating the effort of coupons.

Searching, clipping, gathering, and remembering to make use of coupons grow to be a factor of the previous. Customers save time by digitally gathering their financial savings, and by having reductions utilized on the level of sale. Transactions grow to be streamlined on each side of the register.


Going back to the retargeting instance, consider how we create the marketing campaign to achieve that particular person inside that viewer.

Before you’ll be able to consider the person or the viewers, you must consider how you can choose them for a bunch. The process of choosing your viewers is thru correct segmentation.

Specific segmentation is just possible with correct metrics. Fortunately for you, that’s what you get with this marketing platform – correct information straight from the source.

You have entry to insights, together with buy frequency, location, and quantity, amongst different metrics. As a marketer, these numerous metrics will deal with people or teams, nonetheless, wanted.

Better advert spending

But, how does this all relate to the price of advertising? Small gradual purchases are what drive card-linked marketing. It’s these small transactions that, over time, inform advertisers of the place customers are spending their cash.

There is one other indication of the place customers make purchases. As you learn above, to obtain the reductions or affords retailers make out there, they have to be “loaded” onto the cardboard before buying.

We have a powerful indication of the place people are spending their cash. They are telling us precisely the place they store. How does this profit an advertiser?

It permits advertisers to pay just for the advertisements which are making revenue due to CPC, or cost-per-click. Optimize advertisements to focus on the high potential, energetic purchaser who’s shopping for in your goal markets.

You deal with those that are buying. You do that in order that advert spending is decreased on the opposite efficiency metrics, like engagement or impressions. With this in thought, you’ll be able to ignore them altogether.

Cons of card-linked marketing

Card-linked marketing sounds good. You join on to your viewers. You additionally get insights on virtually every buy they make – excluding money, in fact. So, what possible cons are there?

Data breach

When speaking about banks, the subject of knowledge breaches can’t assist however pop up. It’s comprehensible why contemplating the truth that Capital One was hacked and one particular person obtained the personal information of over 100 million people.

Unfortunately, in this present digital age, information breaches have grown to be one thing we should all cope with. Nothing is ideal, particularly after we are creating defenses in opposition to cyber-attacks. As time goes on, the frequency of such assaults lessens as we are taught more about how cybercriminals behave.

The individual that hacked Capital One was apprehended. The FBI adopted that particular person’s trial and understood the steps he took.

Computer engineers are taught from these breaches to forestall future assaults. As a marketer, this can be the main con to consider. In the long run, nonetheless, this con might not exist sooner or later.

Loss of loyal prospects

How do you lose loyal prospects? By annoying them with irrelevant advertisements. It occurs when entrepreneurs ignore their marketing campaign efficiency and repeatedly ship ads that may carry out poorly. People will discontinue utilizing the service in the event that they don’t suppose they’re benefiting from it.

Card-Linked Marketing

How efficient is card-linked marketing?

You now know what card-linked marketing is and the way it’s utilized in marketing. Now let’s transfer onto how efficient it’s. First, let’s speak in regards to the attain of this marketing approach due to probably the most important participant within the game, Cardlytics.

The company companions with over 2,000 financial establishments, from which it collects buy information. In 2016, the company analyzed over 18 billion transactions throughout more than 94 billion bank accounts within the U.S.

Using the huge quantities of knowledge collected, Cardlytics can analyze their information to serve customers with higher advertisements. Now, take a look at how 62% of card-linked supply users that responded to a survey noticed a 100% improvement in transactions in a year.

The obvious motive for such a high improvement in transactions is because of personalized affords to customers. According to Cardlytics, “The bigger draw for banks is customers’ increased use of their cards; the boost is about 9 percent.”

Take a step back and take a look at how advertisers are taught the place customers spend their cash online and offline. One buyer can purchase an airplane ticket, then purchase lunch, and end the day with high-ticket buy merchandise like a settee.

Looking at this instance, you’ll be able to think about the process of this particular person going surfing and offline buying gadgets with their debit card. Next, think about monitoring the spending habits of this specific particular person, analyzing that information, and advertising the related merchandise for being a loyal buyer.

“Research shows that when consumers pay for something and then automatically receive cash when they weren’t expecting it, a positive stimulus gets triggered neurologically,” in response to Dosh CEO, Ryan Wuerch. Dosh is a startup company purchased out by PayPal that provides its users with card-linked affords.

Take away

How can card-linked marketing provide help as an advertiser? By merely being in front of your viewers right next to their cash. You get an understanding of precisely the place they make their purchases and what motivates them to spend. Through analytics, you take a look at what affords or offers drive customers to purchase.

All of the info processing is inside the firewall safety of huge main banks. You have entry to more than 94 billion accounts to create nearer relations together with your audience. With the assistance of card-linked marketing, you’ve got a whole view of client’s wallets that you just didn’t have till now.

If you’re eager about our card-linked marketing and advertising companies, contact us to debate your marketing campaign objectives and be taught more about our card-linked marketing options.

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