Importance of Smile in the Workplace Communication Skills

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

Importance of smile in workplace communication skills is a way of improving communication in the workplace through smiling. It has good effects on the brain. Smile has an unique power. It is a quality for the leaders. Everyone loves an smiling face. Smile is a symbol of harmony. It implies helpful mentality. Smile gives confidence. It gives compliance. Smile has manifold benefits in career development.

Importance of smile in workplace communication skills

There are many ways to improving communication in the workplace. Consider the importance of smile in workplace communication skills.  We are going to discuss the ways smiling renders benefit for improving communication in your workplace.

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01. Build and strengthen relationship

It is naturally believed that a person who can smile in the workplace is friendly enough to build relationships and teamwork. And relationship building is among the great importance of communication skills as well as core qualities of a corporate culture. This presents importance of smile in workplace communication skills for professionals.

Apart from building new relationship, smile helps to improve your relationship with peers, boss and juniors. Or, has the ability to attract your network towards you because effects of smiling on the brain is huge for everyone. You have a good, friendly impression to all. Even, with a candid smile on the face, you might be able to rebuild broken relationship, as well relationship with your enemies in many cases.

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02. Relieve work stress in workplace

Smile relieves stress by releasing endorphins. It is a hormone that helps humans to relieve stress. In the corporate world, employees undergo millions of stress continuously. Smile works as a therapy on the stressful situation that is a good way for improving communication in the workplace.

It is easier to smile than frown. It takes 5 to 53 muscles to smile. Smile enhances blood flow in the heart, that makes sure smooth blood circulation through the body. These are helpful to relieve stress that you might experience due to workload and mental dissatisfaction.

smilesmile quote quote

smile quote

03. Smile boosts your immune system

When you are immune from diseases, you have a higher stamina, to handle stress and day to day work properly. Usually, a sick person can nevertheless have happy than a healthy person. And health is wealth and an active ingredient for productivity.

Smile is a healthier tonic. It is a natural remedy of many diseases. When we make smile our habit, we have good possibility to remain immuned from usual sickness, that cause absenteeism, early leave, and leave from office frequently. Thisexplores the importance of smile in workplace communication skills. When we are regular in office, and put our full attention, works environment would turn healthier.

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04. Smile makes us attractive

When we keep smiling, we turn to be attractive. People and colleagues would come to our favor. An attractive personality is likable to all. And when we are likable to all we will have a good team bonding. We will have influence over all other. When the team combination is good, accomplishment comes as a logical consequences. This is a effective message for improving communication in the workplace.

Think about a work environment when most of the team members don’t have comfortable relationship with us. Think we are not amicable. May be people don’t like to be free and frequently with us due to our not smiling face. They have avoiding tendencies, and don’t prefer to make team bonding with us. How will be the impact of this odd situation?

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05. It is contagious

Smile is infectious. It usually transmitted from one person to another, or to a group. When a good, workable and friendly environment is created among all due to tour smiles, whats wrong with that?

After a stressful job, or a sad, gloomy atmosphere in the office, people will definitely welcome a person who can make the environment friendly, funny and easy, though smile. People want joy and fun and smile. This discloses importance of smile in workplace communication skills for your colleagues and boss. If you can make their time and life simple by your contagious smile, you will obviously be ahead of others. Everyone will count your smiling quotes. Your office need a smiling person like you.

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06. Changes our mood

Human mood is changeable time to time. Our mood changes for numerous of reasons. And changing mood is a common phenomenon of everyone’s life. Preferably, people intend their mood to be changed from one situation to another. Obviously, everyone wants a good mood.

Smile is a good way to change mood. It transform one’s mind from one stress or gloom to other state of happiness and refreshments. Keep smiling, whether in the bad or good mood. It really works. Change a bad mood is very important in official activities, as well as personal life. Smile can be useful in this regard.

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07. Smile serves purpose

It is found that, you can serve your purpose by smiling in many cases. When a salesperson gives a big smile on his face with her products, it gives her extra chances to convince the customers to buy in many cases. A smiling face in the interview board is well enough to have some sort of favor. This is a clear message for improving communication in the workplace.

When you ask for a help to your colleague on some issue with a sweet smile on the face, she might be extended her support for you despite of her business. Or, say, you present your project proposal in the meeting with the high official of a company, he might give you extra points for your smiling face. There might be many more such instances in practical life.

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08. Smile is a symbol of positivity

Whatever bad or negative the situation is, a candid smile is always a symbol of positivity. Showing a smiling face always will represent you as one of the positive person in the office. This clarifies importance of smile in workplace communication skills for all. You will be able to establish a positive impression to all, that is said in many of smiling quotes.

Smile is a zero investment to create your positive impression to others. Take the maximum benefit of your smile. When you are likely to be positive, office will depend on you for many deal and assignments. Also, some of your colleagues will be doing the same, through your implied inspiration.

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09. Reflection of forgiveness and openness of mind

After an aggressive encounter or silly mistake, smile is a good way to reconcile relationship, or apologize, that also turns onto forgiveness. A smile says many word. Smiling quotes say so. When you forgive someone, you need not to say this in word. Your smile is your say. Effects of smiling on the brain is great.

A person is found open enough to discuss and share, in case she has a natural smile. A smile on the face symbolizes openness of mind. This justifies the importance of smile in workplace communication skills. A person like this is very popular in corporate world.

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10. A smiling face looks younger

A face that can naturally smile most of the time, looks tender in nature and younger in face. She reads smiling quotes and is supposed to have a young mind that literally has no complexities in the corporate houses. Effects of smiling affect her on the brain greatly. When you look younger, you preserve much stamina and spirit to perform better and harder.

Continuous progress in individual as well as in company growth are inevitable part of corporate culture. When you look younger than others, you believe yourself the same. And, obviously, when you are young enough, you will perform many more days to come. Your sustainable and progressive career path smile at you!

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Take away

One of the greatest ways of improving communication in the workplace is smiling. Workplace communication patterns are formed in combination of many skills, like soft skills, social skills, hard skills, and emotional intelligence, among others. There are many of smile quotes that preach the same annotation. Smiling has a good connectivity with all of them. Effects of smiling on the human brain is always positive. Harness your smiling habits for many reasons.

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