Employee Job Satisfaction – Ideas, Factors, Examples & Theory

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

A recent common proverb says- customers second, whereas employees first. That means, success and sustainability of an organization greatly depend on the employees. Therefore, a satisfied group of a company is the blood stream of the corporate world. Employee job satisfaction denotes many ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture. A satisfied employee is dedicated & owns the organization. We all are involved in the era where employment or full career is absolutely important. Employers now a days, pay additional concentration on talent acquisition, retention and growth through training and development.

Today, both male or female employees are treated valuable to the great companies and the employers invest a lot for employee satisfaction. However, employees find many things in their career, for their job satisfaction. Career is not merely important to meet the rising cost of living, it is to enhance self-respect as well.

We are surrounded by innumerable people, who visit their workplace every day and perform various duties.

Observation says, some employees are continuing to complain of them despite of their happy current work. Some of them do not like to move like them in the late 30s, though some in the 50s are also enthusiastic about their career. Many research have been made on what is the effectiveness of job satisfaction of the employees now, what works to get job satisfaction, to ensure endless skills and love their work?

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As we discussed, employee job satisfaction denotes many ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture. A satisfied employee is dedicated & owns the organization. There are a plenty of reasons for job satisfaction that comes with an employee’s feeling and opinion:

employee job satisfaction – ideas, factors, examples, theory

Following is a list of employee job satisfaction in a typical organization with growing trend.

1. Role of Management

The role of management greatly controls the level of employee job satisfaction. If the organization is managed well then everything will happen. Less number of misconceptions, management stays relentlessly and other employees, as well as any employee of the satisfaction level can reach them, much more motivation.

On the contrary, when the management is on the other track, annoyed and does not work on time, level of satisfaction factors naturally comes down.

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2. Being fair

Wherever employees are partial among them, the job satisfaction level decreases. This is not just for the employee, for other stakeholders of the company.

When someone realizes when and how it works, the organization is going to be biased, the employee starts to divide the organization, which is supposed to drop satisfaction levels. Being fair is a part of the employee job satisfaction ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture.

On the contrary, if an institution is perfectly fair to each person. Job satisfaction is increased, it comes with a belief among employees that their performance will be recognized and visible.

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3. Trust of the organization

It is a job satisfaction factor that is basically the contribution of the organization when it comes to work satisfaction.

If the management or leaders show that they believe in the organization’s employees, the satisfaction of the job boosts up compared to the belief shown by the employees.

Management is not closely related to organizations that work without having trust on its employees. Therefore it is very important to demonstrate for an organization to believe in its employees.

4. Hobbies and personal interest

Those who prioritize the interests and interests of their career, they get the satisfaction of doing whatever they conduct in their workplace. Because their work is not a work for them, but a way of getting closer to their interests and earning money.

As soon as people choose jobs related to their choice, they in fact keep their heart in each of their projects, and it brings great satisfaction to their work.

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5. Responsibilities

It suggests that when an employee is given big responsibility, it turns her aware that employers consider her a valuable and credible candidate.

When the concept of responsibility and responsibilities are completed then it can be felt that business can not be done with anything in the world. Work where responsibility is involved always carry a high level of satisfaction.

When no responsibility is rendered to handle an employee, it results in a spontaneous outcome and doubts about the spontaneity that immediately curtails the job satisfaction.

An employee handling the number of liabilities is always responsible and confident and therefore feels happy with the accountabilities of a person who is responsible for the fulfillment.

6. Creativity in job

Job satisfaction is always higher where creativity is a culture. If a person is involved in creative works where he thinks the level of creative satisfaction.

Creative independence gives full sense of fulfillment whenever a project is accomplished. It makes an employee feel as relate to them for the project for their creativity and innovation.

Even if it’s a creative sentence they keep, even a lot of money to the employee.

On the other hand, the job is typical, the employee does not think that he belongs to the project. Isolation takes place and hence the level of work satisfaction falls rapidly.


Job Satisfaction of the employees depend of various factors

7. Detective

Intelligence data can be observed that jobs which involve the use of gray objects now and then seem more psychologically supplementary, where less intelligence is not required.

Jobs, such as research, creation, investigation, visualization, a job that needs to be always thought of!

This process of thinking reveals that they are not working like robots, but people keep their brains in their responses, accountability and responsibilities.

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8. Recognition & acknowledgement

When an employee works on a level that involves high recognition and acknowledgement on the job, it works as one of a job satisfaction factors. We can name professions like, journalists, who get their names beneath the report- they are seen on television.

Even if they are paid less, they would like to work for the magnanimity of satisfaction they get. Actors are another example, people love them and can recognize them very well. Recognition and acknowledgement is a part of the employee job satisfaction ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture. Work profile of such jobs is always high, that results job satisfaction.

9. Credit

This is obviously more important than the financial benefits given to the employees. If an employee works well in his assignment, it is considered to be represented somewhere in a conference, meaning that his name is very remarkable to him.

If an organization does not reward credit to its employees, it is more likely to be frustrated soon. This will not inspiring to her to do well continuously.

Whereas, when an employee is honored and the project she has raised is given appropriate credit for the dedicated hard work, job satisfaction level is brought by the feeling of achievement and confidence.

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10. Frequent change

People are looking for a job because they want to achieve stability and peace in their lives. It is a huge impact to frequently change for an employee.

It is often seen that people prefer a permanent place and a specific work.

So, if an employee is frequently transferred, or replaced, it disturbs a set of ways to set up family as well as its routines. Most occupational professionals invests difficult times for the care of and aged parents and in this case transfer or unrest of work creates panic and boredom.

So, when it grows, there is more chance of higher levels of work satisfaction and workplace and unrest in the spirit and do not change frequently, job satisfaction is higher.

11. Feelings of love

When the organization maintains a good bond with an employee colleagues and seniors, the level of job satisfaction is higher.

It seems like attending the office and performing tasks. In case the environment is not friendly, office politics remains on the peak, backbiting is obvious, misuse is done, but together with all these things discourage productive employees to come to the office and exit without any interruption.

Therefore, everyone likes around you and wants this feeling brings positive vibes in the team. The feeling op love a part of the employee job satisfaction ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture.

12. Power of challenge

Jobs offer lot of challenges. There are many new things to be done in a job. Challenges are what some kind of employees love to test, they like when they are offered challenging work.

Their challenges are always associated with ability and power. When an employee is given a challenging job, the leader believes in his ability to fulfill his expectations in the long run.

Thus, wherever the challenge is involved the job satisfaction level is automatically increased. When a person is given a traditional job to perform every day, it is done in the initial stage by reducing the amount of interest that the time has passed. Monotony in the job is not preferable for most of the employee.

Therefore, maintaining a level of challenge always breeds satisfaction to work atmosphere. It reiterates the commitment of an employee – “Yes! I deserve it, I can do it.”

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13. Expected growth

Every employee works well to get a significant growth day by day. If he is kept in one place for a long time, it is usual that the employee will not feel well.

Bitter seeds will be sown in the organization that would result a permanent damage. In case there is no increase in the development process year after year, there is a decrease in the psychology of the employee.

However, if an employee gets recognition for his hard work, his promotion or enhancement is on time, he will be satisfied with his job and performance. They will see that they are getting the results of their hard work, which will inspire them to do more.

14. Fair working conditions

There are more than just financial benefits while getting a job or career for an employee. If an organization does not preserve or provide any suitable work conditions, it is normal for workers to feel unhappy and dissatisfied.

Providing appropriate facilities to each employee makes sure that there is no complaint for employees. It is an important job satisfaction factors to have an optimum working condition. A fair working condition Being fair is a part of the employee job satisfaction ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture.

15. Complaint address

Since many people work together in an official setting, the charges on both sides will increase.

Most of the time they are in the tolls, stay in the management or workshop. Management can be operated many times due to the fact that workers can not meet the demand for many times.

Whatever the employee is grieving and restrained by the authorities, it strengthen the belief of the organization. Pleasure is another factor that satisfies the employees.

In an organization where workers are always held responsible and their complaints are not answered, more dissatisfaction brews among the staff level.

16. Job security

Nowadays, companies are taking an uninterrupted action to show different benefits like healthcare and medical examinations.

There are some organizations that allows insurance policies to the employees at a small rate. So, this aspect plays a major role in organizational security.

Unless an employee feels safe and secure in the organization, the job satisfaction level will eventually be declining. An employee, as a monthly salary, is required to keep the safety and security of his future career.

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17. Leadership & enterprises

Leadership If an employee is given equal opportunities for displaying their talents, then take leadership and start and job satisfaction is more likely to be higher.

Suppose, a company never asks to advise a staff, they are not bothered to make a decision. It is a cultural ingredients.

There are only few dominating figures who always lead the team. In this situation no employee will be pleased with what is currently working. No one will bother to change it.

It would be in their mind that they could not only follow the order and give any opinion to the organization.

18. A blend of informal and formal methods

The method of accepting informal and formal methods gives a difficult time for decision-making. The reality is, a balanced approach is the best way to adopt.

If the balance between formal and informal methods is strictly practiced, then an employee is going to be very pleased with his work.

For example, the senior and boss are very strict in a company, they do not even allow employees to chat with each other friendly. It is a rigid culture where no innovation is accepted. No one can go out of box, and out of rule.

In other circumstances, another organization which is very noticeable. They allow good communication. The boss is friendly, everyone keeps chit chat. The deadline is rarely met. Now, both cases are wrong. An environment where everything is very formal, an employee is going to feel suffocated in no time.

Where there is no end and pressure against the formal environment, nothing will inspire an employee. In both cases work satisfaction will be down grading.

19. Financial Benefits

Though it sounds to be the opposite of the expression of satisfaction, it holds the truth to a great extent. Think, when you are highly qualified and hope to get the pay according to your degree, and find somewhere that, the salary is not up to the expectation. The way you are going to be unable to get you to sit in any way with this organization.

In this case, no matter how much you love for your job, you love your work until you pay according to your merit. Job satisfaction never comes when the pay is not as per expectation. Financial gains is a part of the employee job satisfaction ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture.

20. Identity

A job is identity to the employees. With the name and fame of the organization, an employee feels proud to capitalize the name of the organization where she works. It increases her personality and job satisfaction. It is truth for the organizations, particularly the bigger one. Therefore, it is a job satisfaction factor.

21. Feelings like a Penicillin

Most organizations have failed to understand this fundamental issue, although many have started paying attention towards it.

when an employee thinks that she is considered an important part of the team, she will be involved in the organization. There is a greater potential for job satisfaction due to her engagement with the company.

Reaching to personal level is a good way. To send or mail an employee on his birthday, even contacting the crisis till the ground level employee, for special efforts during the festive season- these little actions believe an employee is in the firm. This brings work satisfaction and loyalty as a whole.

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22. Gratitude

The human nature loves to get appreciated. Even for small jobs, anyone desires to gain perception from colleagues, bosses, seniors.

When someone gets appreciation publicly, it gives him a boost of his morale, confidence and self esteem.

If gratitude encourages, the final results are automatically reflected in the job skills. Therefore, gratitude is high where work satisfaction levels are always higher.

Take away

Individual job satisfaction has a different meaning for each job. There are several reasons that affect the level of job satisfaction. The most common ones that are listed above.

It is important for satisfaction of being pleased with the work a person is dedicating for an employee. We have discussed how employee job satisfaction denotes many ideas, factors, examples & theory in the corporate culture. Its true that a satisfied employee is dedicated & owns the organization.

Merely earning money is not a big deal. It is easy to earn money, but there is an issue when you get job satisfaction, its appeal is unlimited. Without meaning, a job is frustrating. So, seek a satisfaction wherever you perform your job.

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