Future of Jobs Looms Optimism about Career and Workforce

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

With the increasing graph of the population, need and pattern of future of job has been transforming. Stability and prediction have been uncertain in many cases. Change is confusing. Future career experiences transformation. What will happen and what not. Yet, future of jobs looms optimism about career with good signs.

Good thing is that many of youth are confidently preparing them to switch their job. Research shows, 51% of adults currently employed in the U.S. are either keeping an eye out for new career scopes or actively searching for a new employment.

Changing trend of required skills and job scope created curiosity among all. There is no way to think about the fate and future of a few people. Workforce is searching a future where a variety of options is unleashed for the many people.

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New requirements caused by several factor inspired many to rethink the future job placement. There are some questions in mind, how can we prepare the entire workforce for the imminent displacement, and the new opportunities in the future work environment? What are the new skills that will be required to meet the future need in the workplace?
However, there are few components that show a ray of hope and glimpse of optimism for the workforce.

The good sign is, future of jobs looms optimism about career. Here are the positive findings on creating a future of jobs for all:

1. Fresh career scopes available

For the changing trends in job requirements, workforce will not be able to be in the comfort zone. It’s true. Yet, it is also true that there will be enough career options for the deserving candidates.

However, there will be some reskilling in the job sectors to meet the changing need. Statistics says, the average US workers have new 48 and more attractive career options to choose.

Like now, a bright career growth is also projected in the area of e-education, genetics, health, biotechnology, IT, infrastructure and software analyst, among others. By this, we sense that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce. Technological boom and scientific revolution will be assisting bright growth in many careers.

2. Rise of ecommerce

Ecommerce is approaching at the leapfrog speed since the last decade. It will be continued and will open up more opportunities for bot the buyers and seller. That means, we may assume, ecommerce will be beneficial for all to some extent.

Although all of the businesses is projected to be shifted to ecommerce, it will be a good move who will accept the change sooner, that the later. And, it is an evidence that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

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3. Upskilling, Reskilling and transition

A holistic approach to reskilling is imminent to accommodate future jobs. Skill development for the children are easy. Learning process is literally occupied by the children. The concern is that many countries don’t have a reskilling techniques for the adult workforce. In fact, reskilling for the adult is a toilsome thing.

Moreover, traditional education system in many countries is not that much practical oriented. With the increasing demand of the future, dome countries have adopted this reskilling mechanism for the adults.

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Employee recognition program, and telecommuting program are some of popular methodologies that could reskill the new as well as three billion workers already in the global labor force.

33% of companies are running across the globe with positions open for six months or more. According to 67% of business and HR leaders, these positions remained vacant as they couldn’t find any qualified applicants with desired skills. Therefore, this is a proof that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

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4. Willingness

Willingness, intention and investment are required to get the optimum return from reskilling. The workforce itself will be among the most beneficiaries.

Research shows that, more than a 1.4 million jobs project to be displaced only in the US by the year 2026.

The good thing is, the workforce which are having self development training for making a job switch could enjoy a salary increase on an average of $15,000.

Every business owner wants to retain talents for business growth so that some roles would not remain unfilled. Moreover, socialization, as well as minimizing skills gap will be a prime outcome of return of investments. And, this is an indication that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

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84% of millennials looks for enhanced work-life balance. 67% millennials demand more work flexibility to enjoy more time with family. That means, flexibility in work in future will be one of the popular parameters for job selection and employee retention.

5. Data driven future

Future of jobs will be depending on the information and data we have. Future of jobs looms optimism about career for the career challengers. The era of collaborative efforts and openness of information. Additionally, big data will be the determinant factor for the job sectors. Companies will be fully depending on the data driven activities.

The most important technological change we are experiencing now a days. Expertise on data and data security will be very useful to grab future opportunities for the the skilled workforce. Moreover, companies will be investing a lot on their data assimilation and security.

Ultimately, organizations that are not data-driven won’t be competitive. To transform them as true data driven companies, the question will be, how they will use their data that goes with their brand. Therefore, data scientists will be on demand in great numbers. Therefore, it is a sign that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

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6. Gender equity

According to source, only 22% of the world’s artificial intelligence professionals are female, compared with 78% male. This indicates a gender gap of 72% yet to close, it also reflects the spacious STEM skills gap.

A source indicates, significant part of the 75 million positions are likely to displace their roles currently performed by women. And, these jobs include nursing, bookkeeping, accounting, personal assistant, customer service and administrative roles. Therefore, it is a positive implication that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

Gender equality will be a prime concern for the future job opportunities. Involvement of more female in the job sectors will enable gender equilibrium. It means, significant gender gaps will be minimized and female dominated jobs like nursing, medical and teaching will create successful career opportunities for male.

7. Job transitions

Job transition will be a challenging effort for the leaders in future. Statistics reveals that, 16% of all displaced workforce in the US will see themselves at an extinct job by 2026. That means, some jobs will end up soon. It is also estimated that, one in every four workforce would find that they have at most three potential job transitions so that they can select anyone. That means, there will be several new job options that skilled workforce will be yielding. However, this transition of jobs will open up new opportunities for the future workforce.

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Reskilling will be so productive that over 95% of displaced workers would get higher income professions. Therefore, it should be a great motivation for the aspirant future professionals. Moreover, statistics reveals, 70% of affected workers transit to a new career, having the required reskilling. Therefore, it is a indication that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

Take away

It’s true, some job will be extinct in future. Pessimism overwhelms them who will not be adopt himself with the change. It is also true that, some new jobs or transformation of jobs will also take place. And, these will create opportunities for them who will shift their intention, plan and action earlier. However, we have discussed about signs that future of jobs looms optimism about career and workforce.

Unified efforts by businessmen, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, government authorities, and other stakeholders should be taken exclusively for a positive workforce transition. Finally, a well-defined plan, action oriented goal and adaptation to the change will bring smiles in millions of faces.

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