Key Skills Employers will Look for in Resume for Fresher

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2020)

On an average, the HR department skims through a resume for 5-7 seconds, to get a first impression. They trash it, in case the first look of a CV is not up to the expectation. However, they go farther on a resume in case they find something valuable as the need. A fresher has many challenges to please the employer in the job interview. What are the key skills employers will look for in resume for fresher in future?

In fact, there are some exclusive skills that an employer looks for in the candidates. The good news is that, highlighting them in your resume has a great possibility that your resume get noticed by the HR.

From my experience, I am going to discuss about the skills that you should mention in your resume while applying for a job and get noticed by the employer. These items have a great possibility to enhance quality of your hard made CV.


1. Good at communication skills

Mention with example that you are skilled at communication skills. Describe in short about it, with some past references, or experiences, such as, excellent written, verbal and nonverbal communication, email etiquette, body language, clarity and concision, language skills, professional public speaking abilities, presentation and negotiation skills, creative writing, telephone etiquette, etc.

2. Technical skills

Let the employers know about your command on technical skills, such as, project management, social media, Information Technology, technical writing, big data analysis, cybersecurity, designing, business intelligence, among others. Technical skills are a crucial part of the key skills employers will look for in resume for fresher in future.

3. Excellent time management

Employers like to hire candidates who can manage time very professionally. Indicate that you are aware about your time, that might be very attractive for your employer. Time management skills include, prioritizing, delegation abilities, meeting up deadline, making schedule, focus, planning, decision making, goal setting, early rising, etc.

4. Ability to handle work pressure

Focus that you have experience to handle work under pressure in the organization. This skill includes, use resources, focus present, rediscover purpose, subdivide tasks, maintain prioritization, stop procrastination, practice mindfulness, change perspective, practice Eisenhower Model, differentiate internal and external pressure, stick to routine, expect the unexpected, think pressure an opportunity, among others.

5. A people’s person

A people’s person means an amicable person whom the other team members prefer, and who is good at interacting others. He is friendly, helpful and collaborative. This skills are a crucial part of the key skills employers will look for in resume for fresher in future. Examples of this skill is, likable by others, smiling, can sacrifice, or stand beside others when need.

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6. Proactive

It is the ability to act like a catalyst to create or control a situation by own, and not just by watching it. The employer need you to have it because, in companies, there are many situations may arise where active role to control the situation is required. Being proactive is a crucial part of the key skills employers look for in resume for fresher. This skill includes, influencing capacity, boldness, voice, inspiring, direct, polite, thought, positive, and logical, for example.

7. Responsible

When you are responsible, you tend to be reliable. Employers look for candidates who have great skills like responsibility. When you are responsible enough, you may have one or many of these skills, like, committed, trustworthy, credit giver, team player, finisher, and high performing. Being responsible is a crucial key skills employers will look for in resume for fresher in future

8. Independent

Independent mean you are capable to work independently. When you mention this skill in the resume, the employer is able to understand you have some other skills, like, ability to compromise, flexibility, discipline, communication skills, multitasking, organizational skills, problem solving abilities, management skill, etc. those made you confident to work independently.

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9. Team player

Success of corporate activities is greatly dependable on team performance. We live in the era of collaboration and sharing. As much as you will have your team playing ability, you will find it easier to win your employer. Indicate your experience on the team playing abilities, such as, communication, problem solving, collaboration, communication, empathy, sharing, persuasion, negotiation, feedback, follow up, meeting chairing, conflicts management, decision making, planning and organizing, etc.

10. Positive attitude

Being positive has immense benefits. It is one of the most powerful skills a candidate can have. Positive attitude is a bunch of other skills, such as, doer mentality, loyal, satisfaction, laugh, motivating for others, optimistic, resilience, acceptance, integrity, mindfulness, gratitude, work ethics, relationship development, efficacy, hope, job satisfaction, human dignity, justice, altruism, authentic, affirmative, self esteem, healthy thinking, coping skills, determination, courage, happiness, kindness, wisdom, selflessness, sacrifice, and love, among others.

11. Flexible

Focus that you have command on flexibility, that indicates, adapting, overcoming fear, boosting self confidence, keeping calm under pressure, thinking quickly, resisting stress, adjusting changes, etc. Flexibility is one of vital key skills employers will look for in resume for fresher in future

12. Creative

Indicate that you are creative enough that would be fitting to the future jobs, such as, generate good ideas, solve problem, take challenges, think out of box, use different techniques, ask right questions, practice productivity, create new projects, seek knowledge, avoid procrastination, concern about time management, etc.

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13. Leader

Leadership is a broad term that covers many other associated skills as a whole. Describe with instances, in your resume, your leadership traits, such as, innovation, communication, relationship building, honesty, courage, humility, passion, decisiveness, motivation, clarity, delegation, positivity, responsibility, creativity, trustworthiness, inspiring, decision making, empowerment, delegation, accountability, commitment, confidence, sense of humor, emotional intelligence, positive attitude, collaboration, visionary, democratic, organizer, etc.

Take away

We have discussed about the key skills employers will look for in resume for fresher in future. Learning has no end. Harness your skills deliberately.

One more thing, customize your skills in the resume according to the job description mentioned in the job circular. Don’t stuff your skills in the resume if it if not necessary or relevant to the job you will be applying.

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