letter to reconsider a rejected job offer

Letter to Reconsider A Rejected Job Offer

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

How to write a letter to reconsider a rejected job offer? After writing a letter to a hiring manager, you seem to have refused to do a better job with another company because you put your tail between your legs and admit that you were wrong. This article will give an overview of write a letter to reconsider a rejected job offer.

Letter to reconsider a rejected job offer

You may have made a bad decision, but there is nothing to be ashamed of.

You will likely be seen as motivated and enthusiastic as you work to recover from a bad career path.

Draft a letter to the organization that you want to be as thorough and sincere as possible and request a private meeting to talk about joining the organization.


Collect information about the job you previously applied for, job postings, your cover letter and resume, and the documentation between you and the employer that rejected the job offer.

Refresh your memory of why you rejected it. If you believe this was a better offer then search the copy of the letter you sent regarding the rejected job offer.


Draft a contract with the hiring manager who expanded the offer, adding that you hope he remembers you.

Recall the selection process with her company and tell her how happy you are to be selected as the best candidate. Remind the hiring manager of the date he or she is hiring and reset why you rejected the offer.

Cite the specific language in your rejection letter. For example, start with “I wrote you my letter of May 18, 2009, I wrote …” and then include the exact word in your letter.


Tell the hiring manager the purpose of your letter clearly and unambiguously. For example, “This is why I am writing to you: I see that the position is available again and I would like to join your organization.

I hope you will consider my eligibility again in the hope that you will extend any offers.”


Explain your current situation and look at the quarters you found yourself in when you were faced with two – or more – job offers. If appropriate, tell him why you chose another job.

If your decision is based solely on salary, refrain from sharing it as part of your decision. If you express this as your reason, then there is reason to believe that when the next highest bidder arrives, you will be able to jump in the company you have chosen to join.


Describe what happened in your current location that prompted you to contact her. If the position has not been posted yet, indicate that you would like to consider for an unexpected or similar position.

Say that if you are offered the post again, you will feel free to accept it.

Add that you exceed the expectations of the company, and the confidence you had when you received the company’s previous offer will be fulfilled.


Call the final paragraph with the promise of follow-up in the next few days so that you can schedule face-to-face meetings to discuss your situation more fully, as well as discuss another time period in which you have acquired skills and qualifications.

Letter to reconsider a rejected job offer 01

Name of Candidate
Address of Candidate
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Correct Personthis can be the pinnacle of human sources, the principal, or the one that signed the rejection letter.
Address of School
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Reconsideration my utility for tenth grade World Historical past instructor

Dear Name of Proper Person:

I utilized for the job of World Historical past instructor and was interviewed on DATE. I acquired discover that the job was given to another person on DATE. Nonetheless, I’ve since discovered that that particular person has moved out of state, and wants to advocate for the place.

Together with my Bachelor’s diploma in European historical past and Grasp’s diploma in World Civilizations, I’ve traveled extensively all through England, Germany, and China. I’ve taught historical past for 10 years at NAME OF SCHOOL in New York, however, I’m relocating to this metropolis to be close to my aged dad and mom. I’ve enclosed a letter of advice from my former principal.

Educating at Title of Faculty is my first alternative, as a result of I recognize the open and revolutionary academic method utilized in your faculty. I used to be intrigued throughout my interview to listen to how varied academics be part of collectively in multidisciplinary lessons. I’m additionally ready to take as much as 10 college students on excursions of Europe in the course of the summer.

I may be reached at Cellphone Quantity or at E-mail Deal with if you want any extra info and I’d welcome one other interview at a time that’s handy for you. I sincerely hope you’ll rethink me for the place and sit up for a positive reply.


Signature of Candidate
Printed Name of Candidate

List on Enclosures: Recommendation letter from former principal


Letter to reconsider a rejected job offer 02


James Augustin
13th Street. 47 W 13th St,
New York, NY 10011,

Date: 20.04.2020


The HR Manager
Dolphin Communications
PO Box 485928, Atlanta, GA

Subject: Appeal for Reconsideration for a rejected job offer

Dear Concern,

That is in response to your letter dated 20.04.2020 in the context of the profile of the Advertising Supervisor. The explanations for which my job software has been rejected are:

  • I’m not from Georgia
  • I don’t possess sufficient expertise for this profile

I want to request you to please rethink my job software and listed here are the factors that assist the identical:

Although I’m not from Georgia however I do know the town properly as I’ve spent roughly six months whereas pursuing my commencement, doing a component-time job in gross sales.
I do know my expertise will not be adequate when it comes to years however I undoubtedly possess wealthy expertise. Within the span of four years, I have grown from a gross sales government to a deputy advertising supervisor in my earlier firm. This progress has been due to my dedication to the direction of my work.

Due to this fact, I want to submit my honest request to rethink my software for this job primarily based on the details that I’ve shared above. I’ll, nevertheless, honor your determination.

Waiting anxiously for your response.


James Augustin
13th Street. 47 W 13th St,
New York, NY 10011,

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