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Letter to Reconsider A Rejected Job Offer: Tips & Samples

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How to write a letter to reconsider a rejected job offer? Navigating the labyrinthine path of career decisions often takes unexpected turns, leading us to choices that warrant a second look. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where an initial job offer decision left you pondering its wisdom, rest assured, you’re not alone in this journey. This article unfolds a comprehensive guide on crafting a letter intended to reopen the dialogue about a declined job opportunity.

Drafting an appeal letter for reconsideration of employment is a pivotal move undertaken by a prospective or former employee, seeking a second chance at employment. This missive finds its purpose in a trifold scenario: 1) an applicant commits an application error and seeks to amend or augment their submission, 2) an unsuccessful applicant, upon receiving a rejection notification, seeks a reconsideration of the verdict, or 3) an employee contends that their dismissal from a position was unjust and wishes to have the verdict revisited. In all these cases, an appeal letter serves as a fitting conduit of communication.

Unifying Elements in Appeal Letters

Common threads run through all appeal letters. Initially, the author of the appeal holds a conviction that a decision rendered or yet to be delivered is tainted by bias or misjudgment. Secondly, the author elucidates the reasons underpinning the perceived inappropriateness of the decision. Lastly, the author extends a plea for the reevaluation of the decision, ideally with a favorable outcome. Within this article, we delve into the art of composing an appeal letter for employment reconsideration, proffering both a template and an illustrative example.

Crafting Your Appeal Letter for Employment Reconsideration

Here’s what you should bear in mind when penning your appeal letter.

Should a blunder mar your job application and your desire is to rectify it, swift action is imperative. Penning your appeal promptly upon discovering the error might heighten your chances of securing your coveted role. Explicitly highlight the glitch or oversight in the application process, and beseech a fresh evaluation of your candidacy, incorporating the newfound information.

In the case of challenging a job rejection, ensure the rationale behind your appeal holds weight. Generally, appeals against job rejections face uphill battles. Nonetheless, if your plea rests upon substantial grounds—perhaps the job necessitates a skill or experience inadvertently omitted from your resume or application—an appeal letter becomes a tool worth employing.

If the impetus behind your appeal rests in contesting a job dismissal, acquaint yourself with the grievance redressal protocol outlined in the company’s employee handbook. Typically, an appeal letter marks the inaugural phase of this process. Take care to acquaint yourself with any prerequisites for appendices accompanying your appeal. Collect any supportive documents you might require—employee evaluations, attendance records, and any pertinent records—before embarking on the writing process. Direct your appeal letter to the designated personnel within the organization.

Irrespective of the nature of your appeal, exercise decorum and eschew any adversarial emotions in your composition. It is undoubtedly human to harbor such sentiments, especially when faced with an unjust termination. However, this letter is a domain where emotions find no footing. Confine your words to factual accounts, underpinned by relevant documentation.

Essentials for Your Appeal Letter for Employment Reconsideration

Essential components constitute a well-structured appeal letter:

  • Notation of the date correlating to the circumstance or decision in question
  • Unveiling the circumstance or decision targeted for change or reevaluation
  • Exposition of your rationale for contesting the decision’s validity
  • Presentation of facts substantiating your viewpoint
  • Documentation buttressing the veracity of your claims
  • A direct entreaty to the addressee, soliciting a fresh assessment of the decision

Tips to Write a Letter to Reconsider A Rejected Job Offer

In the intricate fabric of one’s professional journey, there come moments when recalibration emerges as the desired route. What might appear as a humbling endeavor at first glance is, in fact, a commendable demonstration of commitment to personal advancement. Embark upon the task of drafting a letter, a canvas upon which your intentions are meticulously brushed.

1. Preliminary Steps: Gathering Key Insights

Venture on a quest to amass the crucial pieces of this puzzle—gather information about the position you once aspired to, revisit the job listings that beckoned, and inspect the cover letter and resume that eloquently echoed your aspirations. Delve into the trail of correspondence exchanged between you and the prospective employer, unveiling the subtle nuances that influenced your initial decision. If you believe the grass was indeed greener on the other side, revisit the letter you penned when graciously declining the job offer.

2. Crafting a Thoughtful Composition

Compose a message directed at the hiring manager who extended the original offer, rekindling the embers of your past interaction. Express your hope that time hasn’t dulled the memory of your prior engagement. Revive the memories surrounding the selection process, sharing your enthusiasm for having been crowned the most fitting candidate. Recapture the temporal context of the job offer, revisiting the rationale that shaped your initial decision.

Retrieve the precise wording from your earlier letter of declination, employing it as a cornerstone for your current correspondence. For instance, commence with the resonating phrase, “In the communication dated May 18, 2009, I articulated…” and then seamlessly weave the exact verbiage into your present composition.

3. Communicating with Precision: Stating Intent

Imprint your letter with unequivocal clarity, ensuring your purpose radiates brilliantly. Inscribe the words “This letter bears witness to my intent” with resolute strokes. With eloquent straightforwardness, unveil your purpose—your motivation for reaching out. Employ language that leaves no room for ambiguity: “The position that once beckoned has once again opened its doors, and I aspire to tread the corridors of your esteemed organization.”

Invoke the reader’s consideration, beseeching a second evaluation of your qualifications. This plea carries an undercurrent of hope—an aspiration that your candidacy be reignited, the link to opportunity rekindled.

4. Offering Insight: Sharing Current Circumstances

Articulate the narrative of your present circumstances, unveiling the juncture where new chapters of life unfurled. When confronted with crossroads presenting multiple paths, you find yourself at a juncture, pondering amidst a symphony of possibilities. Craft your story with sincerity, revealing the factors that swayed your decision, and perhaps, the reasons an alternate route was pursued.

In this narrative tapestry, exercise discretion around the topic of financial considerations. If remuneration played a pivotal role, it might be prudent to refrain from placing it center stage. By sidestepping monetary aspects, you create a canvas of values and principles, asserting authenticity as your guiding principle.

5. Exploring Potential Avenues: A Kaleidoscope of Options

Embark upon a vivid portrayal of your journey—depict the pathways that led you back to this juncture of interaction. Illuminate the evolution of your present circumstances with descriptive strokes. If the sought-after position has yet to resurface, express your interest in exploring unexpected roles that may surface, reminiscent of the one that initially captured your attention. Convey your readiness to navigate your career’s compass toward this opportunity, should it manifest once more.

Lay bare the tapestry of your conviction—declare that if this position resurfaces, your embrace will be unwavering. Infuse your words with the promise of commitment, radiating the assurance that your efforts shall perpetually surpass the organization’s expectations.

6. Culminating with Purpose: Seeking a Dialogue

Inscribe the closing paragraph with a crescendo—an anticipatory pledge of imminent interaction. Let your words dance as you assure the reader of forthcoming days dedicated to facilitating. This dialogue shall serve as an exchange, delving deeper into the symphony of your narrative. At this juncture, you shall not merely elucidate your present circumstances but also paint a portrait of the skills and qualifications garnered on your resolute journey.

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Sample 1: Letter to reconsider a rejected job offer

Name of Candidate
Address of Candidate
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Correct PersonThis can be the pinnacle of human sources, the principal, or the one who signed the rejection letter.
Address of School
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Reconsideration of my utility for tenth grade World Historical past instructor

Dear Name of Proper Person:

I applied for the job of World Historical Past Instructor and was interviewed on DATE. I discovered that the job was given to another person on DATE. Nonetheless, I’ve since discovered that that particular person has moved out of state, and wants to advocate for the place.

Together with my Bachelor’s diploma in European historical past and Grasp’s diploma in World Civilizations, I’ve traveled extensively all through England, Germany, and China. I’ve taught historical past for 10 years at NAME OF SCHOOL in New York, however, I’m relocating to this metropolis to be close to my aged dad and mom. I’ve enclosed a letter of advice from my former principal.

Educating at Title of Faculty is my first alternative, as a result, I recognize the open and revolutionary academic method utilized by your faculty. I used to be intrigued throughout my interview to listen to how varied academics are part of collectively multidisciplinary lessons. I’m additionally ready to take as many as 10 college students on excursions to Europe in the course of the summer.

I may be reached by cell phone Quantity or E-mail Deal with if you want any extra info and I’d welcome one other interview at a time that’s handy for you. I sincerely hope you’ll rethink me for the place and sit up for a positive reply.


Signature of Candidate
Printed Name of Candidate

List on Enclosures: Recommendation letter from former principal

Sample 2: Letter to reconsider a rejected job offer


James Augustin
13th Street. 47 W 13th St,
New York, NY 10011,

Date: 20.04.2020


The HR Manager
Dolphin Communications
PO Box 485928, Atlanta, GA

Subject: Appeal for Reconsideration for a rejected job offer

Dear Concern,

That is in response to your letter dated 20.04.2020 in the context of the profile of the Advertising Supervisor. The explanations for which my job software has been rejected are:

  • I’m not from Georgia
  • I don’t possess sufficient expertise for this profile

I want to request you to please rethink my job software and listed here are the factors that assist the identical:

Although I’m not from Georgia however I do know the town properly as I’ve spent roughly six months whereas pursuing my commencement, doing a component-time job in gross sales.
I do know my expertise will not be adequate when it comes to years however I undoubtedly possess wealthy expertise. Within the span of four years, I have grown from a gross sales government to a deputy advertising supervisor in my earlier firm. This progress has been due to my dedication to the direction of my work.

Due to this fact, I want to submit my honest request to rethink my software for this job primarily based on the details that I’ve shared above. I’ll, nevertheless, honor your determination.

Waiting anxiously for your response.


James Augustin
13th Street. 47 W 13th St,
New York, NY 10011,

Download Templates_Letter to Reconsider A Rejected Job Offer

Final thought

An appeal letter harnesses the power of well-chosen words to resculpt one’s trajectory within the landscape of employment possibilities. Whether one seeks rectification, revival, or reevaluation, the appeal letter stands as a formidable instrument in forging connections between aspirations and opportunities.

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