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Social media policy is equally important for employees in an organization. Most of your employees are probably to make use of one or more social platforms. Whatever they post on their personal accounts generally is a potential threat to your company (e.g. in the event that they share delicate information). And, more importantly, utilizing social media at work can have an effect on productiveness and focus.

This is among the causes you need a company social media policy for employees – to deal with limitations on what employees can post and to doubtlessly place restrictions on social media use contained in the office.

social media policy for employees

Social media policy for employees

The different purpose is your individual social media profile; as an organization, you’ll wish to have a constant voice in your social media and wish to keep away from posting doubtlessly dangerous statements or information. A social media policy for employees can provide them the directions they need to know tips on how to deal with company accounts.

How restrictive ought my company’s social media policy for employees be?

Your employees personal their social media profiles, so what they post there can’t be restricted by your organization. You can, nevertheless, present them with cheap tips about what they shouldn’t post about (e.g. confidential information) and supply any potential disciplinary actions if their posts have an effect on your company’s picture (e.g. hate speech). As far as your individual company’s social media accounts are involved, you’re entitled to set the foundations of posting.

How do I distribute it?

Your social media policy for employees needs to be a part of your employee handbook or dwell inside your policy database (e.g. in your HRIS). Make positive all employees have learned it, particularly those in your social media team.

Of course, keep in mind that this social media policy for employees is a dwelling doc – it’s because the social media panorama adjustments typically, new guidelines and laws about privacy are launched and tendencies may play a component (e.g. the #metoo motion). Make positive you retain up-to-date with adjustments and take into consideration whether or not your company social media policy would possibly need some revamping.

Here’s an easy social media policy for employees template to get you began with the necessities:

Social Media Policy for Employees

[Name of the Organization]

Policy brief & purpose

Our social media company policy offers a framework for utilizing social media. Social media is a spot the place people alternate information, opinions, and experiences to be taught, develop, and have enjoyable. Whether you’re dealing with a company account or utilizing one among your individual, it is best to stay productive and keep away from damaging our organization in any approach. This social media policy for employees offers sensible recommendation to keep away from points which may come up by careless use of social media within the office.


We anticipate all our employees to observe this social media policy for employees.

Also, by “social media”, we discuss with quite a lot of online communities like blogs, social networks, chat rooms, and boards – not simply platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

This social media policy for employees is constructed around two totally different parts: one, utilizing personal social media at work, and two, representing our company by means of social media.

social media policy for employees

Policy elements

Using personal social media

We [allow] our employees to enter their personal accounts at work. But, we anticipate you to behave responsibly and guarantee your productiveness isn’t affected.

Whether you’re utilizing your accounts for business or personal functions, chances are you’ll simply get sidetracked by the huge quantity of accessible content. So, please prohibit your use to a couple of minutes per workday.

We ask you to watch out when posting on social media, too. We can’t prohibit what you post there, however, we anticipate you to stick to our confidentiality policies always. We additionally warning you to keep away from violating our anti-harassment policies or posting one thing which may make your collaboration together with your colleagues tougher (e.g. hate speech in opposition to teams the place colleagues belong to). In basic, please:

We advise our employees to:

  1. Ensure others know that your personal account or statements don’t characterize our company. You shouldn’t state or indicate that your personal opinions and content are licensed or endorsed by our company. We advise utilizing a disclaimer equivalent to “opinions are my own” to keep away from misunderstandings.
  2. Avoid sharing mental property like logos on a personal account without approval. Confidentiality policies and legal guidelines at all times apply.
  3. Avoid any defamatory, offensive, or derogatory content. It could also be thought-about as a violation of our company’s anti-harassment policy if directed in the direction of colleagues, clients, or partners.

Representing our company

Some employees characterize our company by dealing with company social media accounts or communicate on our company’s behalf. When you’re sitting behind a company social media account, we anticipate you to behave rigorously and responsibly to guard our company’s picture and repute. You ought to:

  1. Be respectful, well mannered and patient, when partaking in conversations on our company’s behalf. You need to be additional cautious when making declarations or guarantees in the direction of clients and stakeholders.
  2. Avoid talking on issues exterior your subject of experience when possible. Everyone needs to be cautious to not reply to questions or make statements that fall beneath any individual else’s accountability.
  3. Follow our confidentiality policy and information safety policy and observe legal guidelines on copyright, logos, plagiarism, and truthful use.
  4. Inform our [PR/Marketing department] once you’re about to share any major-impact content.
  5. Avoid deleting or ignoring feedback for no purpose. They ought to pay attention and reply to criticism.
  6. Never post discriminatory, offensive, or libelous content and commentary.
  7. Correct or take away any deceptive or false content as rapidly as possible.

social media policy for employees

Disciplinary Consequences

We could just take disciplinary motion main as much as and together with termination if employees don’t observe this policy’s tips. Examples of non-conformity with the social media policy for employees embody however aren’t restricted to:

  1. Disregarding job obligations and deadlines to make use of social media at work.
  2. Disclosing confidential information by means of personal or company accounts.
  3. Directing offensive feedback in the direction of different members of the online community.

If you violate this policy inadvertently, chances are you’ll obtain a reprimand. We anticipate you to conform after that, or stricter disciplinary actions will apply.

Disclaimer: This social media policy for employees template is supposed to supply general guidelines and needs to be used as a reference. It could not consider all related native, state, or federal legal guidelines and isn’t a legal document. Neither the writer nor Workable will assume any authorized legal responsibility which will come up from the usage of this policy.

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