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27 Characteristics of Creativity – What is the Nature of Creativity?

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2022)

Creativity is a broad concept, which is required in all cases. Characteristics of creativity are not equal to all. It differs from person to person. Yet, Characteristics of creativity can be improved through initiatives. Higher achievements can be achieved through entrepreneurial management ideas, problem-solving and creative ideas through strategic ideas.

Creativity is risk-taking and open-mindedness; it is not the result of rigid, conventional, or limited thinking. It needs absolute freedom to accept and express a variety of reactions, options, and courses of action.

Several behavioral and mental traits have been linked to creativity, including the ability to quickly develop numerous, qualitatively diverse solutions, apply multiple viewpoints, and make linkages between ideas and settings that are semantically distant.

Creativity – a necessary prerequisite for success, or an overrated idea that can’t be learned? The debate rages on.

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Characteristics of creativity

So, what features do they have that stand out from the rest of their population? From my observation (though I have not examined these claims), there are some key characteristics of creative people that they use to plan, construct, implement, and maintain what they have chosen to do.

The following are the characteristics of creativity

1. New Ideas Innovation

Creativity creates new ideas. Initiatives or initiatives, strategies, policies, problem-solving and new ideas for managers and employees are taken into consideration. The creation of commercial value is the goal of innovation. The value may be described in a variety of ways, including cost reduction, the development of completely new goods and services, and small adjustments to already existing ones.

An invention must blatantly generate distinct value for the groups of purchasers involved in order to succeed. The issue is that providing value to consumers may result in or be accompanied by significant financial losses for the associated organization.

2. Positive attitude

A positive attitude is essential for thinking creatively, because it is this positivity that motivates the mind to look for details, wonder, and actually find solutions. My previous point about this intense curiosity is strongly linked. A person who negatively shuts off potential possibilities and does not look at the world around them with such wonderful surprises.

3. Fearlessness

This is an interesting character because highly creative people tend to believe in the VALUE of the ideas they come up with. Remember, they are also flexible, so they want to change; however, they do not seem to be worried about whether their idea is right or wrong because they believe that their idea values ​​the value of the field in which it lives, even if it can later become debunked.

4. Pre-conscious system

Pre-conscious systems are an important feature of creativity. Before starting one’s own work or doing work by others, consciousness is essential, otherwise, the work cannot be successful.

Latent brain regions are easily accessible to the conscious mind but aren’t being used right now. Using this phrase, Freud emphasized that the repressed is a portion of the unconscious, not the entire unconscious, meaning that it does not entirely make up the unconscious.

The term “preconscious” describes something that is not now conscious but may become so at any time. For instance, a person could forget to buy cheese during a trip to the grocery store until they notice a sign advertising a bargain on half-priced cheese.

5. New result orientation

The result of new creative work is that it includes new ideas. Results-oriented thinking is driven by the desire to excel beyond expectations. The benchmark might be one’s prior performance (aiming for progress), an objective measure (results-oriented), a goal that is challenging or even bettering, or going above and beyond what has already been done (continuous improvement).

A person or organization is said to be result-oriented if it places more emphasis on the end result than the steps taken to create a good or provide a service. As a result, many procedures are applied, with the most efficient and cost-effective procedure being chosen.

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6. Universal

It is a universal and general ability, to be used for any purpose because it is the creative spirit used in all areas of life – such as creative drawing, creative writing, and creative ideas.

In this regard, one thinker wrote that “creativity is the activity of doing strange things in general.” One thing I’ve found, I believe, is that practically everyone sees innovation primarily as a means of developing new goods or services. Government agencies must develop their technological, organizational, and policy capabilities in order to offer new digital public services.

7. Environment Approval

Creativity is closely related to the social environment of individuals. Also, it is closely related to personality. It has three main components, namely – knowledge, intellectual ability, and tendency.

Environmental innovations are organizational implementations and modifications with an emphasis on the environment, with varying degrees of originality that have an impact on the goods, production processes, and marketing of businesses.

The UNHCR has to find more creative and inclusive methods of doing its job in light of the climatic and environmental problems. Any permission, license, approval, decision, variance, exemption, or other authorization necessary under relevant environmental laws by a court or government body with authority is referred to as “environmental approval.”

8. Originality

Creativity is linked to an individual’s core contribution. Creativity is not included in the work as nature. Originality produces a concept that no one else will ever be able to duplicate since they cannot see it from your perspective. Originality signifies different things to different people. Originality may be seen as an idea rather than a term. It blends our originality and unique viewpoint on a subject or circumstance.

Building a portfolio of Ph.D. research in geography and environmental education that demonstrates innovation, and creativity, and contributes to knowledge. Developing a distinct and unusual answer is connected to being original. The process of innovating is what turns innovative and creative ideas into practical implementations.

9. Human power

Creativity is a human capacity, which creates new and unique ideas, ideas, and imagination. Then, it can be used in entrepreneurship and other areas of life. The goal of innovation is to develop new concepts and tools that boost output and value while using the same input and increasing productivity. By including the human perspective and individuals in all phases of the problem-solving process, human-centered innovation is a management technique that produces solutions to challenges.

10. Strong motivation and determination

This is where the hard work of creativity comes in. So, we can all think creatively – but what uses creativity if it doesn’t really show itself in the world of creation or creation? The main problems that need to be pursued for creativity by creating software solutions, creating social capital through community building, or painting artwork that only comes from strong motivation and perseverance. In addition, creative ideas will only remain in the mind of the individual without the opportunity to influence society and/or the community.

11. Flexibility

This is a key characteristic because it involves a mindset that suggests that there may be a single answer or solution to a particular problem. Flexible thinkers are not hemmed in by being overly focused on one way of working and tend to be open to innovation. They also have the ability to work part-time and then switch to alternative solutions/methods.

12. Study, think

Creativity focuses more on studying, thinking, and knowing because the entrepreneur feels that deep thinking and intelligence are essential before starting work.

Creative thinking is the capacity to come up with something original while departing from conventional cognitive processes. Innovative thinking enables the generation of fresh concepts, inventive actions, and problem-solving approaches.

Finding answers to recognized or occasionally unexplained demands includes innovation research. There are voids or “white spaces” in the market where new goods or services might fundamentally alter how customers or companies operate while generating profits for their producers.

13. New Idea Combination

Creativity is a combination of new ideas that affect the feelings of the workers and managers working in the organization, as it would be unrealistic if the new ideas were not incorporated into the business.

One of the essential exercises in creative thinking is idea fusion. Most of the time, one plus one results in something new: two. You may use this activity to improve existing ideas or generate new ones.

Greg Satell, a consultant on innovation, discusses why innovation occurs when important ideas come together to affect meaningful change. Combining ideas to generate new ones frequently resembles natural selection in that it produces hybrids when successful. There is a misunderstanding about where brilliant ideas originate. Cross-industry innovation is being used in a lot of fascinating ways.

14. Natural or acquired

Creativity can be a natural or an acquired one, as entrepreneurial ideas are almost new and unique, but for some individuals, the ideas are not their own but are derived from knowledge and experience. It is neither a secret quality nor a hereditary feature to be creative. The process of creativity is one that can be studied, practiced, and perfected.

Although tools can boost creativity, cultivating your inner urge to generate original or ground-breaking ideas is one of the most important methods to do so. It is the end product of a natural process that combines knowledge and curiosity. This curiosity ignites a flame that leads to the creation of fresh, original ideas and solutions that address a challenge or job.

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15. Creating a new method

In entrepreneurship, creativity is worked by new methods, rather than conventional approaches. As a result, the latest scientific methods, techniques, and principles can be used.

16. A sense of intense curiosity

Creative thinkers are fascinated with the world around them. They ask a lot of questions and tend to develop a very intense focus that often surprises them as they try to elaborate on how things work, the beautiful structure, or whatever else they set their mind to.

17. Motivating the heart

The development of creativity is associated with self-esteem, not by any technique or demonstrative power. It was shown that taking into account recognition from the past, present, and future is crucial while attempting to inspire innovation. You must continually plot a route to guarantee that you can surpass your visitors’ expectations in a market that is driven by consumers, like the cruise business.

It should be emphasized that innovation is crucial to society’s growth. The level of life has grown because of new and creative goods, which have also given people more opportunities to lead better lives. Medical and technological advances have significantly impacted both people and societies.

18. Brain activity

Creativity is brain activity and not an idea or a strategy. Characteristics of creativity are not equal to all. Yet, Characteristics of creativity can be improved through initiatives. Thus, the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship is like the mother and child bond.

The brain’s extraordinary capacity to build new circuits is known as plasticity. From a cognitive standpoint, the human brain enables us to intentionally conceive of an idea that then prompts another concept, which in turn inspires another concept, and so on, creating a stream of thinking that is probably not present in other species.

Give in to your curiosity. To make it easier to access material later, highlight, examine, and categorize it. Always be receptive to new knowledge, even if it seems unimportant at first. Invite awkward talks so you can pick up some helpful information.

19. Genetic

Creativity is a quality by birth, but it can be obtained and enhanced by education and training at various entrepreneurship-related educational institutions.

The genetics area has tremendously advanced thanks to molecular genetics innovation. The field of hereditary disorders, cancer, individualized medicine, genetic counseling, gene therapy, and gene editing have all advanced as a result.

Over the long period of evolution, genetic reduction and genetic expansion result in the formation of a bacterial species population’s pangenome. Innovations made by symbionts include those that improve their ability to invade, compete with, or otherwise affect host biology.

20. Ask questions

One of the key characteristics of creative thinkers is their keen curiosity. They are inquisitive all the time. They frequently ask inquiries such as, “Why?” much like kids do. They then inquire, “Why not?” Why is it that we can’t? “Can it be done now, even though it hasn’t been done before?”

21. Generate new ideas

The capacity to come up with ideas is the most crucial aspect of creative thinking. Additionally, the quality of your ideas will improve as you produce more of them. You are more likely to have the correct idea at the appropriate moment if you have more ideas.

However, coming up with ideas is just 1% of the solution. “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” as Thomas Edison famously said. The actual measure of brilliance is your capacity to generate an idea, test it, and confirm it before putting it into practice in your life to produce desired results.

You are acting like a genius each and every time you come up with a fresh idea, record it, use creative thinking to plan how to put it into practice, and then act on it. And the more you use this approach to control your creativity, the wiser you will get. Additionally, the more intelligent you become, the more success you will have in all facets of your life. Your prospects will become limitless.

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22. Acknowledge Faults

The openness to confess when they are mistaken is the fourth characteristic of highly innovative minds. Over 80% of people spend the majority of their mental and emotional resources fighting the idea that they committed a mistake. Stop allowing this to happen to you. People that are truly intellectual and extremely creative are adaptable, open-minded, and prepared to modify their minds as well as recognize when they were mistaken when their initial judgments proved to be erroneous.

23. Practice thinking from zero

The second characteristic of creative thinkers is that they consistently engage in “Zero-Based Thinking.” They question themselves often, “If I weren’t doing what I’m doing right now, knowing what I know now, would I start?”

If the response is negative, they cut their losses, stop what they’re doing, and begin something different. It is quite remarkable how many individuals stick with something that, given a second chance, they would never even start. They also question why they are moving so slowly.

24. Goal Oriented

Goal-oriented people are creative thinkers. The sixth characteristic of creative people is their extreme goal focus. They are quite clear about what they want. They have everything very clearly written down. They frequently picture it in their minds. They picture what their objective might look like if it were accomplished in the present. Additionally, people become more creative and advance more quickly toward their objectives the more they envisage and anticipate it becoming a reality.

25. Alter Mind

The willingness to adapt is the third characteristic of creative thinkers. They understand that resistance to change or incapacity to adapt in a world like ours is deadly. They would rather be in control of their life than be overwhelmed by the sudden wave of change that is necessary and inevitable. The phrase “I changed my mind” sums up someone who is really adaptable and open to change.

In the long term, 70% of the judgments you make are incorrect, according to studies. This implies that you ought to be generally open to changing your opinion and trying something new. The most crucial skill you’ll need to succeed in the 21st century is mental flexibility.

26. Learning continuously

The ability to admit “I don’t know” is the sixth trait of highly creative individuals. They understand that no one can possibly know everything, and it is extremely likely that practically everyone is mistaken in some way, regardless of what they are doing. As a result, they are quick to confess it when someone asks them a subject for which they are unprepared.

Simply put, they say, “I don’t know.” And if required, they go about trying to locate the solution. This is a crucial point. No matter what issues you are facing, someone somewhere has previously dealt with them, found a solution, and is currently employing it.

Finding someone else who is already effectively executing the answer somewhere else and then copying them is one of the cleverest and most inventive things you can do. The individual who comes up with the concept may not always be the sharpest.

It could just be a stroke of good fortune. The one who steals an idea first is the one who is the wisest. And frequently, the individual who first realizes the value of a novel concept is the one who profits handsomely from it while the idea’s creator makes little to nothing.

27. Devoid of Ego

They have less ego engagement in being correct, which is the eighth characteristic of highly creative thinkers. Instead of focusing on who is right, they prioritize doing what is right. To accomplish a task, get through a challenge, or address an issue, they are open to suggestions from any source.

Take away

Now, you know all the characteristics of creativity. Creativity is different from innovation because creativity implies the creation of new ideas, but innovation is the ability to transform it into something new, product, or service. Characteristics of creativity are not equal to all. It differs from person to person. Yet, Characteristics of creativity can be improved through initiatives. And we have discussed what is creativity and how to improve the missing points.

You will receive more of what you have if you do more of what you are doing. To think creatively, you must consistently delve within yourself to produce more, fresher, better, quicker, cheaper, and more diverse ideas that you may apply to enhance the key areas of your life.

It is important to recognize the creative people in your team, whether you work in the industry, business, or community empowerment, but also because these qualities are important to build on.

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