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Competitive Advantage in Marketing that Boosts Business

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2021)

Attributing the best fit competitive advantage has a great impact on marketing on any successful organization. A competitive advantage is to giving customers a better overall value than a small business is able to compete. During the annual planning process, the business owner and his management team develop marketing plans to maximize the revenue generated from the facility. The long-term success of a business requires the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage – one that endures new competitors even when entering the market or developing existing competitors with their own products or services.

Competitive advantage in marketing

A competitive advantage makes an entity’s products or services superior to a customer’s other choices. The term is commonly used for business. The strategy works for any organization, country, or individual in a competitive environment.

To create a competitive advantage, you need to be clear about these three determinants.

Clearly express the benefit

A sound marketing plan has a carefully crafted message that presents the company’s competitive advantages in a concise and compelling way. The most effective message is not only a better solution than the company offers offered by competitors but also the ideal solution. Consumers should not be compared to someone like the price because they do not see the solutions of competitors in the same category.

Broadcast channels expand

A small business can increase the odds of a customer being targeted by increasing the opportunity for a customer to see the product. This means adding distribution channels. For example, a southwest barbecue restaurant might add a food truck that rotates locations around the city.

The company can also take advantage of its brand by creating a line of frozen barbecue entries distributed exclusively through grocery stores. When preparing a marketing plan, the business owner uses all possible distribution channels and identifies the market potential of each. Getting your products more widely is a powerful way to build your brand awareness – a key element of competitive advantage.

Strengthen customer service

Owners should include strategies for raising customer service levels. Customers who are satisfied create repeat business offers from customers and send word-of-mouth promotions to other potential customers.

Offering customer service at a competitive advantage, offering their concerns promptly as their concern, having a person to talk to them and to know as a customer and to know how the company can improve its product or service. A small business strategy that is accessible and interacting with customers can create an appealing advantage to its larger competitors and their occasional selfless or uninterrupted service.

Align products with customer needs

A small business owner must have a deep understanding of the needs of its customers. One of the objectives of his marketing plan is to identify the customer groups that can benefit the most from the products and services he offers. This person is likely to become its customers.

The marketing plan process helps target customers who most probably buy narrow. This allows the company to use its limited marketing resources to reach these key customer goals and not see it as a product that wastes resources trying to sell to its customers.

Newmarket invasion

In the marketing plan, the company’s management team identifies new markets that the company can enter into and gains a foothold before competitors – sometimes called “market first” benefits.

Companies, especially in terms of marketing planning, build the ability to spot these emerging markets, which can lead to new products as a result of factors such as population changes, changes in consumer tastes, or technological innovations. Effective marketing plans require the ability to select the most profitable opportunity among the many opportunities available.

Be of benefit

What are the practical benefits of your product available? It has to be something that your customers really need. It will give real value. You must know the features of your product, its benefits, and how they will benefit your customers.

You need to be up to date on new trends that affect your product. There is this new technology. For example, newspapers were slow to respond to the availability of free news on the Internet. They thought that people were willing to pay for newspapers distributed on paper one day.

Target market

Who is your customer? What do they need? You know exactly who buys from you and how you can make their lives better. This is how you create demand, the driver of all economic growth. The target market for newspapers was shrinking to older people who were not comfortable getting their news online. Attributing the best fit competitive advantage has a great impact on marketing on any successful organization.


Have you identified your real competitors? They are not just similar companies or products. Includes anything else your customer can do to meet the needs they can meet. Newspapers were the other newspapers in their competition until they realized it was the Internet. They did not know how to compete with the instant and free news provider.

To be successful, you need to be able to express the benefits you provide to your target market compared to the competition. This is your competitive advantage.

You must strengthen that message in every communication your customers have. That includes advertising, public relations, and sales assistants. It even includes your storefront and employees.

In 1985, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter wrote “Competitive Advantage.” It is the specific business school textbook on the topic. He wrote it to help the company create a sustainable competitive advantage. Just because a company is now a market leader doesn’t mean it won’t be forever. A company must create clear goals, strategies, and activities to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. The corporate culture and values ​​of employees need to be consistent with those goals.

It’s hard to do it all well. It is especially difficult to do them year in and year out. Attributing the best fit competitive advantage has a great impact on marketing on any successful organization.

Porter outlines three key ways companies achieve sustainable advantage. They are cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Porter Company identified this strategy by doing hundreds of studies.

Cost leadership

It means the company provides reasonable value at low prices. The company constantly does this by improving operational efficiency. That usually means less of their staff. Low wage compensation by providing integral benefits as some stock options, benefits, or promotional opportunities. Others take advantage of the unskilled labor surplus. These businesses are growing, they can benefit from economies of scale and buy in bulk. Walmart and Costco are good examples of cost leadership.

But sometimes they lower the cost of living for their employees. Higher minimum wage laws threaten their benefits. Attributing the best fit competitive advantage has a great impact on marketing on any successful organization.


means the company provides better benefits than anyone else. A firm can achieve a difference by providing a unique or high-quality product. Another method is to provide it quickly. One-third of the market can reach the market, which makes customers better.

A company with a split strategy can charge a premium price. That means it usually has a high-profit margin.

Companies typically achieve differences with innovation, quality, or customer service. Innovation means that they meet the same needs in a new way. This is an excellent example of Apple. The iPod was innovative because it allows users to play any song in any of the music. Quality means the firm provides the best product or service. Tiffany can charge more because patrons are by far the best at other jewelry stores. Customer service means the way to get rid of the buyers.

Nordstrom‘s first question was to return without asking.


means understanding the leaders of the company and their target market is better than anyone else. They are either to lead the cost or to discriminate. A successful focus strategy key is to select a very specific target market. Often this is a small niche that large companies do not serve.

For example, Community Bank uses a focus strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. They target local small businesses or high net worth individuals. Their aim is to enjoy the personal touch of the audience, which can not be given by the big banks.

Customers are willing to pay more for this service. These bank focus strategies are used in a diverse form. Attributing the best fit competitive advantage has a great impact in marketing on any successful organization.

How countries use competitive advantage

A country can create a competitive advantage. It is called national competitive advantage or comparative advantage. For example, China uses leadership costs. It exports low-cost products at a reasonable quality level. It can do this because the standard of living is low, so it can pay its employees less. It also corrects its currency, yuan prices at a lower price than the dollar.

India started as a cost leader but continued towards the difference. It provides skilled, technical, English-speaking staff at a reasonable wage. Japan also changed its competitive advantage. It was an expensive leader in the 1960s that excelled in cheap electronics. In the 1980s, it shifted to discrimination of quality brands like Lexus.

America is so innovative because it has a vast and rich indigenous consumer base. It’s easy to test new product ideas and work at home bugs. Once successful, they are marketed all over the world.

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How individuals use competitive advantage

You can use the Advantages of Competitive Advantage in your career progression. If you are an employee, you do business for yourself. Your employer is your target market. How to increase your company’s profit by your benefit.

Your competition is other employees and technology. Communicate your appearance, your resume, and your competitive advantage in your interview. Once you’ve got a job, keep your facility running for your work performance. Attributing the best fit competitive advantage has a great impact in marketing on any successful organization. Learn about authoritative leadership.

Competitive Advantage in marketing
Competitive Advantage in marketing

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