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21 Tips On How to Sell Over the Phone Step by Step

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You don’t sell a product, you sell a solution. There are some tricks to sell something. Sales can take place in different media. Selling over the phone is a good one, a difficult one too (as you don’t see the client, and vice versa.) Special tricks are needed to sell over the phone. It is important to know how to sell over the phone step by step. Let’s stay with this blog to know how to sell over the phone step by step.

How to sell over the phone step by step: A case study

“She didn’t buy anything.”

How often does this little tragedy of your business be repeated? Your time is worth the cost, your overhead expenses can go up – and your chances are to spend real money when making a purchase.

In this article, I will show you how to stop further sales by using a straight-line persuasion system.

SLP was created by Jordan Belfort, the original “Old of Wall Street.” You probably know him. The stockbroker, who was making $ 1 million a week, manipulated some shares, got caught, and went to jail.

Unfortunately, most people know about this guy. In my opinion, he is the best sales coach in history.

The reason is here:

  • The weakest among his sales staff were earning $ 250 a year. Top salespeople were making more than $ 1.7 million.
  • Jordan Belfort has since trained more than 20,000 salespeople.
  • He trains sales teams, small businesses, and even single Internet entrepreneurs at Fortune 3 companies.
  • The beauty of this system is that it can train everyone, regardless of their social or intellectual background.

1. Introduction to SLP

Jordan Belfort created this system in 1989 to train his sales team.

SLP is a goal-oriented start-up that helps you take control of every aspect of sales. It is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step.

You can use it to sell everything, not just on the phone, but also in everyday communication.

The steps are:

  • Pay attention to them in 4 seconds
  • Build relationships
  • Ask questions to gather intelligence
  • Give a brief presentation
  • Remove objections
  • Close the sale
  • Become a customer for life

2. Buyers vs. Non-Buyers

Just because you are about to learn the most powerful sales system, does not mean that you are about to close every sale.

You should never give a presentation to anyone:

  • If it does not meet their needs
  • And it cannot carry your product.

Often the salespeople give amazing presentations and the product is really good for the client. But, he still doesn’t buy it.

The truth is he is not going to buy anything.

The type of buyers

Knowing your buyers is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step. Let’s say there are 100 people:

  • 30 of them are ready to make decisions. They know they need it, they have enough pain and wait to be impressed enough to say yes.
  • 20 people are just shopping around. They may or may not buy. They can decide if they are ready.
  • 20 people are just curious. They didn’t think too much about it and aren’t ready to do it.
  • The other 30 either don’t have the money, or your product doesn’t meet any requirements for them. Of course, they should not buy.

The first group is where you should spend your time and focus. They are under pressure and they know it is time to do something. Also, the second group is well worth the time.

Warning: this is a very powerful system. You should never use it to convince someone to make a decision or buy something that should not be bought.

3. Your product is three decades

Before buying a product, the customer needs to make sure that the product meets its needs, eliminates any pain it may cause, and is well worth the money. Confidence in your product is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step.

The client needs to be sure of three things. And on a scale of one to three, three things need to be ten.

4. Product, idea, or idea

Your prospect must be certain that it loves your product. This means that if you ask a customer your opinion of this product, they will be present in: “I like it. It meets my requirements and I will probably use it again in the future.

On the other hand, with 1 represented on the left, it means the prospect thinks your product is bad. And changing his mind is going to be difficult.

5. You have different degrees of certainty as you cross the line.

Number 5 represents a state when the possibility cannot make up its mind. It’s a good indication of how to sell over the phone step by step.

The closer you get to the more opportunities you get when you close a sale, the closer to 10 is. And if your probability is below 5, you have no chance of closing it.

In other words, the stability of their presence is just that – the present. This is not permanent and they are eagerly waiting for you to be impacted.

Let me ask you a question. Let us give you a great presentation and let expectations be what your product requires. In addition, they are 10 people of a sure scale, will the prospect buy from you?

The obvious answer is yes, isn’t it? Well, the correct answer may be. If they could, they probably wouldn’t.

6. What if they don’t trust you?

If you said something during your sales presentation that made you unlikely to believe.

This takes us to the next point.

They believe and communicate with you

During the presentation, you must show that you are an expert and likely to be trusted. And that you pride yourself on providing the best possible service to clients, and if a problem arises, you will be there.

They trust your company

If they don’t trust the company you work for, they won’t buy a product from you. And you have to explain their opposite. Building trust is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step.

In fact, this is why it is easier to sell new customers to existing customers, even if you do not have a personal relationship.

Three things that you will regularly send out

  • You need to understand who you are:
  • Sharp as a tax – you must come across as someone you listen to because you can help them.
  • As passionate as hell – it sends an eerie message that you must have something great to offer.

You must sound enthusiastic, passionate, and full of energy.

Show them you can make a positive impact in their lives. If you believe in the value of the product you are offering, it is easier to describe it emotionally.

An expert in your field – From the time we were young, we were taught to respect and trust in authority.

In a sales situation, you need to explain the possibility of an expert in your field.

You can do this by demonstrating broad knowledge and offering a unique perspective on sales.

Understand your market, industry, products, expectations, and competitors.

When you establish these three things, they turn into a simple fact of expectation that you are eager to hear.

7. Related at the conscious and unconscious level

Have you ever talked to someone and did their voice sounds like you had such a relaxed, hypnotic effect? So it doesn’t matter what the person said, you just liked listening to them?

Some people have a natural form of hypnotic tonality, and these people seem to meet different types of people only through the use of voice.

Most of us do not have natural hypnotic tunes. However, don’t worry because you can learn it.

The first thing you want to do is put a soft and relaxed ease in your voice

8. Most salespeople make mistakes

Many salespeople feel that relationships are created by giving them the opportunity to talk about a variety of issues.

Of course, you talk about his life or his work but it shouldn’t take too long. You see, you are an expert and mean your time.

When the conversation is picking up on Pluto, put them back in the sale in elegant ways.

We have to accept the fact that people will not judge

It takes less than four seconds to create a mental image of the person we’re talking to on the phone, and in just a quarter of a second when you meet them in person.

So, we have 4 seconds to give a good impression in the first second.

Now, if you set the first four seconds, you have ten more seconds, but after that, you’re done. This is basically a losing cause. You cannot influence him.

Avoiding this sort of mistake is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step.

9. Tone

How do you make sure that you are passionate and expert in your field, in the first 4 seconds?

The answer is simple: your tone.

Tonality is a very important part of getting done. The words of the right tonality leave a powerful impact on an emotional and logical basis

You are basically controlling their emotions with the tone of your voice.

According to Albert Mehrabian, human communication is:

  • Tonality – 45%
  • Body language – 45%
  • Words- 10%

For example, when I was a kid, my mother used to call me: Edison (soft melody) meant her lunch. When he called me Edison (very angry tone), I immediately realized that I was in big trouble.

You see, it is the same sound but the tone of the voice gives it a different meaning.

Tonality is one of the most important aspects of sales and persuasion. Still, it’s the easiest to master. You have been using it subconsciously throughout your life.

Tonality is the secret weapon of influence because it is an indistinguishable language. Your prospects without hearing the sounds and the effects of the tune

You’re going to add the correct tonality to every word or phrase in your script.

10. We will use the voice tone to reveal:

Absolute certainty – your voice says a firmer, more clear tune. Show that you have a complete vision of what you are saying. You can be sure that your product can help them.

Sincerity- This is a calm, confident, low-pressure tone that implies that what you are currently saying to expectation is coming directly from the heart. It shows that you are absolutely sincere with them.

Encouragement – You do not shout enthusiasm. This is the bottled incentive. It is ready to fire like a volcano inside of you, but it is not because you are the expert.

Reasonable people- you first use this tone to ask for permission to explain the benefits of what you have to offer. You want to imply that you are both reasonable men and that this is a reasonable request.

Scarcity and Conspiracy- You just lower your voice to the top of a whisper. Applying this tone creates a sense of deficiency in the listener’s unconscious mind.

For example “it will be on the market this past week”.

Realistic Clarity – You create a sense of possibility that is given the benefits of what you are selling.

For example, “Now, Bill, you’ll make money with it, but more importantly, what can I do for you in the long run on new issues and arbitrary drama …”

I feel your pain- it can be used when asking questions about exposing the pain issues in them, and widening them if needed.

The key to this tune is to express sympathy or sympathy. You really want to help solve this.

Micro contract – As you introduce yourself, you’re going to assume some micro-contracts. You can do this by a declaration sentence as a question.

For example Hi, my name is Bill Peterson, call from Forex Trading Company in London. What are you doing today?

Now, each one of these announcements:

Hi, my name is Bill Peterson
Calling from Forex Trading Company
In Chelsea, London

11. Now we are going to phrase them as questions.

This means: right? Right? You’ve heard about us, haven’t you?

Now Bob is thinking: “Do I know this person? It’s as good as I do!

Instantly, your expectant brain goes into search mode and therefore their internal loneliness becomes paralyzed to work against you. It is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step.

It puts the potential in the game and opens up the possibility of you being more impressed.

To better explain the tonality and other steps of SLP, I am using this script as an example.

I will explain what the correct tonality is in each word, why we are using it and how to remove all possible objections.

Hi there, John. Yes

Hi John, This is Jordan Belfort from Tampa Florida, the world capital! How is going today Good

Now if you remember, you attended a top seminar last Thursday night at the Marriott Hotel, one of our top businessmen there, James Averell? Is it a bell

Now, the reason for today’s call is that you are still in the group who are not yet registered.

If you have 60 seconds, I’d like to share an idea with you, want to go for a minute?

  • Just a few quick questions so I don’t waste your time.
  • How long have you thought about trading?
  • Are you looking for part-time or full-time trading?
  • What kind of work are you doing now? How are you doing
  • Are you investing in the market right now? How are you doing

Now let me tell you this: Based on everything you’ve just said, the Forex program is the perfect fit for you.

This is by far the most effective trading system.

All it does is identify the almost inevitable trend in the global currency of the pound, the euro, and the dollar.

Pay attention to them in 4 seconds

We want to show that possibility is worth listening to. We want to see that we have a very important deal for him that he does not want to lose.

12. Every word matters

You are entering someone else’s world. And most of them have a life full of excitement, loneliness, and exhaustion. Paying heed to the word is one of the secrets of how to sell over the phone step by step.

When you hear something as dull as most salespeople, he thinks, “Why do I need it, I’ve already got enough”.

When you are passionate, you send energy. It’s something different.

Hi there, John. (Excited). Yes

In this case, the tonality is: “I really want to know”

Hi John, This is Jordan Belfort from Tampa Florida, the world capital! How is going today

Now we are about to assume micro contracts. Global Capital, Tampa Florida, you make some noise.

Is that right? Do you remember, don’t you? If his unconscious dialogue goes, should I know it?

Okay, great (happy to hear).

Now if you remember (the mystery tune), did you attend a seminar with one of our leading businessmen (right?), James Aurel, at the Marriott Hotel last Thursday night (right?)? Is it a bell

There are 4 micro-contracts and the person will say yes even if not.

Another important thing: You need to say the words “one of us” together.

When you say “one for”, you show that you are as sharp as a toy and an expert in your field.

OK, great (enthusiastic) now (enthusiastic), the reason for today’s call (leave your voice to explain the lack) is that you are still one of the groups that have not registered yet.

If you have 60 seconds (pause), I’d like to share an idea with you, got a minute? (Rational tune)

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13. Questions and presentations

When asking these questions, we will include them in our tonality

  • We take care
  • We are trustworthy
  • I have the best interest in my heart for you

Find out why in-house clients. Should clients buy your product? What is he looking for?

Write the perfect questions for your specific industry and memorize them.

Ask permission to ask questions.

“Just a few quick questions so I don’t waste your time”. (I’m here to help, no big deal).

Big picture question:

How long have you thought about trading?

How long have you been thinking of being a businessman?

What changes and improvements do you make with your current source?

What is your biggest headache with your business?

Here proper form should express sincerity, concern, and desire to help resolve its pain.

Then you can exacerbate his pain by asking: “How long is this going to be?” “Do you see it getting better or worse?” “How has this affected your health or your family?”

14. What is your ultimate goal?

You want to know what they are trying to achieve here. Your purpose is to help them achieve their goals.

IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t expect your product to solve its problems, as the prospect is about to convey its answer and opinion. Just listen. You want to feel her pain somewhat. At this point, you are determining his sensitive needs and physical needs.

15. Later, you will ask specific questions such as:

What kind of work are you doing now? How are you doing

Are you investing in the market right now? No stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?

When you want to ask someone how much money they have received, you have to use the “I hate to ask, no big deal” tone.

Just to be fair (no big deal), how do you say your current situation is now? Are you in good shape or struggling a bit (empathy)?

He will answer three questions:

1- Great
2-Either great or bad

No matter what he says, you’re going to mirror him. If he says great, answer in excitement. If she says bad, you reply with something like, “I totally understand” (in a sympathetic tone).

You say:

Now let me tell you this: Based on everything you’ve just said, the Forex program is the perfect fit for you. (Complete confirmation)

The real name of the program is Ultimate Forex. This is by far the most effective trading system out there

All it does is identify the almost inevitable trend in the global currency of the pound, the euro, the dollar. And it uses a sophisticated algorithm to find you in and out of the market and make huge profits at ridiculously low risk.

16. Have you been with me so far?

In the past, these standards were used strictly by institutional traders and hedge funds.

The average investor like you just goes out of the market. The software did not exist for retail. Meanwhile, companies like Goldman Sachs and Barclays were using it to earn a few million a month, with virtually no negative risk.

To know that?

In this case, we have created a mental image using metaphors and comparisons.

As in the example above, you should also link your own product or service to an authority figure. We use the comparison to show that someone is making a lot of money with the same system

17. Going soft

Most people do not buy fast. When you try a soft close, they may not be sure to buy.

Enrollment is easy to ask about some basic information, including your card details, and I reserve a seat for you at next month’s training session.

What I am saying is, you give me a shot and if I keep half right (perfect certainty), believe me (certainty). (Pause) The only problem you have is that I could not call you six months ago to get you started (in peace). Feeling bad? (Reasonable people)

It went from strength to logic in peace. This is your primary completion format.

You should not be too tight-lipped because it shows you don’t look. However, “no big deal, we are both rational men”.

Here you do not want to reveal all the benefits. Just a few basics, it’s good and logical.

18. The art of looping

Looping is the level that you have been trying to establish for three decades.
Jordan Belfort, straight line persuasion system

When someone says he needs to think about it, you can’t get around. You step back, try to establish three decades again, and ask for the order.

For looping, you should talk less about the product and more about your honesty, the integrity of your company, and what you can do for them in the long run.

As you speak, each loop tightens until you strike an objection. At this point, you have overcome it and there you have sought the order.

Now, let’s continue with the script. The prospect will probably say: “It looks good, but let me think about it”.

In this case, the best way to respond is by using metaphors. You create an example for him that is unbelievably logical.

You say:

Exactly, the real beauty of the system is that you invest directly in your funds as well as institutional money. Do they know what they say about institutional finance?

This is smart money. Even if it’s not enough to fuel the market anyway, you follow me? She said yes because it’s understandable.

19. Now is the time to sell yourself

To do this, you create an example that is unambiguously logical you need to acknowledge that the probability is correct.

Let me ask you a question.

If I have been your broker for the last 2-5 years, I will make money on a continuous basis. Giving you the right information, you’re not saying let me think about it, but which is the next step, am I okay? (Tone of disarmament)

Obviously, you don’t know me.

I don’t have the luxury of having a track record together.

Tell me a little about yourself:

My name is JB and I pride myself on giving X Brokers and customers the best possible results.

I have been working in this company for 5 years

And I plan to be the top creator this year.

And I can’t go there without being wrong

Giving clients their exact results

If he says yes, go further down the line. If he doesn’t say or maybe, you have to be very sure.

Listen to me Do it (you’re an expert and you tell them what to do) Start small …

Give them a chance to start at a lower price (if that is possible) and then they can make more money during the course.

Then they might make another objection, “I need to talk to my wife”.

I’ve heard what you’re saying, but really, you know, as well as I do, that your wife doesn’t consult you in every decision.

When he goes to buy a shoe, does he give you a phone call to buy it? Probably not. Let’s know what I’m talking about.

20. Listen, here’s the deal.

You are drawing a picture in his mind about the many benefits he will get in the future

Now, you’ve put him in a situation where he likes the product. You said unacceptable information about why your product is the best. They know it, they feel it.

You made the picture so that they feel it emotionally.

You talk about the wife, the future of making an emotional purchase. The worst that can happen is losing $ 250. This is nothing considering the opposite possibility of buying.

If he makes another objection, say:

Here’s what I’m asking for, give me a shot. Give me 60 days to prove myself. And if I do it for my other clients, I do half of it for you.

Believe me, your only problem is that I didn’t call you six months ago to get you started. The sound fork is enough? (Rational men).

If he insists and says, “I need to talk to my partner/accountant”. Go back to another loop.

In this case, you say “I understand you need to talk to an accountant but let me say it”. And you resell yourself and the company quickly.

Then you say, “The beauty of this system is that it is so simple” and you explain how easy it is to get started and you don’t need to talk to anyone.

21. A quick summary of sentences for looping

He says in an objection, you say “Tell me this”. Say something about yourself the product, and the company, and ask for the order. Repeat every time he or she has an objection.

These language patterns will help you get the client down the line.

Is it your understanding Do you like the idea? Use a quiet, curious tone.

The real beauty of the system/product. This is about going through a transition and then describing how your product will make their life easier.

If I was By using this phrase, you are dealing with a problem of faith.

As far as my partner goes. This is a phrase from selling yourself to selling your company.

What can we do for you besides this transaction? This is another announcement. Explain what he will get in the future.

Could that possibly be the worst? Here you explain that there are some downsides and huge ups and downs.

I understand what you’re saying. It is your response when someone objected to you. It shows that you are caring and that you are empathetic.

Just cash or it’s an investment. You say that the price is reasonable considering all the benefits you are getting.

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